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My great grandmother has always told me to put fingernail polish remover on my cold sores to dry them out and that has always worked for me. It stings a bit at first but then goes away. You have to repeat it a quite a few times each day until it is gone.


When you first feel a cold sore coming dab some listerine with a Q-Tip several times a day to dry out your skin.


Dab Tea Tree Oil on it several times a day. Works very good!!


I have tried everything and the only thing that works for me is great!


for a cold sore...when you feel it starting, alternate ice and a damp tea bag, 10 minutes each. Do this as often as possible the first day and it should not even appear

La Vern De Wilde

Cold Sore - Herpes Simplex Virus: Take 5 L-Lysine 1000mg tabs one to three times per day to ignite immediate reversal and healing within one-week.

L-Lysine works for all virus related dis-ease.


Take a Lysine supplement once a day to prevent cold sores.


Want to dry up and heal a cold sore? Dab rubbing alcohol on it several times a day.This stings a bit for a few seconds...but works like a charm!


swish with tonic water with quinine 4-6 times a day. Make sure the sore comes in contact with tonic water. Works great


When I feel a cold sore coming on, (right when you feel the tingle), I put a piece of ice on directly on it. Keep it there for as long as you can stand it, and do this for about an hour. The sor will skip right to the end andyou will have a small scab for a bout 2 days. No pain, No weeping, no nasty sore.

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