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If you never want a cold sore again, just get GOLDEN SEAL. At the first sign of a cold sore just take two golden seal caps or tincture doses. The first time you do this it is important to be extra aggressive with the golden seal, take it every two hours for a day, then 3 times the next day and until the sore is completely gone. After the first time you use it, the cure works even better. If you catch them early sometimes it only takes one dose and you wont even get the sore.


yesterday when I first started getting my cold sore I put a hot tortilla off the stove on my lip it actually helps because it kills the bacteria so the next day it wasn't crazy big


When it come to cold sores, my grandma has always said Carmex does the trick. But don't use carmex for chapped lips- it will make it worse!


I get a cold sore about once every six months and I've tried it all. I have a method that gets rid of it in about 4 days. As soon as you feel the first sign, take a Q-tip or swab with nail polish remover on it and hold it on the sore for a minute or so until you feel it burn. Do this every 20 minutes to hour for the first 24 hours. Once the swelling is completely gone start to apply Neosporin as often as you can. You can also put Neosporin on in the first 24 hours while you are using the nail polish remover. It works better than any over the counter or prescription has.


Obviously I am one of the many people who cant have a gaping sore on their face and be comfortable.. I have tried a few remedies.. and this one is by far the best. When you feel the first tingle or itch, apply oil of oregano with a q tip or clean finger( wash right after) and let it sit until it stops the dull burning.. I would alternate between this and blistex or carmex all day and by day 2 its pretty much gone.. You'll have a few tiny tiny scabs where the blisters would have been. but if you're lucky, you skip about 5 days off the 7-10. Make sure you continue this method until its totally gone or it may come back and at night i sometimes use the cold sore healing patches, just to prevent me from touching and spreading it in my sleep... I have never had to pop one.... not that I would either, but honestly $10 and it lasts you months and months.. You can also take it orally every few weeks and I have noticed that unless my lips are extremely chapped or im super sick or stressed... i hardly get sores.

Also, another one thats weird is naturpet healing spray. I got it for my dog from his vet for a bacterial infection in his paws and i looked up the ingredients and they are all herbs and all natural things so i used it and same affect as the oil of oregano, except this one would be a more over night one as it leaves a bit of a brown stain where you apply it


Preparation H is the best for cold sores! I have one right now and I remembered that my landlord told me one time that if I ever had a cold sore to use Preparation H on it. At first I thought this was gross but I bought a new tube and decided to try it. I even bought the generic brand. I also bought a generic cold sore medicine. I got home, immediately went to the mirror anxious to try my home remedy. As soon as I put the hemorrhoid gel on the cold sore, it stopped itching and burning. I put some of the cold sore medicine on it as well just for added help. This was around 1:00 pm yesterday afternoon. I repeated this process once every couple hours until I went to bed. I noticed a significan reduction in swelling within the first couple hours. At bedtime, I put extra of both medicines on the cold sore. This morning it feels and looks soooo much better. I'm home from work today for a snow day so I'm going to repeat this process every couple hours all day long and hopefully by tomorrow morning the cold sore won't be noticeable. I strongly encourage anyone who suffers from cold sores to buy some hemorrhoid cream. Its amazing!!!!!


As soon as you feel that little bump start to form on your lip, apply some alcohol to the area and don't mess with it for 10-20 mins. You should notice that it goes down. I usually immediately do this a second time. After that it is usually gone, but if you feel the bump come back keep applying the alcohol until it doesn't.

Usually before going to sleep that night I'll do this again just to make sure.

I also take 1000 mg of lysine every day.

Since starting the lysine regimen and dealing with them in this manner, I've only had one mature to the stage or no return in almost 2 years. Unfortunately, the one I did get was during my honeymoon (womp womp).

I always travel with a small bottle of alcohol just in case.


Believe it or not regular Neosporin the stuff you give your kids when they scrape there knees. I put some on and I shit you not it was half it's size by the end of the DAY.


I'm a chronic cold sore sufferer and have been coming to this site for years every time one of those little (or big) monsters pops up. I've tried acyclovir, abreva, lysine..pretty much everything. However, I just found the BEST thing ever to stop a cold sore immediately! A 9 bolt battery. It's weird but it totally works, I swear. You just wet the area on and around your cold sore (I used mouthwash) and then place the battery so the tongs are on either side of might feel a little zap but it just means it's working and you can just keep rotating the battery around the cold sore this way and that so it gets all angles. I woke up with a huuuuge one on my face this morning and tried this for five minutes and already it's gotten so much smaller, I'm so excited! Let me know if you try it and what your results are!


Similar to Helen, who posted below, I also found Herstat to be a great treatment for cold sores.

My cold sores tend to recur every few months and can be a real pain!

I used Herstat which promotes propolis - a natural remedy. I was skeptical at first but decided to order a tube.

I found that my cold sore healed far quicker than with other products I've used. They also didn't fully develop, if that makes sense? Usually they blister but I had far fewer blisters during this outbreak. The only thing I would say is, you do have to apply the cream every two or three hours to get the full benefit but it's definitely worth doing as it stops a cold sore dead.

I'll definitely use it again if needs be. It's very reasonably priced and when i bought it they were offering a bundle with a preventative lip balm. I'm using it now and no recurrence so far. Fingers crossed!

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