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I've gotten enormous relief from making a paste of super fine, powdered oatmeal (you can use a spice grinder or food processor to make the powder) and warm water. Apply to sores, let it sit anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour (although it's not necessary to let it sit, I find relief just the same... but if you have the time), rinse it off and use a blow dryer on the cool setting to dry. Do this a few times a day. Oatmeal soothes the itching and is a natural cleanser (its important to keep area clean!!). It totally relieves the pain and itching and is a super cheap remedy.

I know this isn't a home remedy but it's a suggestion for those of you who experience the nerve pain down the back of your legs (herpatic neuralgia, I think it's called) along with your OB: see if your doctor will prescribe a drug called gabapentin. It's a non-narcotic, typically used as an anti-seizure medication but is also used to treat nerve pain (other uses are for fibromyalgia and anxiety, FYI) It can even help with the pain you feel just below a sore or the tingling pain before an OB... as that pain is stemming from nerves, too. It can make you groggy, so be sure to take it at bedtime and see how it affects you before taking it at other times. I've just found that the shingles-like pain down the back of my thighs can be excruciating and this drug is the only thing that's helped. I've heard capsacian (sp.?) can also help, but haven't tried.

Take deep care, all of you!


Last summer when I was diagnosed with herpes, I was devastated, suicidal, and depressed. I would have committed suicide had I not had my mother by my side the entire time.
My gynecologist has been in the business for 31 years and told me I had one of the worst outbreaks she had ever seen.

However, I haven't had an outbreak since that one. I take the valtrex once a day.

When I had the outbreak though .. My mom and I tried a lot of different methods to at LEAST soothe the pain a little.

For instance, when it comes to peeing... sit some kind of container in your bathroom filled with water. When you have to pee, pour the water over the hole as you pee. Females should probably spread their legs to do this. Refill the container when you finish peeing.

After every time I peed, I took a wash cloth and cleaned my vagina completely. I rubbed peroxide on it with q-tips. then applied a heavy coat of Vaseline. It sounds simple. But it makes it a lot easier to close your legs. It also makes it more comfortable to walk. You might want to sleep on a towel.

When I had my out break, my mother went out and bought me gowns to wear. I didn't wear underwear during my outbreak.

Hot baths will soothe the pain most of the time. I would NOT recommend epsom salt or baking soda or soap. Just clean hot water in a clean tub.

I hope this helped.

P.S can anyone comment somethings about how to tell someone you're interested in that you have herpes? or any relationship tips.


I've tried prescription drugs and creams in the past but they didn't work for me. I started doing research on natural remedies and found my calling. Anytime I feel a tingling in my vagina I know it's that time, so I apply tea tree oil 100%! The products I use on my sores, either for drying them out or for comfort are crushed lysine, crushed zinc, crushed vitamin c, cornstarch, baking soda, garlic, aloe Vera 99.9%, peroxide, apple cider vinegar and for pain I've packs


At 26 I was diagnosed with genital HSV-1 which is more common on the mouth (cold sores), but i was unfortunate enough to get it downstairs. My bf at the time had an outbreak at the same time so it was quite confusing & distressing ontop of all the excruciating pain itching and flu like symptoms. (Months later I found out he'd cheated). Anyway I have been very lucky to go a whole 4 years without any reoccurrences until now.

This 2nd OB while frustrating, is manageable & no where near the horrors I went through the 1st time (exactly as you described). I think the main thing that's prevented OBs over the last 4 years has been controlling my periods with the pill and only having my period once every 4 months or so (mainly to prevent a reoccurrence of endometriosis) It's interesting that this is the 1st time I've been off the pill in ten years & coincidentally had a herpes outbreak with my period. So if you find you only get it with your period it might be worth trying to reduce frequency of periods with the contraceptive pill & therefor less stress on body / less chance for outbreaks? Seems to have done wonders in my situation.

This OB ive used tea trea oil and zinc powder to keep the area dry so it doesnt spread & this seemed to take the pain away. Smashing vitamins c, lysine, zinc also.

I was terrified when it came to telling a new partner about the virus but was honest & brought it up after we had been dating about a month - once I knew it could be serious & before things got too intimate - & whilst he's never had it he was very understanding, supportive, and has still not contracted the virus thus far, i took lysine for the first 6 months together & after 2 years together he is still in the clear thank goodness! Hope this has been of some help to others.


I have had herpes for about 6 years now. I don't care who u are its painful, embarrassing, and a pain in the butt. This recent outbreak started 3 months ago. In the past I used propolis to treat the outbreaks. I did more research and tried the acv, tea tree oil, alcohol, nothing has helped the current outbreak. I decided to try abreva. What do I have to loose? Guess what 2 days of application, they are all gone. Omg, its a miracle. A little sore, but all gone, looks normal down there. I can't believe it!!! Thank god and abreva.


Hey, I don't really have a remedy, but this blog has made me feel so much better about my situation. I was just diagnosed with herpes a few days ago and I honestly thought I wanted to die. The emotional pain was one thing but the physical pain may have topped the emotional pain. The only relief I have found is just smothering the blisters in vasaline. I know that may be bad because your supposed to keep them dry but it's the only relief I can find... But am I making it worse????


So I'm 16 year old lesbian who recently hooked up with this girl for the second time, the first time everything was alright but after this time things were different. I began to feel lots of pain on my vagina. It became really swollen, bumps began to appear and it hurt to pee. So I went to the doctor and i got tested positive for UTI and a yeast infection, I'm still awaiting my test results but i already know its herpes to. The pain has been unbearable, and my doctor didn't give me any pain meds but she gave me pills for the then for the uti and yeast infection. I've been taking 600mg ibuprofen and salt baths which have been helping with the pain some, and ice has been helping with the swelling. But I'm still having troubles finding ways to pee.


Hi guys I am a 22 year old female whom just been diagnosed with HSV-2 and I had a breakout last month had no clue, I thought it was a horrible yeast infection. So I treated it for yeast infection. It just wasn't going away. I had pain in my leg never happened to me before. It never dawned on me to take a mirror and exam my vaginal area, so I finally did and noticed a few blisters and a medium sized cut or leisure right under my vjj and above my rectum. It was the most painful thing I have ever been through in my life. I immediately went to the doctor the next day. The doctor immediately looked at the area and said Herpes without testing, it was the most horrific thing I could ever hear. I'm not the one to sleep around I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year now. They did a culture and blood test that confirmed. I received Valtrex and acyclovir cream I took it it for 10 days and wiped it away. The healing process was slow but I am very grateful to God for healing me. We don't know where I got it from and my boyfriend is negative. He has been such a blessing and a great support system these past few weeks. I was very sad and depressed and I cried for days, but after talking with my doctor and boyfriend, they explained that its just another disease its not going to kill me. It was a huge wake up call though. I was not the most healthiest person in the world and now having this new diagnosis has changed my life forever. I had to change my eating habits, take my medicine (I have a thyroid problem due to past cancer)have a history of bad immune. I research online and found tea tree oil helps. I bought it and put on blisters helped a great deal. I also bought a multi liquid vitamin supplement I take 2x a day enriched with Lysine and other anti viral fighters. I also take a dose of Bee propolis every other day. I have been free of outbreaks Thanks to God and taking better care of myself. I am learning that there will be struggles, you just have to keep your faith and live your life happy. We are not bad people, we just so happened to run into an obstacle in our life. I'll be praying that everyone stays outbreak free for the remainder of their lives. God Bless everyone!!


I'm 20 years old, and contracted GH through my first boyfriend this year, actually in my first trimester, however I miscarried, perhaps because of having an outbreak. It was severe. I found out I was pregnant and had herpes in the same weekend. The pain was indescribable, but how all of you would understand. The discomfort and embarrassment was crazy. My boyfriend was supportive though. He didn't have GH, but carries the virus from cold sores that he has had since he can remember. Herpes was one of my biggest fears, and have had very few sexual partners, and no one night stands of the fear of contracting an STD. Well here I am with the virus, from the man I love and right away decided I'm NEVER going to let it get the better of me. In fact, i promised my self, as soon as I feel my next breakout, I'm not letting it get to the extent of the first one. So I did research, talked to doctors, got prescribed pills, and to be honest, I feel my boyfriend has been incredible. So for anyone who only just got herpes, find someone who will support and not judge you, or presume how else you got herpes. My partner actually suggested epsom salts before we saw anything on it. And we did it in a way non of you have described. So what we did was put 2 tsps of epsom salts in about 100mg of HOT water. Almost too hot to apply to your skin. we got cotton balls soaked and swobbed them onto each sore around my thigh and on my vagina. This caused some sort of discomfort, but quickly soothing. The next part was much more painful. Take a DIFFERENT cotton ball, soak it, and dab on the more oozing sores (prepare to squirm). Also wipe the discharge between your flaps and squeeze the balls into your vagina (prepare to squirm more). Never double dip the cotton balls back into the epsom water. Doing this 3 times a day without fail completely dried the lesions away within 3 days. it was amazing. the smell was normal, no other lesions popped up, oozing reduced until it stopped, and i was feeling myself again. it wasn't for another week perhaps that it was completely clear. This does burn them, but it's worth it. If you understand how a first outbreak feels, you'll be amazed at how quickly they went. I still took the medication for 2 weeks to make sure. I also still clean with epsom salts every now and then, just to keep it clean, but with only half a teaspoon.

I also never wore undies, slept in nighties and only wore long skirts and dresses during the day for a week, and cleaned then all the time. I showered 2x a day and washed my hands quite frequently (maybe too much).. also ate very green and didn't eat too much meat or processed foods. I also tried, my very very hardest, not to itch the lesions, to the point my eyes watered.

I also feel my attitude made them go faster. i didn't want them, I didn't give them a reason to stay. I believe the power of the mind is stronger than most people realise. I'm not saying don't take the medication, but Herpes thrives on weaker immunes and hormone changes. So I'm staying healthy. Taking vitamins, going for walks daily, keeping my mind occupied. They say not to eat chocolate.. but I could never stop doing that!! hehe.
Alcohol to a minimal now, which is sad for me, as I like the odd alcohol weekend binge, and since it's Winter in NZ, I'm staying warm.

So that's my advice.
Hope this helps. Stay positive!! Give herpes Hell, not the other way around.

Johnny Castle

Hello friends
I've been suffering from herpes type 2 since 2011 and is constantly having bouts of outbreaks that not only attacked the genital area but it the virus travelled down my left leg causing pain in the heel and nerve aches at the back of my left thigh. However, after taking bee propolis triple the dosage stated on the bottle, the outbreaks stopped but not the painful heel. A friend of mine suggested Apple Cider Vinegar in tablets by GNC that has CAYENNE in it. Surprisingly, after taking the ACV tablets for 3 days the pain in the heel is gone! I found out that it's not the ACV that stopped the heel pain but the cayenne which in my case acts as a pain reliever for my leg condition called POST HERPETIC NEURALGIA which is normally associated with shingles but herpes simplex Type 2 has also been identified as the culprit.

So those are my remedies that worked...and yeah I noticed the results for bee propolis after 8 weeks of consumption


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