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*This is the only 2 products I use when I have a GH OB & its great for Itching & healing process. Remember while u have an OB use loose underwear & clothing. If an OB happens In the middle of the night while sleeping & you can't sleep cause of the itching, you can apply gold bond powder to dry with a q-tip then A&D cream for itching or just apply A&D for itching. A&D is great for the itching. (1)When you wake up use gold bond to dry it out wait about an hour, then take a warm bath or if u start to feel it itching while letting it dry take a warm bath right away (2)Then Blow dry OB (3) Apply gold bond to dry (4) Once It starts to feel itchy apply just a lil A&D for the itching then apply gold bond on top of A&D to keep dry.* Itching will go away & A&D will heal OB. While OB is healing, the next time u take a warm bath to clean yourself follow steps again starting at step (2)
*** If OB starts to hurt while healing apply A&D & it will stop it from hurting.


*PLEASE READ* I felt the need to share this remedy with everyone because it would so astonishing well for me. I was diagnosed with genital herpes and did as much research as possible to get rid of it ASAP. I was taking prescribed meds, lysine, using tea tree oil and cold sore treatment. Everything was working but very slowly. This might sound crazy, ***but Lysol kills HSV1 and 2 virus. I wet a paper towel to dilute it, and sprayed some Lysol on it (sounds crazy). I dabbed it on the sores, yes it stung extemely bad, and went to sleep. I woke up today and the sores and symptoms are GONE. no problems peeing, no itch, no sores...gone. this remedy MUST be shared because it is so successful but also sounds so crazy. you can use a qtip if you want for more precise application. I hope this helps you! it worked miracles for me.


Maybe a month or two ago I was told by my partner that he was told by his doctor that he had herpes. I was really shocked and freaked out when I heard about it. I thought okay my life is officially over now, I couldn't believe that he had this and now there was a chance that I had it to. I had an appointment with my doctor before it found all of this out becaus I had some weird things going on in that area down there. I was really scared to go to the doctor cause I was afraid of what they would tell me. So I got tested for all kinds of diseases except for herpes and everything came back negative I just had a bacterial virus . Fast forwarding since I learned that he had herpes I have been mentally , physically , and emotionally preparing myself for the day I would have an outbreak. Well one dat I'm shaving and I cut myself down there. So it was no big deal the cut didn't really hurt so after a night of having sex with the same guy who has herpes I feel some pain down there so in my head I'm thinking it's from the cut from the razor blade I examined myself down there and I felt a bump so I grab a mirror to look and there's one there I thought it was a hair bump. So I explained it to the guy hey we can't have sex there's a bump or a cut down there and it's really painful. He doesn't take no for an answer. Fast forward to later that night , we try to have sex but it's really painful. He's not caring that I'm in serious pain he's just worried about having sex so we try different position and they all hurt eventually I just sucked it up and took the pain . Before we had sex I showed him the bump and he was like oh it's just a hair bump there's nothing to worry about. And I'm like are you that crazy over sex that you would over look my pain just to get some. So I get home and I grab a mirror and look in between my legs again. Not only is there just a bump but two more small ones have appeared and this cut like rash. It burns, it hurts, it itches, and this stuff just makes me really depressed. I feel like my life is over and I haven't even been to a doctor yet to get this checked out. I wish this would go away. I regret having sex and not being smart about it. I don't know what to do about the burning and itching and pain. A hot bath works perfectly but it sucks that I can't stay in the tub all day and night. What else can I do?


Have had herpes for many year it's not fun to live this life I know how you all feel it can make you so depressed having this month to mouth I affected my ex-husband whom I loved dearly this been ten years ago our more but I want to help someone out today take anything that helps with your immune system like vitamin c,b12,olive leaf great stuff take all the time I have a love life again if you have a outbreak take one or two every 4 to hour its gone 1or2 days and raspberry key stone and fiber keep your gut clean out that that's key have God and pray ask God well remove this from you body he is the true healer
But you have keep ask him he said we have not because we ask not and good luck God bless


the best thing that i have found is taking 2000 mg of l lysine a day split of course less than that and it normally doesnot work another supplment i have found that works is Eleutherococcus senticosus which is a herbal supplement and this is cheaper then rx meds but you have to take 2g aday to help minimise ob


I have just had my first breakout of gh, I have had oral herpes for years and also got a bad breakout on the palms of my hands a few years back. I am just starting to realize how advanced this virus is in my body. My mom and sister also have oral herpes, most likely I have had it all my life. I am just now getting the breakouts. It is painful emotionally as well as physically. For me, and I'm willing to guess for most others as well, stress is the main culprit of breakouts, as this virus attaches itself to your central nervous system soon after entering the body. I have realized that my lifelong anxiety has been caused by this virus! Not until recently did I figure out that my sudden mood changes, sudden intense sadness, anxiety and withdrawal from social situations as well as the irritability and sleepless nights happen right before a breakout. It has been a heartbreaking discovery but also I am happy that I now know and can take steps to reduce the breakouts, and hopefully eliminate them. I am certain through healthy diet, stress reduction and living a balanced life can help!
As for the breakout, I know it's awful, from what I've read on here the first one is the worst and man do I believe it! What has worked for me is apple cider vinegar diluted with water (1 Tbl. Vinegar to 3 Tbl. Purified water) soak a cotton ball in the mixture and apply directly to the sores, keeping it on there with pressure for as long as possible. It will sting! But after about ten minutes my pain is gone and i may be under the placebo effect but I swear it helps to calm the nerves, maybe because the pain and irritation are lessened you have less to stress about. But I swear it works! I really hope this is helpful, I feel your pain and you are not alone and no need to feel embarrassed, a large percentage of adults have this virus and it's nothing to be ashamed of ( no matter how you got it) this is a terrible thing to experience and I wouldn't wish it on anyone but I am confident there is a cure out there, despite what the medical 'corporation' tells you. It's up to each one of us to take charge of our own health. We are all individuals so try different things and see what works for you. The biggest piece of advice I can give is to reduce your stress level!!

Itchy & Scratchy

I was diagnosed with gh 19 years ago. I don't have frequent outbreaks and I've found that the older you get the outbreaks seem to lessen. This is going to sound really strange but toilet paper almost conpletely takes away the itch and makes dealing with your outbreak much more bearable. You can place a small wad of toilet paper between your lips....a small wad in the opening of the vagina... a small wad in the opening of the anus....wherever you itch. The itching completely goes away for me. The only reason I can think this works is because it keeps the area super dry and prevents sores from oozing on or spreading to non-infected parts. I also only dab myself dry after I urinate vs wiping. The more areas you touch during an outbreak the more likely you are to irritate the area or spread the sores. It's important to change out the toilet paper wads after every bathroom use and to wash your hands thoroughly. This odd method works for me every time but be prepared to run through A LOT of toilet paper!! You all may find it comforting that Dr. Ian Frazer (Gardasil creator) is starting human trials for a gh vaccine. If all goes well, a clinical vaccine could be available in about 5 years.


I used to always get an outbreak before or during my period or when I was very stressed. The only thing that has worked for me so far is taking very high doses of vitamin C when I felt like I might be getting an outbreak (itch, redness, little bump). I took about 4000 mg a day for 4-5 days BUT I spred them out throughout the day, taking 1000mg in the morning, noon, afternoon & at night. For the rest of the time I took 2000 mg a day. I've heard people taking even more but the 4000 has worked for me. I started taking the vitamin C 3 months ago and so far it has prevented an outbreak from coming out. I bought the vitamin C pills from GNC, but any should work.

If you have a lesion, you can also crush vitamin C, put a little water to make a paste and then put it on the lesion(s). It stings a bit but it should help them heal faster. Hope this helps.

I was there

I diagnosed in April this year, I also thought about suicide, it thought my life was over crying everyday
I tried 25 drops food grade Hydrogen peroxide after 2 weeks of outbreaks, taking lysine, oil of oregano, olive leaf extract black walnut everyday
After a month, I felt better and all the outbreaks disappeared, but I felt something crawling over my bottom & legs near the bottom
It made me feel virus still there crawling under my skin..
I bought zapper from
Within a few hours, those feeling something crawling on my bottom skin disappeared!
GH is caused by parasites and Zapper helps your
White blood cell works and it kills the virus
Now I am out break free over 2 months
I still have 10 drops of HP x 2 times a day for maintenance I will continue for the rest of my life!
Hope it helps!


I am 22 and found out i had gh 3 weeks ago as of today, I literally broke down, was super depressed and plotting my suicide.i told my bf and my mom and cried my eyes out, thankful for a supportive mom she told me that my dad gave it to her and she has been living with it. also my brother had it... my bf was very supportive and we have moved forward because i literally hate looking back. the first OB was terrible i had huge lesions filled with puss , soon as my doctor looked at it he confirmed with a 99%. i was prescribed the V meds and he bussed some of them open and they cleared halfway. i was pain free until the meds were over and now the outbreak is back, Although not as severe, its hurting in the morning when i move my buttocks around and when i wipe after peeing. my mom told me to keep applying a&d ointment but i have not seen improvement at all. I did try the tea bag remedy and that soothed for a little while. I now have baking soda shoved from my rooter to my tooter which was really relieving at first,now it feels like a burning sensation... i order propolis and lysine on amazon from the herb pharm yesterday. although not in the worst pain like the first time i would like any remedy you have i am going to try ice tonight and peroxide with a Zinc, Baking soda and coconut mix, hopefully making a paste and going commando. anything will help..

PS: if you did take the time to read this long story thank you and after reading most pages of this site i am so happy i can share this with someone other than tip toeing around it with my bf and mom... lots of love and hugs!!!

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