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Feel a cold sore coming on? Want to beat it before it becomes a full blown two week multi stage process? Here's how I finally (at the age of 40 after getting them my whole life) beat a cold sore. Just last night, less that 24 hours ago, I woke up at 3am after, I couldn't believe it, a dream about having a cold sore, only to test my lips with my tongue and bam, massive early stage cold sore. It was growing, it was throbbing and I knew, in bed, what I was about to see in the bathroom mirror. Sure enough I head to the bathroom, took a deep breath and looked at my lips. There it was, top lip, right in the middle, red, growing and all the signs of a massive outbreak. I was so upset. The next two week of my life entail tons of social and work engagements, and I knew this was going to be a cold sore of epic proportions. I knew what caused it too. I spent two days in the sun this previous weekend, first couple of days of summer and this has become an annual event - a massive cold sore at the beginning of summer, putting a damper on June and keeping me indoors and making excuses with friends and work, as to why I couldn't attend XYZ. Anyway, a few years ago, after another massive outbreak and with nothing to do but look up cold sore remedies, I discovered Lysine. Yup, you've read about it before as a preventive measure. I took a couple of 1000 mg strong tablets on Monday after the beach on Saturday and Sunday. All was fine on Monday. All was fine on Tuesday, and then when all was fine on Wednesday I figured I was all clear. Not so. It was the overnight between Wednesday night and Thursday morning that I awoke at 3am to discover my life's greatest nemesis was making an appearance. So, with no abriva in the house and only a big bottle of Lysine, I jammed down 7000 mg of the stuff. I also had a tube of 'Super Lysine Plus'(google it), so I applied that liberally and went to bed, knowing in the morning, I would still be a monster. Well, when I awoke, instead of a mountain double the size as the night before, to my absolute amazement, it had basically flattened out and gone away. I could not believe it, but as I stood there in the mirror, inspecting it closely, indeed it showed all the signs of retracting - almost to the point as if nothing at all was there. Not satisfied, and knowing these things develop a life of their own, I downed another 5000 mg of Lysine (if you're keeping track, that's approx. 13,000 mg in about 6 hours), and again, applied liberal amounts of Super Lysine Plus not only on my lips, but my mustache area and on my bottom lips too, everywhere. Fast forwarding through my day, I had lunch around 1pm and afterward took another 4000 mg of Lysine (that's 17,000 mg in about 10 hours). Again, another liberal coat of Super Lysine Plus. It's now 11pm, about 20 hours after the outbreak and my lip is basically back to normal. No bump, no redness and being an experienced cold sore victim, I know that it's pretty much over. There's no fluid or puss, there's no bump and by all accounts, for the first time in my life, I beat a cold sore. To be clear, I have absolutely no idea of consuming 17,000 mg of Lysine in 10 hours is healthy, but I actually feel fine. Some minor stomach discomfort, but completely worth it knowing I had beat a cold sore. So that's my story. If you're thinking of trying it, you might want to check with a Doctor about consuming that much Lysine. It's probably not that good for you, but, at the end of the day, I won. Thanks to Lysine.


This wont help for developed cold sores :(:( sorry.. however if you are a known sufferer of the dreaded cold sores then I find what keeps them at bay is the vitamin drinks/stuff like berroca that have vitamin C and zinc and other healthy vitamins in as zinc is very good for cold sores, i get mine in aldi which is pretty cheap(the one with the orange lid and green bottle) and take one a day (stated dose for 12+)- don't take more than one otherwise you'll feel ill- and it generally tends to keep them away. I currently have a cold sore as recently had exam stress and forgot to drink my drinks and now its attacking me and have now found this site so going to get remedies tomorrow!!


I have suffered from these embarrassing little demons for YEARS. I tried everything. Tea bags. Salt and alcohol. Abreva. Toothpaste. Peroxide. Everything. I recently discovered a remedy that works so well for me. With this remedy, and catching the sore in the very early stages, I was able to completely skip the swelling and weeping stage that lasts for many painful days we all loathe. As soon as I felt the tingle and saw the slight redness, I started with tea tree oil. Once the blisters formed but hadn't completely risen, I popped them with a sterile needle and used a piece of sterile gauze to catch that nasty liquid. BE VERY CAREFUL, seeing as that nasty liquid is riddled with the virus. I held that gauze against the sore for a few minutes, absorbing all the liquid that was possible. More tea tree oil, religiously and wayyy more often than a few times a day. At least once an hour. I woke up very early Friday morning with that little demon beginning. It's now late Saturday morning, and all that I've got going on is a very slightly swollen lip, small red-ish spot, and little dry spot from all the tea tree oil. Less than 36 hours and it's gone!


I'm 26 and I've been getting cold sores since I was 13. About 2-3 years ago, I started taking L-Lysine 1000mg (twice a day) and have noticed a HUGE difference in the cold sores I get now. Unfortunately, I wasn't as religious taking it the past month and ended up getting one this Monday. I wish I would have known it was going to be a cold sore as I didn't get the usual tingling feeling before I get one so I treated it like a pimple for the first day. For the past 2 days I've been applying Tea Tree Oil with a q-tip and within hours it started to dry up. I'm now on day 5 and going through the slightly scabbing/bleeding stage. So I highly recommend the following:

-L-Lysine 1000mg (twice a day) / 2500mg while experiencing an outbreak.
-Tea Tree Oil applied with a q-tip and held with gauze pad for faster healing a few times a day.
-Apply Abreva over it as frequently as you apply TTO.

Here's to hoping that someone discovers a cure for this pesky virus!


Egg white- separate an egg, keep the white a container. Use a cotton tip to dab on the cold sore- even better if you can dab it on immediately at the first sign of a tingle, the cold sore wont even develop! Keep dabbing on the egg white as often as possible. This is a remedy from an old lady who stopped me in the street, and it works! Thank you old lady.


I've had bad cold sores since I got really sick in high school. My entire mouth broke out in fever blisters and cold sores and ever since then I'll get a cold sore when I'm really stressed out or around my menstrual period.

I've tried everything it seems like. My doctor prescribed me Zovirax because they were getting so bad. Though as much as I would like it to be, Zovirax isn't a magical cure that'll make my cold sores disappear.

Things that help me:
I take Lysine before it comes, during, and after it goes away. It helps shorten the time and prevents from more popping up. Get it at the drug store for really cheap.
Recently I've tried Hydrogen Peroxide and although it looks like it's making it worse, it slowly helps it dry out and start to heal.
I also tried NON ACETONE nail polish remover after hearing good things about it. It also helps dry it out.
Ice helps the swelling and the redness too.

The combination of Hydrogen Peroxide and nail polish remover and then applying my zovirax actually made a significant improvement on how it looks.

Good luck out there.


I've tried many things from tea tree oil. Milk, and a few other outrageous things. I just got one today I felt the tingle and blisters were already forming , so I tried something a little different this time, obviously my luck all I had was my acyclovir so I took four of those then I ran into the store, I bought rubbing alcohol 91% then I bought this new treatment from orajel they give you two viles per pack, abreva, Vaseline oh I also bought hydrogen peroxide as well with q tips for sanitary reasons. I got home wiped with the alcohol no stinging yet but it was too clean the area before purring the orajel one application on the area. Almost immediately the blisters were gone and went to stage two almost three, also this helped with the pain it numbed the area but you must follow directions to a T. After the completion of the application blisters gone went to the bleeding stage a bit song with the reddish pink stage, I then applied abreva then Vaseline within a few hours I had the scab stage, I'm still taking the acyclovir too by mid way through the night it's at the crust stage so I used the alcohol soak for a few minutes this time it burned which tells me it's p ast the blister stage and its barely weaping so I apply more abreva then Vaseline. Its like I skipped the long lasting stages in matter of hours. Now it's tight feeling and healing with scabbing. Still a bit red but that's part of the cold sore curse. This treatment is by far the best I've used in the years I've suffered and mine happens to always be under my nose, I will stick to this treatment forr now on plus online you can get coupons for the oragel one app and abreva to save money, the alcohol is cheap as well as Vaseline. But I would ask for the oral meds from your dr or a prompt care facility. You won't be disappointed in fact you may find it a time saver as well as relief that's very rapid. I normally don't post any thing but being one that has this dreadful virus I had to share with my fellow sufferers. I wish you all the luck and at least try it If you have same results or not please comment on how it works for you, we must stick together with our findings till the cure comes out!! Thanks for reading but please try this what options do we really have....


make a paste with apple cider vinegar and baking soda, apply on as soon as you get tingling feeling. works like magic.


hey, Ive had cold sores during all my teens and 15 years later still am and i hate it with passion! This thread may not be welcomed here as its not necessarily a home remedy, but it works so well that i really want to share with the rest of you struggling with cold sores!! I have tried all the creams possible and all sorts of home remedies, but i have finally found my miracle treatment!

-Aciclovir 400mg tablets!!!
-Nail polish

At the first sign of tingling start taking two tablets in the morning and two at night (the first day i sometimes add two tablets in the afternoon too). Whenever possible press a q-tip dipped in nail polish on the affected area for 5-20 minutes. The longer the better in my experience. It may sting, but it is so worth it. It will dry out the blister if it has already formed, or if you are lucky enough to discover it before the blister has formed the nail polish prevents it from forming. I usually apply one of those cold sores creams on the area after, but i dont think thats whats effective so thats optional.

In my experience, with the tablets and the nail polish, the cold sore will barely be visible after one day and completely gone within three days. I usually take the tablets for 2-3 days until I see that the cold sore is in the healing stage and pretty much gone.

I strongly recommend stocking up on the tablets as they are the best investment I ever made. I believe you need a prescription for them in most countries, but its so worth it!! :D

I woke up yesterday with the too well-know tingling sensation in my lip, and as Im writing this its barely visible. Still applying a bit of nail polish to be on the safe side, but when I said I couldnt kiss my boyfriend this morning he almost got upset as he said he couldnt not see any sores on my lips at all :) good luck!


I've had cold sites since I was about 8yrs old and now I am 40. They would get so big I wouldn't go outside or just feel bad! It sucks! Don't use abreva, it sucks! It's a total waste of money. I would get huge ugly Cold sores that would finally go away in about 2 wks.
Recently I got 2 in different places at 1 time and what I did was read the remedies here and used:
1. Iced it until the ice melted.
2. Put finger nail polish remover- the non acetone kind or put alcohol on it as long as I can for about 10min
3. Put tea tree oil on it for about 10 min
4. Put campho phenique or carmex
5. Then repeated the steps every 1 1/2 to 2 hrs or so except at night before I went to sleep, I did the steps as above and put on Vaseline
I did try the salt and toothpaste 1 time at night and it didn't work. It got bigger.
Had this cold sore for only about 4 days total. Surely beats 14 days! Thanks to this site!

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