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25 Home Remedies for Thrush


trying full strength white vinegar (5\\%) for 30 seconds and then brushing right after (be sure to clean your tongue) really took the pain down a notch to a point where it's a lot less noticeable but do take this with a grain of salt because it might start to do more harm than good at a certain point.


I am a diabetic and when my blood sugars get a little high I get oral thrush and have to go in to see the Dr again. I am on fluconazole, which usually works but it doesn't seem to be doing so good this time. Four days and I don't notice any difference so I looked this up and after reading these comments I gargled with half white vinegar and half warm water and it took off most of the film on my tongue! It didn't burn as much as I thought it would, I don't think I had it really bad, what a relief. I can enjoy food again! Thank you all so much for the advise, now that is priceless. Take Care!


I had thrush the itch was driving me crazy take clove of garlic peel thread some cotton through end insert into virgina use panty liner clears up in an hour or two remove garlic just pull out gently with thread used all clear


I have had recurring vaginal thrush quite a few times and I find that natural yogurt and applying it to the affected area and do that a couple times a day for about 3/4 days and it should clear up fine. Another one is if its recurring, go to the doctor to have an examination (if necessary)and explain it's recurring and they'll prescribe fluconazole ( 1 tablet) which i find clears it right up.

One last remedy is getting a container of probiotics from a place like holland and barrets (vary in price) and you take 3 a day and it restores the beneficial bacteria in your body. After taking these I have hardly had it, and if i feel an itch or it coming on i apply natural yogurt and its over before it starts.


I have had thrush for a few months now. i tried all of the home remedies and even went to doctor and got put on fluconazole and it didnt work. kept looking online and came across a remedy that said to use milk of magnesia. i tried it and it started working instantly. my tongue was very white. i tried scraping and everything and the milk of magnesia took care of it


I found this remedy from another site and it worked for me. Use unrefined course sea salt. Use about 1 teaspoon to a cup of water. Mix and warm-up. Swish it in your mouth for about 2 minutes and gargle for about another 2 minutes. Do this 3 times a day and for sure, before you go to bed. Try not to eat anything for a little while after swish/gargle.

Michelle Nash

Been having this burning in my mouth for a while..Started as something a little annoying then became intensely painful. It finally got to waking me up in the middle of the night because my mouth was hurting so bad..The only thing i have found that would calm it was hot coffee...Yesterday i was in so much pain i took a razor and tried to shave the thrush off my tongue..I was to the point of using the razor to just remove my tongue problem solved right??? Anyways came across the white vinegar and yes it burned like I had poured gasoline and lit it on fire immediately.. I swished it around until my eyes watered and i began to cry...Spit it out...Begged the stinging to stop and within a very few minutes precious relief...I took a towel and began to rub the white stuff off my tongue...I read a few more remarks and hit the second dose...I am now able to swallow and smile...Thank you so much...I will continue to use the vinegar until im sure it's all gone..The relief is almost instant...


i have been using a natural remedy for years which gets rid of it within a day... if you take a regular tampon out of its card board casing and cover it in natural plain yogurt. you will need to insert it as usual.... but quickly before it expands too much.....

use a panty liner to avoid any leakages over the next couple of hours. usually i used it at night and remove it in the morning and shower using no soap..

works a charm every time.

rachel shore

For approximately 6 months I had recurring thrush and all the uncomfortable side effects that go with it.I got really fed up with it, my doctor prescribed me a course of antibiotics, which I decided to avoid at all costs in fear that it would really mess up my immmune system. After trying a course of grapefriut seed extract, a sugar and yeast free diet and a course of Candiclear I still found my symptons coming back. I then tryed just adding in large amounts of fresh uncooked Thyme into my diet and this has completely got rid of the thrush, Im so impressed Im telling everyone!!!


I didn't have any apple cider vinegar to dilute, so I swished & gargled with full strength white. Nasty- yes, but one of the worst cases my Dr. had seen in yrs is almost clear in less than 24 hrs from only 2 applications. Beats the week or 2 of prescriptions, baking soda & etc.

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