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Hello, I was just diagnosed with Genital Herpes. Since the virus may start off as dormant I do not know if I received it from my recent boyfriend or someone in the past. I'm still a bit distraught but thanks to pages like these I've found relief.

When I needed to pee it felt like the end of the world. I would shake and be close to tears. I now leave an empty cup in the bathroom and fill it up with cold water and while I'm peeing I pour it on the infected area. There is slight discomfort but it makes a world of a difference. I even added ice cubes and its makes it much easier.

I've been taking the antivirl prescribed and the clear numbing cream. I also have been taking doses of Vitamin C, L-Lysine and Extra strength Advil throughout the same.

The best discover I have used was the tea tree oil. It was a breath of fresh air the second I dabbed it on with a cotton ball.

I tried the baking soda and it sent me into tears so I will not suggest that, but everyone is different.

Also I have been soaking in a lukewarm bath with Epsom salt. That was put me at ease.

This is my first OB and I pray for it to be over everyday although I'm feeling much better than when it began 3 days ago. All these pills and essentials only cost me a total of around 26$ at Walgreens.

I also want to know how I can have a fulfilling sexlife when not going through an OB I feel like sex is a huge part in relationships and its something I do not want to have to end.


Abreva and a PM pain med crushed. Mix together and apply to infected area twice a day. pain free and healed in 2 days. hope this helps someone. I've tried a lot of things and this is the only thing I found to help. I haven't had a break out in over a year thank God!


I have had Gh for 14 years now.The remedy is alcohol and yeast infection cream medicine. Apply the alcohol after taking a bath with a q-tip on the breakout its going to burn but is clean it first. Next apply the yeast infection cream medicine it helps out with the burning and itching.If your break out are in your private area I advise you to you use a q-tip why applying the yeast infection medicine, if you use your hand make sure that you wash your hands will with anti bacteria soap, and ladies to make it comfortable use a panty liner and I guess the guys can do the same. And it clears up within 3 days no less than a week. you can buy alcohol in yeast infection cream medicine at any store Walmart Walgreens the Dollar Store ect. Also if you have it on your skin do the same treatment like I mentioned earlier, but rub the yeast infection medicine and your skin like lotion on the infected part only. I hope this help someone out!!!!!


There's natural alternatives to taking a proactive approach and fighting back against genital herpes. I'm someone that strongly believes in being proactive, instead of reactive and my protocol of alternative treatments has been great.

Does this mean my protocol is perfect? No, it's not. Can I promise you that everything I use will work for you? No, I can't. What I will say is try some of the following and see if it makes a difference. There's no harm in trying.

Now I'm going to list what supplements I take, but I won't go into detail on why/how it works because all of you are capable of researching on your own to learn more about them. I'm sure some of you have tried some of them already.

Then there's some you might have not tried. I decided to compile this list because I don't see many people mentioning them on the net too often. At least not in the places I've looked. I think some of them get overlooked.

So without anymore hesitation, here's my list of supplements that's worked for me:

**Oil of Oregano P73**

**Barlene's Olive Leaf Complex**


**Vitamin C (High Doses)**

**Black Seed Oil**

**Vitamin B12 Complex Sublingual Liquid**

**Bee Propolis**

Now the supplements above have been great FOR ME and I won't promise you that they'll be great for you. Therefore, do your OWN research and see what might work best for you.

There 2 particular supplements that I truly believe make the biggest difference. If you don't try anything else I'm mentioning, at least consider trying these particular two supplements:

**Vibrant Health Gigartina Red Marine Algae**


Again, do your OWN research.

Vibrant Health makes a good Red Marine Algae product which is why I'm mentioning them specifically by name.

When it comes to Reishi, only deal with one company period and save yourself a bunch of headaches and that's Reishi Essence. Simply Google it.

So that's my list. I hope to help other people that are suffering with GH and make it where people can at least maintain with the fewest amount of OB's as possible. Do you research and learn how each of these supplements work against GH. Then try some of them in a daily protocol to see if it can provide relief.

If you care to ask me any questions, leave a comment and I'll make it a priority to come on here once a week to answer anything I'm able to answer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)


HI to all of you!! I don't know where to start but I am going to start out with do not give up on life. Ive had this issue what seems all my life and I hate it as im sure you do. In the beginning years I took meds for it but didn't help so heres what helps me, fyi im in my 40's. Keep your Lysine intake high and your Arginine low , when the one supersedes the other you get an outbreak...Nuts, chocolate, oats causes outbreaks.. eggs,chicken, fish are high in Lysine , buy Lysine capsules as your local GNC. What foods are you eating ? stay active!! when it happens I use the original Lysterine with cottenball ball and dab, it cools and will dry quickly..relief... I was told this buy a older male dr . He made me feel like I wasn't a bad person and that shit happens. I tend to forget my eating habits and then get a breakout so I immediately start taking capsules and eating a high diet in Lysine, Check list of foods that are high in Lysine and low in arginine ,this will help. Tea tree oil helps too... stay positive and stress free .


Hi all, i know this won't seem like the greatest of advice, and i understand this isn't a 'home remedy', but the best thing i can suggest is to go to your local GUM clinic whenever a recurrence occurs, and to ask for Acyclovir. It can be bought online, for a small fortune, if you fancy taking the risk with dodgy online meds, but it's free of charge from any GUM clinic.

Admittedly it can be embarrassing having to show a doctor the affected area, but it's quick, it's painless, and, in my experience, they never hesitate to offer the tablet. Usually it'll be a small 5 day course - 3 tablets a day - but, if you suffer repeatedly, they offer suppression courses which range from 3 to 9 months - 2 tablets a day.

It's a fast acting tablet - usually within a day the symptoms will be on the wane, and the pain tends to fade extremely quick too.

Whilst you're taking the tablets you'll feel perfectly 'normal', and will forget you've even got the virus. Truly, they're a god send. About the only time i can have a normal sex-life is during a suppression course.

If you haven't done so already, try it. As a fellow HSV-2 sufferer, i cannot recommend it highly enough.

Experience: 27 year old, 3 year sufferer of HSV-2, with 'the worst case she's ever seen' in the words of one doctor!

Keep your chins up people - acyclovir makes it all better.


Im 24 and just a few months ago was diagnosed with herpes. I had it on my face but contracted it one time being off my face and touched my face then moisturised down their. A few days later i had a painful sore. After i found out i wanted too die. I crashed my car amd took a while to get used too it. I get outbreaks every now and then. I live on VALTREX very expensive.. But i can urinate without it hurting.. I still get sores i just hope they find a cure , and i now dont judge people because herpes can happen to ANY one. Be careful because its fucked no one deserves this pain


im so glad i found this forum, surprising how alone and ashamed a virus can make u feel.
so hear is my storie im 23 wid a son who is 2 in 2 weeks n an 8 month old daughter who both mean the absolute world to me.
i was first diagnosed with GH in november 2010, i had never had an STI hadnt slept wid many people. i had trouble with yearly thrush infections from the age i lost my virginity at 17, but since having an outbreak the start is alot the same but never actually had an outbreak before orwbeenwdiagnosed so really hard in pinpointin wen the infection was caught. my first outbreak i had a very small outbreak with at the most 5 blisters some redness n abit of swelling. i war devastated to say the least i had never even heard of it and was quite discusted in myself. i was perscribed aciclovir 5 times a day for 5 days 2 days in i was back to normal completely. however i was told i was 6 weeks pregnant in december soi had my first initial outbreak whilst i was a couple weeks pregnant, only now i know how dangerous this is but it seems my body didnt allow a full outbreak to occur i was lucky enough to not get an outbreak through the rest of the pregnancy and my gorgeous baby boy was born naturally and completely healthy :).
i had no outbreak when he was born and stayed positive (and not knowing much about the infection blissfully unaware on what actually happens) when my son was 6 months i found out i was pregnant again but no breakout thank god. i carried her with no outbreaks and no complications n my little princess was born naturally n completely healthy :).
when my daugher was 3 weeks old i started to get sore abit swollen n put it down 2 irritation from the sanitary towel until that night, i tossed and turned and figited and itched and when i finally woke up and went the toilet i noticed red bumps and lots of them. as the day went on it got worse, i got aciclovar 10 days worth which did nothing it was so bad i just sat and cried. i was in so much pain i cudnt move sitting was extremely uncomfortable it was the worst pain i have ever felt, it lasted for 3 months continueous i was completely exhausted.
thankfully i have only had 1 outbreak since this and hope to keep it at bay so i can live n my life and enjoy my kids :).
a few things worked to help tea trea oil, keeping dry and clean and letting it breath and an amazin support system i have an amazing mum and amazing boyfriend and father of my kids who i would be lost without, i only got this far. also heard about a few vitamin supplements guna speak to my GP and see what she reccomends or any useful vitamins and pain relief ?? as i say a problem shared is a problem halfed :)


I'm 18 years old & just a couple days ago I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes. At first I thought the pain was just from trying anal for my first time... until I started noticing sores & the pain getting worse. As embarrassed as I was I went to the doctor & got checked out. As soon as they told me I lost it & cried. I felt like the nastiest person on earth. I'm not the kind of person to sleep around & I'm not sure where I got it from because I haven't had unprotected sex in over a year & a half after being raped... just last night I went & talked to mu boyfriend about it but feared so much that he would be mad. Surprisingly he was very supportive. We're not sure if he has it yet, but if he does he won't hold it against me. This forum has made me feel so much better about myself.
This is my first outbreak & it is so painful. I haven't been prescribed any medication yet, but tried to tea tree oil & found it helps a lot. But I'm wondering if fatigue is a normal thing during an outbreak. The last couple days I have been sleeping so much & once I'm up I go back to sleep after 1-3 hours.
If things don't work out with my current boyfriend how do I bring up to future 'partners' that I have GH? How do I tell my parents without them being disappointed in me? I haven't told anyone other than my boyfriend & even that was hard to get the courage to do. Only a couple people know about me getting raped & I'm not for certain 100% that that's where I came from. Just a theory.


I was diagnosed with herpes 2 years ago. I just recently lost my insurance so I cannot afford Valtrex anymore. Tea Tree Oil offered immediate relief. I had a sore right next to the top of my girlie flower and it was awful. As soon as I put the TTO on, no pain!

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