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Mix dried instant coffee to a paste with a little water and put it on cold sore. (Remedy tested and reported in New Scientist in the 70's - only works with instant coffee)


Wet cold sores dry up in 24 hours if you take three grams of vitamin C spread out over a day. Take with food is best. Then take 1 gram per day for 5 days to help boost your system.
It works for me.


Nail Polish Remover and polysporin: I was starting to feel a cold sore coming on and I read about this: dip a q-tip in nailpolish remover and hold on the spot for about 5 minutes (really stings) after put neosporin or polysporin to soothe, it worked great for me!!


cold sore cure you will not get them as long as you use this suplement to your diet. Take L-Lysene in 1000 mill. capsules once a week. If you are having an out break at the first sign of tingling sinsation in the lips take 3 1000 mill capusels once aday and chances are the sore will not develope. It does not take very much of this product to keep the problem under controll. The L-Lysene mutates the herpes virus and because of the mutation the virus cannot repoduce itself and cause and outbreak. I use to get these horribly and sence I found this fix I no longer get them and have not had any problem with it as long as I manage to take 1 capsule a week. Try it it works and it is not exspensive.


When you feel it starting to come out take a Q-tip and soak an end in mouthwash.Next apply the soaked end to it and hold for several minutes.I use this all the time and find it works best.

shannon z

i take the lysine tablets when i feel a cold sore coming on. i take about 3500 mg a day and also i found this new lip balm that is called morgans lysine lip balm as many times a day that i remember. it took my 1 day to get them dried out. this has been a real life saver. i get about 5-10 cold sores about 2 times a month and this has been the best thing for me. good luck


The two things that i find help if a cold sore has already formed is applying a tea bag to it and using Eucalyptus oil. This seems to dry it out within a day.


My Doctor suggested this and it works like a charm. Take a tube of chap stick PLAIN flavored , break open a capsule of benadryl and sprinkle the powder on the top of the chap stick , rub on the cold sore so as to make a paste of balm and benadryl powder. First day will dry it up ...and within 3 days no sign of a cold sore at all!!!! taaaaaaaaaaaa dahhhhhhhhhh


My Dad swears blind that putting aftershave on a cold sore a few times a day dries it out and gets rid of it quick.


I make a salt paste with just plain salt and water and smear it on my cold sores this waorks great for me scabs by the end of the day and you can use it in any phase of the cold sore.

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