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I discovered I had hsv-2 almost 6 months ago, I had frequent outbreaks, one every 1-3 weeks. They would last about 5 days, from the first sore appearing to disappearing.
When I had frequent outbreaks, I found applying tea tree oil, via a cotton pad, onto the sores was a great relief & quickened the healing process! I also had salt baths, I would do both of these 3 times a day, staying clean & dry as well.
Due to my frequent outbreaks I have been put on suppressive treatment, aciclovir 400mg which I take twice a day. I have been on this for almost 12 weeks, and not had an outbreak in 11 weeks!! I still occasionally apply tea tree oil, but I have also found something else, oregano oil! I mix 1 tablespoon of base oil (almond base oil) with 5 drops of oregano and rub it into the bottom of my back right down to the top of my bum. I take L-Lysine, zinc & vitamin D supplements, and since doing this, touch wood, I have been outbreak free.
I have tried bee propalis before, as some people suggest, but this just made things worse for me. Everyone's different.
Sorry it's such a long one, but I hope it helps someone! We can all get through this together!


Im 21 and recently got diagnosed with hsv 2 from a guy I was dating seriously on and off, my first outbreak was unbareable made me depressed and suicidal, lasted about 3 weeks until I saw a doctor who prescribed me acycvolair, now I currently am experiencing an out break for the 2nd time and am using peroxide and crushed lysine pills on my lesions along with 2000mg of lysine and use tea tree all year round: my outbreak is manageable with this remedy, i apply the paste and sit in front of the fan for a few until i feel completely dry and continue about my day, my lesions are barely visable and are only on the inside of my vagina probably due to the moisture, this is my 4th or 5th day and im hoping it will be gone by the end of the week, im experiencing minor discomfort, mostly itching and a lil irritation when applying the paste. Whenever im feeling down about this like i have no one to talk to i come here and feel so welcome to know im not alone, the internet and prayer provides me with a lot of salvation during this hard time. I appreciate all of your comments very much!

Mommy with GH

Scratch paper

In 2008 I tested negative for all STIs including HSV1&2. I was then celibate up until I married in 2010. My husband thought he tested negative for everything also before we were married and was celibate for 3yrs. I have never seen genital blisters or cold sores on him in our 3 years of marriage. We have both been faithful. The only transmission explanation we can recollect is this. His nose was running while hunting so he rubbed it raw with his glove. He went to his social work job & saw a mental patient with blisters all over their body (could be herpetic eczema?). He then came home with red painful infection on the bottom left of his nose (no blister). We didn't think much of it & wrote it off as staph, something we've battled before. I shaved most of my pubic hairs including outer labia. Then he gave me oral pleasure as foreplay. Then when I had painful urination I thought I had a UTI and proceeded with lots of cranberry juice. When I noticed bumps on my labia (the same side his nose infection touched) we thought it was staph & I started using mupirocin (aka bactroban which probably spread it around). He also got a blister on his penis where there was a friction burn (I tend to be dry with nursing hormones).It was so painful I finally went to a GYN & the culture came back positive for HSV1.

I'm not concerned about a stigma (not worried about what other people will think), I don't feel unclean (never felt unclean about a cold virus either), I'm not sad that I have to deal with this for life (I believe God can rid me of this & if He chooses to let me deal with it forever I will still be ok), but I am horrified at the thought of passing this on to my 3yr old daughter, my 1yr old son at home or any future babies during a vaginal delivery (I prefer to have water births at home). Their little bodies aren't able to handle the virus like we adults can.

1st I wanted to clear the air a little. GH is a virus not a genetic disease so people aren't 'carriers' of GH. Someone could have the virus dormant in their nerves and never have an outbreak until a bunch of it comes out & their immune system decides to have a reaction (OB). Furthermore, antibodies don't lead to GH. If your blood work tests positive for these antibodies it means you have been exposed to the virus & your immune system has made specific proteins (aka antibodies) that help rid your body of it. The reason the medical community says it can't be cured is that your immune system doesn't go into your nerve cells to get the virus that is 'dormant'. White blood cells just wait outside the nerve for it to come out & then try to get rid of it. So OBs are a good thing it means your immune system trying to get rid of it.

I read all 32 pages of stories/remedies on here & I must say you all are inspiring, resilient & have helped me. There were a couple remedies to share that I didn't see on here. When you give birth vaginally they give you a peri-cleanse bottle (perineum bottle) to rinse with warm water after &/or during urination (not sure if you can find one in a drug store but you can find them for sure on a google shopping search). I used that bottle to spray warm water on my urine during my 1st/only OB when it came out and urinating ceased to be painful. I then dried with paper towel but think I'll use a cool blow dryer or a fan next time as the paper towel ripped a scab off once & made it painful all over again. I am still wearing grandpa boxers & skirts even when I sleep in attempt to prevent future OBs (can't go bottomless when nursing a baby through the night). Another thing no one else mentioned on here is to sleep with legs spread apart. I prefer the side/belly with top knee up like a kick stand to keep genitals dry (no sweat). I also took vitamin c & zinc & my OB became tolerable & cleared up shortly after doing all these things.

I already eat healthy but I'm going to learn about the high Lysine low Arginine diet. Start exercising again. And research more about the food grade H2O2 &/or water ozonation mentioned on here in attempt to cure this garbage for good & so I don't have to limit high Arginine foods forever.

Thank you all for sharing your stories & remedies! They are all way better than being hooked on pharmaceuticals & adding to our poverty & big pharma's billions!


I am 25 and have been documented to have had GH for the last 5 years. I say it like this because i have only truly found out about having GH this year, which is when i had my first outbreak. I was first told i had GH in 2009 when i had received my std full panel check. I was pregnant and they naturally do the full panel. Which again i also found out this year unless you ask for a full panel std check when you go to the doctors they will do only the basic std check which is for chlamydia, gonorrhea and one other std. When my male obgyn told me this in 2009 I of course was in shock! I responded with i never had an outbreak i don't understand. His response was don't worry about it, a lot of people have it and don't have outbreaks, you may just be a carrier. Since he made no big deal of it, it instantly washed from my mind and i never thought about it again until my first outbreak which was the beginning of this year. The day before my outbreak i was at the beach for 5 hours on a hot sunny day with no sunscreen on. Of course i end up getting badly burnt all on my back, thighs, feet, ect. The next day i was itching so bad down there and my body was hurting so bad from the sun burn. By the third day little bumps started to show up and by the fourth day the virus started to release it self. Then it all came back to me that i really did have GH. That first week of having my first break out i cried every day. I had it for about two weeks my first time. When i say two weeks i mean for it to come, scab and completely disappear. I had went to see the doctor a week after already having it and she prescribed Acyclovir 400 mg. My second ob was 6 months later, which i took the Acyclovir as soon as it started to itch and even though it still hurt some the virus did not full out expose itself like the first time. So by a week it was completely gone. I always try to keep area dry so using baby powder with cornstarch is best. Now a month or so after having my 2nd ob i feel like i am about to have another one. It seems so weird to have had the virus for 5 yrs with no noticeable symptoms and then all of a sudden it seems to come soon after. I found myself drinking coffee every day, since i recently moved further up north, which is something i have never done before and that's the only change in my diet. So i would advise to stay away from caffeine.


I was diagnosed approximately 3 months ago after having a (protected) sexual encounter. Just know that you are not alone, many people have contracted this and still lead full healthy lives. Best thing to do is to be mindful of sanitation and keep close observation on how the body reacts to certain things. I am of a more homeopathic mindset, but if the medicine works for you and reduces pain, then by all means. What I share below is what has helped me, and I hope it does for you.

There is a liquid on the market in which an Ayurvedic doctor suggested. It works well. A supplement to look into is Monolaurin. It is glycerol and lauric acid, combined to create coconut oil. Lauric acid is found in mother's milk to prevent infection in babies. You can find Monolaurin in a tablet or a gelatin capsule which you can find in the health food store. Anything with natural coconut derivatives has been shown to be anti-viral, as well as immune supporting.

Another thing to look into is diet. Dietary changes have helped my case a lot. Try to keep a low acid diet by replacing it with alkaline foods (low citrus fruits, vegetables, certain nuts). Cutting back on dairy, sugar, and synthetic foods is a major deal. Try to eat organic as often as you can to help support the immune system.

A homeopathic remedy that the doc also prescribed is a poultice you self mix. It consists of organic neem powder, organic tumeric, and organic ghee butter. You make it into a paste and apply to the lesions (I do all over the hoo-hoo). It has cut short the timing of the lesion's appearance as well as pain. Tumeric is an anti-inflammatory, and the neem helps fight back the virus from spreading to other cells.

To everyone, I hope this helps.


Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with GH in April of this year. I was having unprotected sex with one guy, my boyfriend, now my ex-boyfriend. He was very dirty. I found out later that he did not bath often and he was sleeping with another girl. When I got my first OB I thought it was a bad yeast infection but none of the normal over the counter remedies were helping. I scheduled a doctor's appointment and he said that it was not a yeast infection but I had contracted GH. I was devastated. My whole world stopped and I immediately felt like giving up. I felt like ending my own life. I called my ex he didn't answer so when he called back I told him. His response was that he wasn't infected and that he knew when something was wrong with his dick. My doctor prescribed acyclovir. It has been working fine and I haven't had an OB until now. This is my second one and its painful.

Im so glad that I found this site. I am still dealing with this traumatic life changing event. However I have not told my family or friends because they are extremely judgemental and I don't need that stress. I am very careful with linens and other personal items that I use when I am at their houses. I am taking this one day at a time. I cry everyday because I didn't ask for this. The pain is unbearable and I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy. How do I tell the people I love dearly, that a person they love and admire, has HSV-2?

As for the home remedy thing, I tried the witch hazel and the tea tree oil. I also started taking the Lysine tablet and they are HUGE. The witch hazel burned for a few minutes then the burning went away. The tea tree oil was very soothing and it didn't burn. So far the witch hazel and tea tree oil has help ease the pain so I can urinate. So I think I am going to keep using the tea tree oil and witch hazel and continue taking the Lysine tablets.

I hope this helps. I just thought I would share my story.


I recently dealt with the loss of a parent, which as anyone can guess, was a huge stressor in my life. I tested negative for all STDs, I paid for the herpes test which wasn't covered, and I've only been intimate with one man since then. We both got tested again in August and everything came back negative. A month ago, I had been noticing a lot of vaginal irritation. Every time I have oral sex with this guy, I get bacterial vaginosis. For some reason, whatever is going on in his mouth doesn't agree with my vagina. It's a pain and I usually don't do it, but I foolishly allowed it to happen. I took the antibiotic and was immediately affected with a yeast infection. I generally take acidophilus to prevent it, but I got lazy and didn't, so there you go. A couple days after the antibiotic, we had sex again. As he was dressing, I noticed he had a sore in his pubic region. I asked him 'WTF is that?!?!?' He responded with 'Its a hair bump'. I didn't believe that crap, but the deed was done at that point, what could I do? Being observant after the fact does me no good. 2 days after that, and while I'm still suffering from what I thought was a yeast infection, I experience the most INTENSE vaginal irritation of my life. I couldn't even sleep for real, and peeing was out of the question. I looked in the mirror and saw little sores spread all over the inside of my extremely swollen vagina. I've been doing some 'Google Research' and I've narrowed it down that it could either be HSV or a severe yeast infection. I'm so scared, I made an appt to see a dr and then I cancelled because I don't want them to tell me that I have herpes. Seeing all these posts has really given the information and strength I need to accept that I'm not a bad person if I do get diagnosed with herpes. So thank you all.

The day I saw all those sores, I immediately went to the drug store and got 100% with hazel pads, lidocaine 2% gel (some after shave brand), 100% tea tree oil, cornstarch, Lysine 500mg, Echinacea, and daily multivitamins. I begin with a bath, clean my self thoroughly, apply the witch hazel then the tea tree oil and put cornstarch on a panty liner. I then eat and take the vitamins. I use the lidocaine if I have to urinate throughout the day and I also apply more cornstarch to a fresh liner. When I get home, I take another bath/shower, use the with hazel and tea tree oil, eat dinner and take my vitamins. This is day 4 and my sores are still there but healing fast. I'm still swollen, but I haven't experienced anything else, no swollen lymph nodes, no headaches/fever/flu-like symptoms... nothing. I'm going to the dr soon, I just don't know when. If anyone has any suggestions or comforting words to help ease my worry, I will accept them. Lol.


Hi all,

I was diagnosed with GH last weekend and have put together some remedies that I have found on the internet and it worked wonders for me. The first few days were hell, getting up to get water seemed insanely daunting, every step was extremely painful and all I could think about all day was how much everything hurt. Anyways, I took the advice of someone who posted about the Tuck's hemorrhoid pads (with witch hazel) and have used only those to wipe whenever I have to use the bathroom. I don't even bother with tissue paper. Also, I did fill up a cup of water and pour that over my lady area whenever I had to pee to reduce the stinging. Everytime I went to the bathroom, after I wiped and patted my sores with Tuck's, I put a lot of baby powder on a cotton pad and patted the whole area, and then put a ridiculous amount of baby powder in my panties. Didn't feel a thing all day and was able to hike, ride my bike, and get back to normal life (almost). My sores were gone after about 7 or 8 days. Maybe it will work for you!


Hello all,

I am 23 and am currently having my first OB.
I have not been formally diagnosed, or gone to a doctor, but feel it is unnecessary at this point. I know I have HSV-2. For how long I've had it, I am unsure. But its pretty obvious its what I have. I've made a lot of bad decisions as far as sexual partners up until now. I'm not angry, and I know this is my punishment for it.
The only thing I am worried about is the fact that I have probably had this for a while, and that I am afraid I have already given it to my current sexual partner, a man I care very much for, that I love with all my heart and that does not deserve to go through this.
I feel I am lucky, this being my first OB and it supposed to be being the worst, I have gotten off pretty easy.
I have multiple sores only on the right aide of ny body from my anus leading on just the side of my vagina. It's mostly just itchy, with only some mild/moderate pain and little pain while urinating. I am on day 5, and at least the vaginal sores are already starting to scab over. I am not sure how much longer I have to go though, and am really hoping its in the process of going away.
I also get this really weird pain only one my pinky toe on my right foot. That started yesterday and I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it, but am assuming it does.

As far as a remedy, I have been on my period, so there's not a whole lot I can do. But I have been using Lanacane, which is an anti-itch/ anti-bacterial creme I have been applying a few times a day. And am currently using an icepack to soothe some of the pain, as well as aleve.
There is still itching and pain, don't get me wrong. But its been bareable.
I do have to work tomorrow and can't afford to take anymore days off. And I work 40 hours ,so I'm a little worried and am hoping it will be okay.
Thanks for listening, and I wish the best for everyone. It's not easy, but we will get through it!
Any other suggestions would be very appreciated as well!

Still a good person

I hope this helps someone....this remedy has kept me from having outbreaks for up to 3 years plus at a time. Use Tucks cooling pads that are normally used on hemmroids. The active ingredient is witch hazel which is a astringent form of alcohol, buy a bottle of it also( 2.99)and pour over tucks, clean area each time you urinate, wipe front to back. Clean yourself multiple times a day, the witch hazel will help dry up lesions quickly(one week) now it will sting a bit once applied, but hell can't be any worse than the discomfort and itching. I ALSO avoid wearing panties during my outbreaks and place the tucks cooling pad in the fold of my vagina where I'm having discomfort and walk around with it all day...helps keep the tingle itch, burn calm. It really works gals and guys. God bless you all, your still good people too!!!!!!!!!!

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