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iv been having cold sore for years and they usually last for weeks now what id do is at the first sign of one get a cotton bud dip it in nail varnish remover and hold on for five minutes and repeat 4 times that day. Then for the next to days apply zovirax and the cold sore dissappears in a good way with no scars or marks. its amazing!!!


if you get one on your lip use one of those drying lipsticks, the ones that are suppose to last all day..Any of them will work but it has to be the kind that dries up. Apply it to your lips, be careful not to actually touch the cold sore otherwise you will contaminate your lipstick.. so if you have one on your upper lip, apply the lipstick to your lower lip and rub your lips together to cover the cold sore- or vise versa.. it will dry up the sore almost on contact and your cold sore will only last a few days.. maybe two.. if you catch it early enough, it will be gone the next day- it will not grow either when you apply it so if you apply it when you have hardly any or no blisters you won't get anymore.. same as if you apply it when you have some blisters, it won't keep growing once you apply the lipstick..


put nail polish remover on your cold sore, you might feel something... but that just means its working!! :)


As soon as you start to feel your cold sore coming put ice on it until its num....this works for me every time


Using your own urine works unbelievably well. The blister won't form, as long as you catch it early.


I'm 20 years old, and boy i hate getting cold sores. i've tried everything, yes lemon balm, rubbing alcohol, ice, abreva, lysine, NOTHING seems to work. Just today i got one. its not as big as the others i have gotten but its sure is jsut as painful and ugly. right above my lip under my nose too..GROSS. i remembered i had proactiv refining contains sulfur n some other stuff that heals pimples, so i said hey y not. i cleaned it off with some rubbing alcohol n applied the sulfur mask to the cold sore. no more pain.. no itchiness, and the swelling went down sooo much its crazy.. i still have it n n plan to leave it on over night. this is exciting if it works!!!


Garlic Essence

I tried just about everything on this site with very little success. Everything from alcohol to ear wax to honey, to steroid creams. I had a recent outbreak of coldsores after an illness, one after another, and none of these seemed to work. (although the ice cube method worked to lower swelling and prevent them from getting too much worse).

Finally I discovered something that worked for me. I remembered reading that garlic is anti-viral, and since cold sores are caused by viruses I decided to try something new.
I mashed up several cloves of garlic into a paste. I then put a bit of this paste into a small funnel. I dusted it with sugar, and put more paste. I alternated layers of garlic paste and layers of sugar until it filled a substantial portion of the funnel. I put the funnel over a glass and left it overnight.

In the morning I discovered a thick green(?) liquid in the bottom of the glass. 'Essence of Garlic' I dubbed it. I smeared it on my cold sores, and the next day my older cold sores just seemed to almost fall off. The newer one that had been forming went immediately into the scabbing phase, and now I'm just waiting for the scab to fall off.

Like I said, some things work for some people, but out of all the things I've tried, this is by far the best for me. (smells awful though)


I have found that putting a paper-towel or cotton ball soaked with whole milk helps prevent the growth of and speeds the healing time of cold sores.


Noone gets cold sores as large as mine! They are monstrous. I have battled with every remedy possible and have now perfected the art. I can't catch mine in the tingling stage because that never happens. However, the best thing to do is rub surgical alcohol on the spot until it burns, followde by aloe vera gel to keep it from scarring. Tea tree oil also dries up the scab and kills bacteria. Apply whenever you remember. In terms of your diet, do not eat any chocolate, coffee, nuts or oats. Take vitamin B tablets, lysine, zinc and vitamin C. Do this religiously 3 times a day and the cold sore should be gone within 3 days from start to scab falling off!


If you want to kill the cold sore virus.... Take a cotton ball and soak it in bleach it will stong and burn but its worth it. After your done with that take a green tea bag and wet it and place it over the sore, then take centrum multi-vitimin tabllet soak it and make a paste put it over the sore and leave on for about 20 mins. Im am being completely honest when I say instantly the sore and pain goes away, like magic the sore is killed and u end up with a dried blood scab put some cream and you should be good!

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