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I woke up and my cold sore was already open, but this is what I did to have it gone by the next morning...I melted an entire ice cube on my sore, even tho it's a little painful at first..Then dab the sore to dry it and put rubbing alcohol on immediately after with a Q-tip..I did this once every 30 min. to an hour, and by the next morning, you couldn't see a thing!!!


I've been following a natural guide for a month now.

It's going extraordinarily well!!

I had 2 the first week, and havent had a cold sore since!

I think the link is:

Theres a review at as well!

I've had them for years and theyve just gone!


i work in a health food store, and suffer from cold sores myself. They can be caused by stress, low immunity or an imbalance of lysine versus arginine in the body. Arginine is another amino acid found in red meat, chocolate and red wine which is also made in the body. Lysine is found in soy products, cheese, milk, potatoes and torula yeast, and can only be sourced by supplements or food sources as the body cannot make it.
If people who suffer from cold sores ingest too much arginine they need to bring up their lysine intake. Some people need to take lysine daily, and around 500mg is perfect, however getting the lysine in a complex with zinc or olive leaf is much better. zinc helps with healing and olive leaf helps with free radical scavenging and can help with fevers, to raise the immunity in a person's body. Blackmores have a lysine 500mg and zinc complex, and microgenics have a lysine 500mg and olive leaf complex. Both are brilliant products. However i prefer to use 1000mg of lysine to fight my persona cold sores. i know of two brands that carry a 1000mg lysine, Nutrivital and Nutralife. Also brilliant ranges.
To apply topically you can make a lysine paste by crushing a tablet and mixing in water, or you could apply tea tree oil as it is a natural antibiotic and can help with infection, or colloidal silver with is a natural anti-viral liquid. The silver can also be taken orally.


okay so....after dealing with what started out as a cold sore and just turned into a 2 month long headache because i'm a picker and have very thin skin at the corners of my mouth i decided to try calamine lotion and it worked!!!!! just dip a q-tip into a bottle of calamine and dab it on the sore (i do it at night so no one sees but you can get caladryl which is a clear gel form of calamine)...i did this for about 3 nights and it completely cleared up. it dries out the sore just like it would for chicken pox, poison ivy, or a REALLY bad sunburn. the calamine doesnt burn and surprisingly causes minimal crusting and peeling.....unlike some products meant for healing cold sores....campho phenique or abreva for calamine is A LOT cheaper and you probably already have some in your medicine cabinet :)


I use 1500 Mgs a day of L-Lysine, and nearly 3,000 mgs of Vitamin C. The sore will stop growing; perhaps a bit of weeping; not much. But it will remain painless; but an eyesore.

Also; I was recently prescribed Valtrex because of frequent outbreaks. I have terrible skin and am prone to dry skin, especially chapped lips even with alot of balm use. However, the Valtrex combined with my normal treatment was nearly amazing. It didn't scab immediately; but was completely painless. Even as it scabbed it remained soft and did not hurt a bit. Shortened my normal healing time from about 5 to 3 days.


Get a tube of neosporin pain relief and rub it on the cold sore about evry hour or two. It's always worked for mine, but my dentist said it might not be cold sores and instead a type odf virus in which I can't remember the name. But anyways, that's what I usually do right befor the form and they go away. Right now I have one that just popped up over night and I didn't even fell it coming, and it doesn't seem to work on those cold sores as well as the ones that aren't big yet.


when you first see the tiny blisters of a cold sore, do not touch it or pop it. apply with a q-tip/cotton ball 100% acetone- fingernail polish remover for less than $2 at wal-mart... it's in a clear bottle. it may burn a little at first, but it's mostly cold. the acetone dries up the blisters, and the cold sore will be gone in about 3 days depending on how often you apply the acetone. on the last day the blisters might be dry that when you apply the acetone it might burn, but i'd rather do this for 2 or 3 days than have a coldsore a week.

i get cold sores all of the time, and this is what i personally do to get rid of them.


Want to get rid of that nasty cold sore in just 3 days?!? As soon as it starts, or even if it has already broken out, start putting a rubbing alcohol dorectly on the cold sore and hold it there for as long as you can stand it (it will start to burn). Apply some Vaseline to the cold sore and repeat this 3 to 10 times per day.


When you feel a coldsore coming on, rub your finger behind your ear to collect body oils, then apply to affected area on mouth or lip. Do this over the course of a day whenever you think about it, no kidding, you will never have a coldsore again!


To dry up cold sore use ear wax. It'll dry out the sore and help heel.

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