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I just want to say I've had it for about 2 years. Genital Herpes is common but unwanted. I just want to leave you all with some hope and for you all to pray! They are actually working on a cure here in Australia. Yes a CURE not treatment. They are now in the phase where they test efficiency on patients who have contracted it! Do not fear my fellow men and women! Also don't lower your standards because of this virus! Have hope and pray that God gives wisdom to Ian frazer and the team here in Oz!


I'd like to thank everyone and this website. It's nice to not feel alone.
I have HSV 1 on My who ha. I just went through my first outbreak and I just got it. My boyfriend gets cold sores and he gave me oral sex for the first time. A couple days later he had a cold sore on his lip. I go tanning at my gym and I got very Burt with no underwear on. (I think that was a big part of my outbreak)

I was lucky and did not get it as bad as some people. I had only three sores and they were in a manageable spot. I took a lot of the advise on here. I started taking Lysine a vitamin you can pick up at Walgreens. I got apple cider vinegar used it twice a day. I take a shower in the am and bath in the pm. I wear no underwear when I'm home. Keeping it dry is so important. I also put abreva on throughout the day. ( I was lucky my sores were on my bikini line so I didn't think the abreva would hurt to use on my bottom area) My outbreak lasted 4 days.
I was in pain! but before the research I just thought I was sick I had long shifts at work so I was taking Vicodin for my achy body and cold medicine. I did not have pain most of the day till night when the medicine wore off and then I could just sleep.
I thank everyone again for telling their story. It helps so much. I don't want to talk to my friends and family. I got everything I needed right here and I'm going to move on with my life. This will not stop me from doing what I want.


I was diagnosed with GH 12 years ago, wth my first outbreak. I got my second about 6 weeks ago and they have been one after another ever since. One heals and 24-48 hours later, another pops up. I was trying powder and topical antibiotics, just to keep it simple and affordable. Finally, I had to get aggressive after a night of crying in pain. I put abreva on the sores as directed on the package and started taking 500mg lysine tablets once daily. Proudly, I have been outbreak free for 10 days. And after all those weeks of pain, I gotta say, it feels amazing. Hope this helps someone out there! Good luck!


I was diagnosed with genital herpes (herpes simplex 1) a year ago. The first two outbreaks were absolutely horrifying, but after a year I've found what has worked for me. Even during an outbreak I'm now able to function and I'm mostly pain free.
1. I take Valtrex every day; one pill a day. During an outbreak I will take two a day (one in the morning and one at night). The generic drugs did not work for me even though the pharmacy and my doctor claim they should work the same. They didn't for me. So I pay about $200.00 a month for a month's worth of Valtrex. I'm willing to pay for it for my health. Valtrex has significantly reduced the frequency of my outbreaks and their severity.
2. When I get an outbreak I immediately take the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin (500 mg) twice daily for 3 days. Genital sores always become swollen, red, and infected. The antibiotic help disinfect the sores and speed up the healing process. I seriously don't understand why more doctors do not prescribe antibiotics during an outbreak. They usually just tell you to double up on your dose of anti-virals.
3. During an outbreak, rinse your genital area with water (use a bottle of water or a plant watering can) every time after you pee to stay clean. When I'm at home I throw a handful of Epsom salt into my watering can with warm water and pour it over my genital area after peeing. After pouring the Epsom salt water, I'll sit on the toilet for about three minutes and let the Epsom salt work it's magic. Then after three minutes rinse with just water. The Epsom salt helps the sores heal faster and relieves any discomfort.


I have had GH for 2 years now I found out after my bf cheated on me and also because I had an outbreak that was the worse ever...till this day I haven't had a bf because idk how I could face telling someone without them judging me but oh well life goes on...what has worked for me is cutting down on foods that spark outbreaks such as nuts, citrus acids, coffee, wheat product, and other foods high in arginine. I increased my lysine intake and try to look for foods high in that vitamin to obtain it the most natural way. Tree oil helps a little but the most important way to heal is to let the area dry however it's such a damp area that it is difficult but corn starch or baby powder help in keeping the area dey so that the sores can dry out. Hope this for me


I contracted HSV 2 when I was 26. I had only been with one person, and we had split up 3 months prior. I hooked up with a friend of friend that new years eve that I had known for awhile. He was a decent guy. The kicker - I didn't actually have sex with him. I got herpes from a (really bad) hand-job. When I had my first outbreak, it actually just happened to coincide with my yearly GYN appointment. We thought it was a yeast infection (well, i thought, he was already pretty sure it was herpes). It was itchy and uncomfortable. With a week, I wanted to cry every time I had to use the bathroom or take a shower. I had a fever of 104 for two days. When I went for the follow up, the nurse in my GYN office said it was the worst outbreak she'd seen in 20 years. My doctor told me later he debated having me hospitalized to put on IV anti-virals. I've been taking 500mg of Valtrex since then (6 yrs now). I have one or two outbreaks a year, but only 3 or 4 of those have been bad. Most are just annoying for a few days. My older sister had had HSV about 10 years when I got it, and I think that actually helped me a lot. My stepdad has always been a big practitioner of homeopathic remedies and had already done some research for my sister. When I told him I had it, he went through new editions of all his books to find everything. I'll admit, I don't avoid caffeine at all, and I still eat chocolate. I've taken lysine capsules in the past, and that helped. My stepdad also got me topical lysine. I can't say whether or not it's shortening the outbreak, but it helps with the pain and itching. Current outbreak is pretty bad since it came right on the heels of a triple-illness (bronchitis, sinus infection, and fluid in both ears). I've also tried topical lemon balm (home-made ointment), which helped a lot. Apple cider vinegar bath has helped in the past. It has an initial sting, but then is actually really soothing. I've been fortunate. I've never been ashamed, never felt unclean. I know a lot of people will judge, and don't really understand. I'm not shouting it around, but all my friends know, as well as the majority of my family. I worried about dating afterwards, but I got lucky there too. I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years and we plan to get married. We met online and I told him about the herpes before our first date. I may not have told him that soon if he hadn't asked a question that meant tell him, or lie. He just said ok, and it's never been an issue. If you're newly diagnosed, stay strong. I cried for two weeks straight. But in the end, I don't know that I would even change things. Everything you've done makes you who you are, and I have experienced positives because I've had to deal with this.


Neem people. Neem. Neem soap, neem cream, neem tablets. And acyclovir. That got rid of my first break out in less than 2 weeks and I haven't had one since. Sometimes i even forget that i have herpes. its so easy, and so simple. i ordered all of my stuff from walgreens online because its no stuff they keep in the store, had it shipped right to my home, and never looked back. Neem neem neem neem neem. Im telling you, it works. It smells awful kind of, but its soooo worth it.


I've had gh for about 4 years. i tried valtrex the first year it worked well. after that i saw online that u need to shower twice a day that helps prevent outbreaks a lot. the firrst time every spring i get a lot of sun i usually get an outbreak but if i follow all these procedures its usually the only one. shower twice a day get good and dry everytime. i use gold bond powder to b extra dry. if u eat nuts or anything with the arginine in it take lysine tablets. Also it seems like if i get my semen on me and don't wash it off pretty quick ill break out. that's prretty much all i do. I usually only break out once a year. The first time i get a lot of sun. the doc told me not to, just so u know, but when i do break out i put TONS of gold bond (i use the generic from the dollar store) all over the area. also u might want to cover theoutbreak with gold bond then a loose layer of gauze to keep it from touching other skin cuz I've seen it spread frrrom that. gold bond is alifesaver for me tho makes the pain burning and itching go away and dries it out faster so it will heal. also tea tree oil is like magic makes ob heal at least twice as fast. i think takin valtrex knocked it back big time cuz i was broke out all the time but after takin it for a year even after years without it my obs are infrequent. hope thiss helpss someone


I found out 3 days ago that I have GH. I have been with my husband for 8 years. There was no infidelity, it was just dormant. So a week ago I felt this weird tingling sensation in my vagina but I wasn't too concerned about it. The following day I cannot urinate without it burning. I figure it's just my very that UTI. I call my doctor and she prescribes me antibiotics. She said the meds should kick in after 48 hours. Two days later I have a high fever. I also notice a lesion on my vagina. It freaked me out and when I really took a look I saw that there were a few. I go see a doctor and was told it was GH. I was absolutely devastated. Neither of us have been with many people but I guess that doesn't matter. Anyhow the pain was so unbearable. I couldn't sit, stand or lie down without it throbbing. I could not pee without crying. I found this website and decided to try a few remedies to see if I could lessen the pain. I pour water as I'm peeing and that has helped slightly. There's no way except to just grit your teeth and bear it. I sat in the bath for 30 mins which helped soothe it temporarily. The trick is to keep the area clean and dry. That was so hard for me as my vagina was swollen beyond recognition and I kept discharging. I had to sit without pants on, legs spread open. I know people said to use a blow dryer but I just grabbed an envelope and fanned it. I tried to the tree tea oil but it burned so badly. I thought the acyclovir would never start working because the pain didn't seem to subside at all. But this is my third day of taking it and the lesions are gone and I can almost pee without any pain. I read that the first outbreak is the worst. I'm praying that I do not have a second. I've been doing a lot of reading about the dietary changes I'll have to make and to try to lead a stress free life. I am determined to keep the outbreaks under control. So if anyone is out there reading this - there is hope. You will get through it. Just make sure you do as much reading on it as possible to learn how to keep it at bay.


After reading a few posts on this topic, I'm pretty sure I have GH. However, I am stilling waiting for the viral culture tests to come back so I'm not sure and neither is my doc. Based on my monogamous sexual history, it's very unlikely, so my fingers are crossed that it's not GH. I've never experienced anything like this before, not even a cold sore.

Nevertheless, I'm experiencing genital lesions and have been trying out the remedies that you all have suggested. I've rinsed in an Epsom salt bath, cleaned the area with Tuck's Cooling Pads, applied witch hazel and tea tree oil, then dried the area on the cool-low setting of a hair dryer and put powder in my panties. None of this worked to numb the pain or speed up the healing of the sores.

I noticed the first abrasion (that's what it looked like at the time) one week ago today (Tuesday), but it had already been sensitive and tender the day before (Monday) after sex. On Wednesday, I noticed what was more of a lesion. By Thursday it was obvious and I tried calling the doc's office to make an appointment but they weren't in, so Friday morning was when I finally got to see a doc. She tested me for everything from a common yeast infection to herpes, HIV, and syphillis. However, she's bouncing back forth between it being aphthous ulcers and GH.

By Sunday-Monday, things had gotten worse. Urination had gotten to be almost unbearable and more lesions had sprouted up and made themselves very noticeable. I went in again yesterday, and was only prescribed Xylocaine 2% Jelly (contains the active ingredient lidocaine) to tie me over until things went away on their own, but I think you can get it over-the-counter.

I've been on Apo-Famciclovir 250mg since my first doc visit on Friday. I've been taking it 3x daily and no improvement, but since it's antiviral I have to continue with it until it's done.

So far, only the lidocaine jelly has helped because it's a topical anesthetic so it helps to numb the pain while I go pee, making it just tolerable. But I still wipe with the Tuck's and sometimes apply the tea tree oil for good measure.

I do have a yeast infection (tests confirmed that), and hopefully it's just a violent one that resulted in these lesions or I also have aphthous ulcers on top of it.

If you have anymore remedies that can simply help to numb the pain so I can go about my daily life (and PEE) in comfort, please let me know!

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