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I have gh and i was having severe outbreaks and itching for a year or more daily then I discovered equate (Walmart store brand) monistat 7 and I have no more outbreaks or itching shower and apply daily , hope this is effective for you .


Have a bottle of cool water near the bathroom. Poor it on you as you peee, it takes the pain away from the hot urine pain on the blisters. Also keep the area dry. I use a separate small towel to dry gently after a shower then also try a hair dryer (use the cool air option). Of course the cotton panties. Hope this helps


A nurse share with me that as soon as i feel an out break coming to put ice on the spot for as long as i can. (Couple of minutes) and do it again.

That does take them away before the break out but if the break out occurs then warm water and baking soda baths will help to dry them out sooner. It works but i wish to know a remedy or something that i can take to stop the break outs to come in because sometimes i don't feel the symptoms until is late. Thanks and hope thos helps someone.


Start with colloidal silver 10 ppm build your system, then ionic colloidal silver 20ppm then try till 30 ppm take for 3 to 6 months, i heard some body took till 9 months, take it orally as directed,or take two times one time take neat keep it in mouth under tong gargle for 10 to 15 minutes swallow it then drink one glass of water take it early morning don't take food 30 minutes before and after, and take it evening mix one tea spoon with one glass of water, remember drink at least 8 glass of warm water every day, and applied it where needed, i suggested spray bottle, second also take oil of oregano i take capsules as recommended or one in morning and one in evening and liquid oregano oil to apply on that area at least with 80\\% carvacrol strength i personally used zene hellas brand if you buy pure you have to dilute it with olive oil or coconut oil at least 5 drop to one or two drop of oregano oil or buy diluted one with 40\\% oregano oil beware of burning sensation use accordingly slowly slowly build your strength, third olive leaf extract at least 20\\% to 25\\% oleuropies strength take in capsules and liquid form as directed. After years of suffering i am cured in 5 months every year i will take it for maintenance for my health may be one bottle each for my other health reason, search on web, youtube is your friend do your own research then take it your own decision you can buy all this at Amazon i am just sharing i hope it will help you, one more thing its long process you have to make commitment after week or two you will see some improvements in your health it cures lot of diseases if you have some you will feel it if none you wont feel it, don't make any gap buy your stuff early and keep stock it cost me arround $1000 in 5 months silver i took 3 bottles each strength, and more in oregano and olive leaf extract thanks.

Down and depressed

I just got diagnosed with Genital Herpes yesterday. One of the most emotional days of my life. I'm 27 weeks pregnant which makes everything even worse. I cried for a whole day. I've just been diagnosed by site but a swab has been sent of to the lab. It's horrible the pain is horrid. The left side of my labia is so swollen it looks like I have an extra vagina lip. My clitoris is completely swollen up, and I have some blisters. I also suffer from recurring yeast infections due to pregnancy so it's a pretty rubbish time. I'm all about natural but have neglected myself for a few months due to being in and out of hospital. Salt baths are amazing to soothe your genitals (I didn't want to get out of mine), if you put oats in a sock and put it over the tap and run a bath it will sooth you so much, slather yourself in talcum powder every few hours or less it will help dry the buggers out, tea tree oil baths, eating properly, my vagina is so sore and swollen on my left side I can't wear underwear, let your genitals breath make the area as cool as possible, apply ice to reduce swelling but not directly. I hope this helps. I'm only 18 and this diagnosis has been hard on my depression but my partner is so caring. It's odd because neither of us have any symptoms and we haven't had sex in a long time and when I masturbated the day after my symptoms came on all suddenly. I think I've had the infection for a while and never known, I was getting admitted to hospital for shortness of breath, chest pain, weakness and flu like symptoms. I had loads of blood tests to check for infections (which all odly came back negative) this virus works in weird ways and now I am upset that I won't be able to naturally deliver my baby. Has anyone had an experience similar to mine?


i need help... i just got told by my doctor that i have GH and im only 15. my parents know that ive had sex and theyre being very supportive about the whole situation but they dont understand the pain. i dont just have GH, i was also told that i have a UTI and a bacterial infection too. i need to know ways to pee without having a panic attack because of how bad it hurts. i have sores all around my pee hole and the UTI has made my pee hole raw but im taking medicine for the pain and also to treat everything... i need to know how long this is gonna last since its my first outbreak and what i need to do for the peeing situation


Do check out Virasoothe, found at I cannot believe the relief this product gives me. Its just amazing, especially as it's entirely natural, all herbs and essential oils..


i have gh i have had it for 24 years i have read alot of stuff but one thing i know for sure is peanut buter and nuts cause me a outbreak everytime it takes a couple weeks from when ingested to affect me i have stopped eating nuts and peanut butter and sure enough i no longer have outbreaks i read this once after reading thousands of posts i wanted to pass it along as having gh isnt the end of the world


The main problem that gives me a outbreak is stress or anxiety. The best thing to do is trick my immune system into believing I'm okay. Those pills the doctor gave me only helps if an outbreak occurs but I've noticed it still lasted 7-8 days.... So I did years of research.... When I notice an outbreak is coming I use tiger balm on the affected area. I also take Valerian root vitamins to calm my nerves. It disappears in less than a day.... I sometimes just take the vitamins to avoid any outbreak period if I'm under stress. FYI, l-lysol seems to work only if a outbreak occurs faster than valtrex....idky, but it does for me...hope this helps...remember, everything doesn't work for everyone....try new things n see if it works for you. Good luck loves.


Also, if anyone is suffering from HSV2 and on progesterone hormones, Lutenyl or other pills, stop taking them immediatly. I had recurrent attacks without a break for a year but when i stopped my progesterone pill (to see if i would get rid of bad migraines) my hsv2 attacks stopped completely. I did some research on this and it turns out a lot of woman have this experience. It has also recently been tested on mice... Too much progesterone makes the virus very aggesive! Good luck

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