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I got GH in 1999 when my boyfriend broke up from an abusive relationship. I went out and was seeing this guy that I found attractive weeks later we slept together and he gave me the virus but didn't know he had it. I use Valtrax when I had insurance but now I just go to the clinic and get whatever they prescribe. Today June 1st 2013 I am in my room with a body full of herpes, legs, arms and feet. I just got out of an apsom salt bath, took me some lysine and earlier a took a multivitamin named women's one. Im trying to not be stressed its hard right now. Just to let u all know it can spread all over your body.

Not Merely a Statistic

I was just recently diagnosed with my 'initial OB' of HSV2, accompanied by a UTI (urinary tract infection). I have always been one to be careful with a new partner, and get tested for EVERYTHING at my yearly physicals and gyn. exams (spaced about 6 months apart), so I was quite shocked. After reading on this site I began thinking, trying to recall if there was any clue as to where I could have been exposed.

Last year I had a variety of the common symptoms, but were all validly attributed to other conditions, including: fever and swollen lymph nodes from MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) which were cultured and found NOT to be herpetic, itchy and painful yeast infection from the antibiotics prescribed, pain in legs from fibromyalgia, lymphodema (swelling and fluid retention in legs and feet), razor bumps from shaving, etc.

This OB felt like someone had rubbed ground glass or fiberglass into my vulva or cut my genitals with razor blades! Urinating was near impossible until I remembered a trick I learned from childbirth: a perineal bottle filled with 8 ounces of warm water and 1/4 ounce of chlorine bleach like pool water, squirted directly at the urinary opening while peeing! Then I took a clean baby wipe, and rinsed out the alcohol, poured on a little of the bleach water and wiped the area clean. The tiny amount of bleach neutralizes the acidic pH of the urine. Patting the area dry was unbearable, so I put an ultra-thin maxi pad on, after air-drying for a few minutes. This also helped me with the discharge. I asked my doctor if it was a good idea to use Viscous Lidocaine (which I had on hand at home from dry socket from oral surgery)--this was immensely helpful! I poured 1/4 ounce of this solution into a medicine dosing cup, and appied it with clean cotton swabs, never re-using the swab after it had come in contact with the affected area. This numbed the lesions so that I was able to stand up, move and function, and the effects lasted for about an hour. With the UTI, this was just enough relief until the next time I had to go. Baking soda or Epsom salts in the warm bath are recommended, as well, as they are less damaging than chlorinated water, I was told. One other thing that offered some relief was a vinyl or latex glove partially filled with water and placed in the freezer until it was slushy (semi-frozen). This ice-pack was awkward, but provided the cold I needed to numb the area sufficiently to be able to sleep.

My doctor says identifying my source of exposure might not be possible, as this virus can remain dormant for even 10 years without presenting any symptoms. (The newer IgG serology blood tests are more effective at detecting the virus and distinguishing between HSV1 and HSV2). My fiance has been through the gamut of emotions with me, from devastated to supportive to guilty to accusative, as neither of us knows who had it first and infected the other. Although he hasn't been officially diagnosed, with me he has had 'friction burns' and other irritations from enthusiastic oral sex, but we think there may have been transmission through cold sores at some point.

Knowing that about 9 out of 10 people are dealing with this in silence due to the shameful stigma that has evolved, this site is a breath of fresh air, and I'm grateful for the support and the suggestions offered here. (I hate the idea of being a statistic!) Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes mental well-being, good diet and hygiene habits, suppplements and medications when necessary, and most of all your spiritual health. Find supportive people, boost your immune system, exercise, keep a positive attitude and take care of yourself!


Hello I've had HV since I was 17yrs old the first out break was the worst one but I when on with my life and when years with out any problems I have three kids and I'm now 30 it crazy for me now because this time in my life stress is at a all time high. I only get a sore on the outside of my Vagina so this is what I did when I first feel it coming on I put rubbing achocol on it plus tea tree oil sorry I wash with a clean rag and dove soap thought out the day I shower the area but do not llet it bust I then use the achocol and then the tea
tree oil and for itch relieve I use the miconazole to relieve itch cream two days u can't even see it and
also I sleep with no under wear let it breath. Hope this works for someone and to relieve stress weed helps

S. Marley

I'm 20 and my first outbreak occurred at few days ago. This is by far one of the most physically painful and emotionally taxing diseases I've had to go through. I'm still not sure where it came from since both my partner and I were 'clean' prior to this which caused a lot of confusion. I was very upfront with my partner about my diagnoses and he's been very supportive and helpful. Don't be afraid to tell! Currently he's the only one that knows and I am very thankful to have him as a sort of support system and/or vent. My main question concerns how this will effect me in the future. My first outbreak has been awful. I've been nauseous and lightheaded most of the time with near constant chills. I've been sleeping almost all day with very little energy. I also find it hard to walk though, thankfully, urination hasn't been too much of an issue (stay hydrated!). With this still being so fresh I would just like to ask how other's recurrences compared to their initial outbreaks? For me the psychological damage isn't so much sex related but more just how it will effect my everyday life. I know the first outbreak is the worst but just how much worse? I can't be out of commission for a week at a time every few months. I can deal with some discomfort but I don't want this to get in the way of everything else I enjoy doing. How has this disease effected your daily life and/or major life events? Do any of you take suppressive therapy around particular times? I don't want to be on pills permanently, it's not that bad, but I also don't want an outbreak while traveling or on my wedding day or something. Thank you so much for any input!
Also, I've found that saying mantras has helped my emotional well being a lot. I give thanks to my body in all it's perfects and imperfections and take some time for some self love. After all we're only human and unfortunately disease is part of that through no fault of our own. I also find a cool spray of fresh water after urination reduces some stinging just make sure to pat it dry afterwards.


I was diagnosed with GH on October 10, 2011. I remember the date because it was the worst day of my life. I had to go to Planned Parenthood for the appointment because of my lack of medical insurance, and they treated me like I was a streetwalker! I was made to feel like I must have done something to deserve this diagnosis and the doctor JAMMED scissors into my open sores to cut out samples for testing (without warning!). I have only been with one man, we are engaged now, and he does not have GH. He does get cold sores on his mouth (herpes simplex 1 I believe) about 4 times a year, so we think that's how I got it. The first outbreak was absolutely awful! But I haven't had another one until now, a year and a half later. I don't know what I was doing to make it stay away for this long!!! Nothing, actually. But now it's back and thank goodness the pain is not as bad as that first one! It gives me hope that living with this isn't going to be the hell I imagined. I'm just looking for something to help it HEAL, the pain is inconsequential to me. I'm glad to see so many people writing in. That doctor's visit in October really made me feel dirty and scummy and I hope NO ONE has to get treated that way again!


Soothe the area with witchazel this relieves soreness and itching then apply nyal cold sore cream to soothe and heal then apply a cream with acolovair to shorten the duration of the bouts this method is highly effective and relatively pain free


for women who have an outbreak in your certainly relieves the pain but only for a bit. wipe the infected area with a hot or cold damp wash cloth then blow dry on cool. once the area is completely clean and dry, soak a cotton ball in witch hazel and hold onto area as long as you feel needed. then take a dry cotton ball (the jumbo ones work best) and stuff it in between your lips to keep the area dry thru the day. i also put a panty liner on just in case.obviously change out the cotton ball and panty liner often, especially after peeing. Speaking of! tilt your hips all the way back when peeing so the urine doesnt run onto the sores, then to wipe use a washcloth. eat super healthy and stay stress free if possible. and NO SEX!!!! cant say that enough..but im pretty sure the pain is enough to not have sex during an outbreak. i take the 3 day meds from the doctor to reduce the time but that doesnt take the pain away. so good luck, i know how much it sucks but try to stay positive!!

Shaun Ferrara

I'm a sexually active gay male (bottom) and being the person who plays the passive role gives me the higher chance of getting genital herpes around my anus and the perianal areas. I have been getting outbreaks one after another every month since my initial outbreak in November 2011 and the worst thing is that it attacked my urethra that each time I pee is like an incision going through down there. I've tried all sorts of natural remedies but I found these two helped me a lot. I no longer suffer from any outbreak.'s totally stopped and I'm so happy about it.

1) Bee Propolis. 1 gm three times a day.
2) Black Seed Oil. 1gm once a day.

After three weeks taking these stuff, my painful urination stopped and I don't have any outbreak. I drink a lot of water and avoid nuts and caffeine.

Ps: I only took acyclovir during my initial outbreak.


I am 23 years old and have had very few sexual partners as well as my boyfriend. He's in medical school and I'm in graduate school... neither one of us had ever had a cold sore before in our lives- so in other words this can really happen to anyone. I first discovered that I had genital herpes when my boyfriend started noticing a rash- at the same time I had a fever and had been vomiting the night before. The fever only last a few hours but kept coming back through out the next day with chills. Finally I thought maybe I had just been sore from sex but noticed that I was unusually itchy and uncomfortable. the next night after i had the fever was one of the worst nights of my life- throughout the night the rash got worse and the itching and uncomfortable feeling was unbearable. I called my boyfriend crying throughout the whole night and told him I had looked up symptoms on the internet and that it had to be herpes, but he was convinced there was no way because 'we couldn't possibly have an STD, with our sexual history.' I then began to notice that I had a few bumps on my lips but he just kept telling me that I was convincing myself that I had it... by the time morning came with absolutely no sleep, my lips had three of my first cold sores and my rash had at least 20 or more sores, at this point I managed to luckily get into the OB/Gyn the next morning, I had called immediately when they opened at 9 am and they had an opening at an office at 10 am (otherwise I would have had to go to the ER). the doctor immediately knew what it was when she saw my cold sores and took a sample by bursting one of the blisters (very uncomfortable but necessary)... she said I was lucky because many can't pee and sometimes have to get catheters. She then prescribed Valtrex and lidocaine ointment which I applied to the area and a little into my urethra. Unfortunately my first outbreak was much more severe than my boyfriends and I had to take a week off, It was extremely painful to pee and to even move around. It took about three days of horrible pain for the outbreak to finally become bearable again and even after this I had either become extremely nauseous from the Valtrex or just the virus itself and had to eventually go to the ER because I was so dehydrated... So in the end I thought I'd share my story and how I relieved the pain, yes it was three of the worst days of my life but I later found out it was type 2 (one of us must have had a cold sore first and didn't know) so we got it from oral sex. We both freaked out after getting the news that we had genital herpes but fortunately I've only had one more outbreak after and it was so minor that I barely noticed and I haven't had one since and its been 6 months- hopefully it won't come back but I can live with it if it was like my last outbreak. Anyways here are the things that I found helped the most:

-I used an over the counter sleeping medication (zzquil) to help me sleep because I was exhausted and was unable to really do anything productive.
-Obviously use ice packs as much as possible (especially if you notice it quickly, the blisters are less likely to spread) and it will just relieve the pain
-Warm baths: this was the only thing that really gave me relief, I would let the water run on the area and would do this frequently through out the day
-If possible wear no underwear or anything clothing below your waist
DO NOT: burst the blisters, someone suggested this online and it will only leave scars and will be excruciating. it will go away you just have to get through it.

Ultimately you will get through it and I believe it is much more common than we think, just some have worst reactions. I know this site helped me when I was going through it, I hope my story helps and I promise the first outbreak is the worst- its possible it will never come back. I wish I had more remedies but unfortunately this is far as I got... stay strong.


It has been nine weeks since I started having herpes symptoms. I have resisted taking meds until today, I started acyclovir. I don't like taking meds and have spent a few hundred dollars on natural remedies plus been eating a lysine rich diet. However I keep getting breakout upon breakout. They are not as severe as at first but I hardly get a break in between. I've read some of you have had it a long time at first. It makes me worry that it will never go away. Anyone have a similar experience?

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