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OK... so this is a long one...
What we need is a remedy for AFTER the cold sore has came out to visit, am I right? They are SO ugly and uncomfortable, and we really dont think much about them until they have planted their homely faces right on our mouth... for the world to see. Nice, huh?
Its great we have preventatives for cold sores, and suggestions on what to do when you first feel the tingle, but what about to pound them when they are already out and about? Most times, mine form overnight, or while at work and cant tell they are on their way until its too late.
I am quite lucky (as far as COLDSORE luck can be, I suppose) as I only get one every year or 18 months, but that doesnt make them any less ugly, or me any more confident.
Heres what I did with one I got on Friday morning...
1) reached for my Abbreva. The sore still got larger, so Im not sure this worked. I was a tad pissed. The stuff is 20 bucks, and its worked before. Maybe I didnt get it in time.
2) Went to health food store and got something called 'Super Lysine+'. Its in a chapstick tube with a green cap. Its pricey...about 11 bucks, but I applied it to the sore with my fingertip, and to the rest of my lips. Its awesome and soothing. It was more of a preventative for more sores than anything. It kicks the butt of any other balm Ive used and makes your lips look really healthy and full.
3) when I got home that night, I did the ICE CUBE know, melting the whole cube on the sore? I couldnt do it every hour as suggested (who has time?) but I did it before bed, and when I got up. It helped the swelling, the redness and the soreness. That along with RUBBING ALCOHOL dries right afterward seemed to help.
4) Last night(Sun) I decided to crush a garlic clove in a small sealable container, and tap my fingertip on it to gather some of the juices. I dabbed it on the sore, and by morning it was already looking about 30 percent better. I did it again after I got home from the dentist (yes, dentist with a cold sore... lovely :S good thing it was only a check up) and Ive noticed whrough the day its been getting less red. Use it as often as you can through the day, and a good dallop at night. In a few days, it will be practically gone.
My coldsore was a full blown one, at its largest on Friday night, and its monday afternoon and its already just a small red mark, and very little scabbing.
Garlic,rubbing alcohol and ice are what made my coldsore start to heal fast. They are all cheap and you likey have all of them in your house already.
Ive always liked garlic for cooking, but now its one of new best friends.


First ice, if blister appears, open them up with a needle sterilized in alcohol. Use a paper tow to drain the moisture. Poor peroxide over the out-brake. Use a paper tow to dry up the peroxide. Coat with Calamine Lotion. When scabbing starts use Neosporin to help with healing and prevent scaring. Valtrex and L-Lysine to keep them away.


i rarely get coldsores but when i do they stay around for 2 weeks or more and are horribly ugly big ones. i have tried everything to make them disappear quicker including buying that ebook advertised on here 'coldsore freedom in 3 days' which tells you to put toothpaste on it (this doesn't work that well for me. maybe shortens the life of it by a day or 2 but no drastic result?). the one thing i have noticed is i used to get them every 4 - 6 weeks until i started taking lisene every day (with zinc) and now i have only had one in the past year! i got this one 3 days ago and when it was only a tiny blister i decided to try the ice method (just holding ice and pressing firmly) for the first 2 hours then i applied nail polish remover to it for the rest of the day every 30 mins and that worked better than ANYTHING else i have ever tried. stings like hell but stops it dead it its tracks. it was dried out by the end of the day and didn't spread at all so tiny its just a tiny scab and will be gone in a day i think. its so tiny its not even noticeable! nail polish remover rocks! i also took about 1500mg of lisene that day to balance the arginine lisene balance and aid the healing.


Dissolve a berocca in a small amount of boiling water and dip a cotton bud into it. Hold it to your cold sore for as hot as you can bare until the cotton bud is cold. This really works for me, takes away all swelling and by the second day no sign of a coldsore


When you feel a tingle (or even when blisters appear), apply sauve (or any other white deodorant) on cold sore. Within hours cold sore (tingle) or (blister) dries up! (Info. was given by dermatologist).


cold sore ...I had a huge cold sore that started on my side of my mouth. very painful & the side of my face ached. I put diclofenac 3% in deep cold gel on it & within a couple hours it had stopped aching & at the end of the day everyone told me how much it had shrunk in size. I put it on 4 or 5 times a day. Inbetween that I used witch hazel. I have tried all the other over the counter cold sore items nothing has ever helped like this!!


I used Abreva. It made it WORSE!!! What worked for me is hydrogen peroxide. I swab it with a q-tip for about 5-7 mins about every other hour and it has totally shrunk. I swab it until the bubble action is very minimal or gone.

Yes, it stings a little, but it's the good-it's-finally-going-away sting.


Ingredients: Abreva, Lysine pills, rubbing alcohol, Zilactin-B, shea butter

As soon as you feel the sore, apply ABREVA to it. Abreva prevents healthy cells from becoming infected, and will keep the sore from getting too large and staying too long. Keep it with you always and use it ASAP when you feel the sore.

Also take LYSINE PILLS, 2 pills 3 times the first day.

There are many ways to dry out the sore. My preferred way is to open it if it isn't already open, then hold a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol on the sore until it is dry (when it is dry it should not weep). Hurts like hell. There are lots of ways to dry out the sore that are reported on this site, rubbing alcohol is just one of them.

Then apply a product called ZILACTIN-B (be sure to completely cover the sore with it). It is for mouth sores and keeps the sore sealed. The virus needs moisture, so the key is to keep it dry, and this product will keep it dry. It also has a pain reliever so it will help you to not think too much about it. The first day you may need to repeat the alcohol/zilactin-b process, every three hours or however often you need to keep the sore dry. When you do this, wash off the zilactin-b, repeat alcohol process, apply more zilactin-b.

Once the sore has scabbed over, use some kind of product to keep the scab soft. I like %100 SHEA BUTTER (you can get this at L'Occitane). But you can also use vaseline, neosporin, etc. I put a glob of shea butter on and don't rub it in all the way. This step isn't critical, it just keeps the sore from cracking and makes it a little easier to deal with in the scab phase.

Good luck to you.

Brian Card

For cold sores I dab a drop of household bleach on the spot as soon as I feel any signs of a cold sore appearing, it stops them in there tracks.


I get cold sores in the same spot on the corner of my mouth about once a year and I have always used the prescription Denavir. It works to heal in about 3-5 days, earlier if caught right away. I think that Abreva works pretty well too.
I tried several of the methods posted on this sight and I think that there might be something to the Lysine and the ice cube melting on the sore.
What I find to be the most powerful weapon against them is prayer to Jesus Christ, Master healer of everything. If He can heal a leper just by touching him (read about Jesus in the book of John in the Bible), then He can heal these annoying blisters on the face! I got one 2 days before my wedding, I prayed without ceasing for it to clear up and it was gone before the BIG DAY. I just got one this week, same thing, gone in one day! Try it! It can't hurt, may help!!!!

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