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25 Home Remedies for Thrush


Thrush Mouth Remedy. Use plain yogart. Take a wash cloth ad damp it with water then dip into plain yogart and wipe around inside of mouth, tongue, gums, and upper palet. Safe and no burn or irretation for infants or toddlers. Iused the armer hammer on my first child many years ago and it was painful. I did some research on yogart and the probiotics in the yogart are great for this. I used it on my first child after researching info and it really worked and no more pain. This also works very well with hand foot and mouth disease. It makes the blisters dissolve and children can drink or eat it when they can't eat from pain caused from blisters. This way they get nutrients that they may miss from not being able to eat from painful blisters.

leah RN

For a mild case of baby thrush. Microwave to a boil 1 cup of water, let cool to room temp. Add half a table spoon of arm and hammer baking soda , stir. You will need about 5 cotton swabs for each application. Swab the inner lips,inside cheeks,upper roof of mouth and lastly tongue. Swab mommys nipples lightly and make sure nipples get dry after applying, before putting on bra. Do this 4-5 times a day. Thrush will minimize in as little as 1 day of perfect use. Make sure u use a fresh cotton swab tip for each and every application, try sit baby up so baby doesn't swallow excess liquid, store liquid room temp, keep sealed, discard next day make fresh batch everyday, apply for one medical attention if condition persists baby and mommy may need antibiotics for yeast infection. Only use for mild thrush, a well along infection needs to be treated ad soon as possible to prevent severe pain and complications for baby. Don't worry thrush is not a rare condition amongst newborns. Best of luck.


To treat thrush, use tea tree oil. Dilute 1-2 drops with a bit of water and apply to the infants mouth with a q-tip. If you are nursing treat your nipples after nursing. I use full strength on me when I'm nursing, but I'm prone to thrush as I overproduce milk.

If you don't treat the baby and were he/she eats it will persist.

Thrush is just a yeast infection.


If you have an infant who has oral thrush this is an old remedy but it only works with breastfeed infants. Use breastfed infant urine from cloth diaper or paper towel (just not the moisture absorbing gel diapers) and rub it on the infants tongue and around the mouth. I know it sounds disgusting but breastfed infant urine contains ammonia which kills off the bacteria and it is perfectly safe. I used it for my 2 month old daughter at the first sign of thrush and it was gone almost 2 days later.


I tried the gentian violet for 2 days, and it gave my baby mouth sores and she stopped nursing for 2 days. Gentian violet is derived form coal, it's toxic. And as far as the rose honey remedy listed here, you are not suppose to give babies under one year old honey or they can die from infant botulism, very serious stuff.


For dry-chapped lips, I combined the contents of one acidophilus tablet with one DROP of water just to moisten the powder. I dabbed the mixture on my lips and left it there for an hour. It became white and crusty; VERY ATTRACTIVE. To remove it, I just drank a little water and licked the mixture off. Redness was almost completely gone. Vinegar and water help to cool it down also.


For adults who are not immunocompromised, u can eat yogurt until thrush is gone. i did this because i developed thrush while taking antibiotics.


You can buy Gentian Violet at the pharmacy (CVS, walgreens, etc) It is behind the counter but does not require a prescription. Using a clean cotton swab, dip into the GV and paint your nipple and all the skin that your babies mouth touches around the nipple as well. Then nurse. Your baby will have a VERY purple mouth, which will treat the thrush for both of you :)

note: this stuff really stains! Use old towels or sheets to cover your bathroom counter, bed, and use old bras and night gowns for a few days till all the purple is gone. It will wear off of baby's teeth and skin and not stain, after a few days as well. It's ugly but it WORKS! Pain free nursing and a less fussy baby will be yours again.


For thrush - mix 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract with 10 drops of liquid Stevia extract (to reduce bitterness of GSE) and paint the mouth of your baby with the mixture, once a day for three days. Make sure to cover the tounge, roof of the mouth and gums. At the same time, treat your nipples amd aureola with the mixture afer every feeding. (you can rinse the mixture off of your nipples before each feeding if it tastes bitter to the baby.)

Josie P

Miel de Rosa
Rose Honey

Clean the childs tongue and mouth with a cotton swab or a very soft toothbrush.

Apply the rose honey to interior of mouth and inner lips and under the tongue.

This product is in the home remedy section (walgreens) or spanish medical products in Walmart or most larger department stores, for that reason I gave the English and Spanish name of this products, works well and rapidly.

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