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I have found some wonderful advice on this site but there is still one thing that puzzles me. I have had GH for over ten yrs now & maybe it's because I'm approaching middle age but my latest outbreaks have been more frequent and with less severe lesions but other more troublesome symptoms consisting of severe fatigue, inflamed glands from my scalp to my tailbone and groin/leg creases, pressure in the head ( like a sinus headache ) and some dizziness intermittently. I hope I don't come off as insensitive to those with major lesion issues,I have been there myself and I really empathize more than I'd like to:-/ however,if anyone has any experience with these secondary symptoms and has any answers or recommendations, I welcome any input , really. I am a full time business owner and I really can't afford to have these chronic fatigue- like symptoms. Thank you all in advance for reading this and for the advice offered in previous posts as I have been using this site as my go-to for reference info on GH for a few yrs now and it has changed my life for the better:-)


Some comfort hopefully for someone. I read these stories and think about my pass I have accepted having herpes and I have had a wonderful life.I got first outbreak when I was 19 that was 20 year's ago. My advise is as much as you hate the person who affected you talk to them. This website is very helpful.

20, 1st time herpes

I found out I had genital herpes 4 days ago.. I was in disbelief and didnt want to believe my doctor! I had been researching online and had attributed the cuts on my inner lips to a severe yeast infection. I was crying in the doctors office - how could I get this, how would I tell me partner, cause he doesn't have it. I even went to get a second opinion that night from a different doctor. She told me it was genital herpes as well, but she was so comforting and kind, it really helped. She helped me connect that because my partner gets coldsores, it was likely this was how I caught it, which calmed me down a lot. They prescribed me 2 types of tablets which cost $50.. the next day I was experiencing very very bad headaches, felt drowsy and fatigued all day long. By that night, I couldn't go to the toilet without crying it was so painful. My mum had been looking into home remedies and told me about honey.. And now, at day 4, I feel as though I've got some VERY useful information for those who have genital herpes to make going to the bathroom and the overall situation more comfortable :)

1. Going to the toilet - it is unbearably painful because your urine is acidic, which immensely stings your open cuts. If you're staying at home, the peeing isn't too hard. Fill up a bath with warm water.. it doesn't have to filled the entire way. Squat in the bath and pee - it shouldn't hurt at all! Besides that it takes longer than a normal trip to the toilet, it gives me no pain at all!

2. Drying - after the toilet, dry your sores with either a hairdryer on the cold setting or alternatively, you can use a fan.

3. Honey - sit in front of the mirror where you can see your sores. You'll need honey - NOT conventional honey! ONLY use raw honey or manuka honey! Get some ear-buds. Put some honey in a small contained as to not contaminate the rest of the honey. Dip 1 ear bud in the smaller contained (don't double dip as to not contaminate) and smother the honey on your cuts, all over them! This WILL initially sting, but this only lasts a few minutes, and will decrease with time (mine already stings a lot less).. I usually lay down after until it stops stinging and to make sure it doesn't drip everywhere. Then I put on some loose cotton undies with a liner in them - it may be too painful at the beginning to wear anything but work out what works for you!

I'm amazed at how much more sores have cleared up in 4 short days from the honey! Its amazing! And after the initial stinging, it numbs the pain completely!

I've still got the headaches and I'm definitely not feeling myself yet. I've been resting in bed watching TV all day long which has helped a lot - no work, no uni and no going out at all.
If you try these remedies, let me know how they work for you! I discovered the use of honey on this website and am so grateful!


Hello all! So after suffering a mild ob for a week and trying just about every trick in the book, including upping my lysin/ oregano oil and vitamin intake, I am now having the worst and most painful ob EVER! At first I was only concerned with healing the minor soars quickly by taking more vitamins, cleaning the area with teatree oil and alcohol etc. but now I'm experiencing swollen labia and uncontrollable ITCHING and it hurts so fricken bad I'm about to lose what little composure I have left lol I'm currently icing my lady parts which is giving me some relief (at this point I'll take what I can get!) but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone has any type of tips, hint or otherwise I would GREATLY appreciate it!!! I check this site daily so feel free to leave a comment, I will defiantly be on the lookout!

Much love xox

P.s. This site is amazing and was an absolute lifesaver when I got diagnosed this last year. I love you all!


I was diagnosed with GH in 2010 at age 28 . I am now 32. I am a female and I got it from my then boyfriend. The first out break. The first few outbreaks are the worst. I've tried just about every remedy on here. I've found . That lysine pills works for me daily about 2000mg ... I now have about 6 outs a year only because I stopped taking the lysine when I was taking it I had about 2 BO a year. So lysine works... I don't put a bunch of crap on my break outs when I get them. I usually breakout after my period if I do get them... So during and after my period I use antibacterial soap dial, the gold one . When I feel the groin pain or itching coming on, i start showering with dial. When I do get break outs, I use a medicated oil call SHILLING OIL... if you live in nyc or any city that has a neiborhood Chinese store it can be bought there, it comes in a red and white bottle.. If not you can buy it online on amazon. For around 5 bucks... (Used for headaches, arthritic pains, sinusitis, mosquito bites, sprains, mixed with vicks vapor rub for chest colds. So many different uses. I love this product.) put it on a quip and rub it on the area 3 times a day... It will burn will burn. Then immediately after I drop a couple drops of BNT POWDER on the area. It's an antibiotic powder..also available online ( it's a West Indian product ) If you can't get it I guess any anti biotic powder will do...(
BNT antibiotic powder is used for the treatment of cutaneous bacterial infections, varicose and topical ulcers, abrasions and lacerations. It's dries it up super fast.
I use this remedy 3 times a day sooo .... These simple step will help u.. Remember a hrepes sore heals best when it's dry so you need drying agents. No a bunch of creams and ''stuff'.. Once you put the shilling oil on after the burning you will feel soo fresh and clean... So here is my remedy.....
1. Take lysene daily ( u can figure out the best dosage for you)
2) around the time of your period start washing your lady part with dial antibacterial soap (gold one)
3) if you feel the tingling or groin pain start washing your lady part with dial anti bacterial soap
5 ) immediately after drop just a couple drops of BNT powder on your sore.. ( buy an antibiotic powder on amazon or ebay) buy the POWDER NOT AN ANTIBIOTIC CREAM... POWDER DRIES QUICKER.
6) sleep with just a towel wrapped around you or no undies...
7) wash hand thoroughly, use clean towels, hand sanitize.
Hope this helps that's all I use.


I've had herpes for about 2 years now I think. I cried for a week then got over it. My first outbreak was absolute torture. I cried at the thought of having to pee. Luckily my doctor prescribed Zovirax and overnight the blisters were healing. The first year my ob's were quite frequent. At least twice a month but they weren't half as bad as my first ob. Now they come less frequently but I also am figuring out how this thing works. When I take a lot of those gel coated vitamins I get an on. So maybe the gel can trigger them for me. I don't notice any ob's when I eat a lot of chocolate as people mentioned. what I do when I get an get those pains in your legs, inner thighs, sometimes my feet even have them. Its a pain like you just lifted weights the day prior. That's when I prepare. I get my cornstarch, Vitamin E and tea tree oil. I wash my lady parts in the hottest water I can handle, let it air dry and put a little of the Vitamin E and tea tree. Then I throw some cornstarch on top of that and let the area breathe. I just chill in Indian style sitting position with my powdery lady parts and read a book. If I do that twice in a day the blisters are healing by the next morning. It sucks having herpes but if you stress about it they keep coming back. So relax. It's not the end of the world. Life will go on. Good luck!! :)


I've had GH for about 10yrs and I've tried everything. But what I have found that works well is abbreva. If you apply a small dot on a Q-tip as soon as you feel the itching and tingling it can stop the bumps/blister from coming and heal faster. Another remedy is epson salt pat dry and then apply a 1:1 mix of tree tea oil and water; just on the infected area and use a q-tip so you can continue to use the solution until the OB is gone Another tip find a squeeze bottle fill with water and squeeze with urinating its soothing and relieves the burning and itching.


I've had gh for almost 20yrs. I never had a bad ob until recently. I've had continual ob for at least a year now. Even when eating right nothing helped. I've read a lot and tried a lot. Everyone needs to find what works for them. Lauricidin has worked so far for me. I heard about it on this site It's been 3 months and finally I've had consistent relief.


wipe infected area with honey, gets rid of the itch almost instantly


I was originally exposed to genital herpes in June of 2010 I had a really bad outbreak that lasted weeks. Since then I have had maybe 2 or 3 a year, they come so infrequently that when it actually happens I have to stop and remember that I even have herpes! So it is not then end of the world. I would also like to add that I was blood tested about a year after my first outbreak and my blood test for oral herpes was negative and for genital herpes was neither positive nor negative WEIRD! I treat myself like I have it though. Anyways! TEA TREE OIL!! any skin problems you have and this is the go to oil for ya! I once used it on my childs staph infection because the creams the doctors gave me weren't working and after using the tea tree oil THE NEXT DAY her staph bumps were completely gone and have never came back..I also use tea tree for pimples..eczema and in my facial masks! its a great essential oil to have on deck! I have not ever tried it on my outbreaks cause mine usually clear up in about 4 days or so. But if you do try make sure you dilute it with a few drops of olive oil and don't use too much tea tree. IT WILL BURN if you do not dilute it. anyways hope someone found this helpful!

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