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Day 1.
At first sign of a Cold Sore, Apply Pure Vanilla Extract with a cotton swab as often as possable. This will dry the virus out but not cause scabbing.

Day 2.
Apply Abreva 4 times Daily. when each application is dry, apply a polysporin healing patch to keep the cold sore moist and free from scabbing. Be sure to wear the healing patch overnight.

Day 3.
Cold sore is virtually gone. Just keep it moist by using Blistex Lip Med ex, this has anti cold sore medication in it as well. If cold sore is still active, repeat day 2 again on day 3.

I find this application to be the fastest way to heal a cold sore, 2-3 days. It is completly tingle, pain & scab free if done correctly.


I have had cold sores for over 40 years but the last 20 years I have used Chloraseptic Sore Throat spray (red is the best). When the tingle starts I just spray the area and dab with a tissue about 5 times a day. They NEVER appear and the tingle is usually gone in less than 24 hours. A coulpe of times I missed using Chloraseptic and the sore appeared but when I did apply the sore would completely disappear within 24 hours. Prior to using Chloraseptic the sores would take 7 to 10 days to disappear. I did try many different expensive pharmaceuticals but none, and I mean none, worked.


I have been using Licrogel for many years as a remedy for cold sores. It has always been very effective at stopping the cold sore from fully developing and it speeds healing. Unfortunately the FDA shut down the company, Scientific Botanicals, that manufactured Licrogel late last year due to it not complying with proper testing and certification of its products. Too bad. Now I need to find something else. Thanks for looking out for my best interests FDA.


I stumbled on a really fast fix . Immediate results ! Lotrimin af antifungal cream . I'm 40 yrs old and have had cold sores since I was 7. I've tried a lot of things over the years with not much satisfaction. That cream erases it off you face with in 24 hrs of it starting. I hope this post gives other people with this problem relief. It's all I will ever use for now on.


I started using this treatment about 3 years ago and haven't had a cold sore since. At the first sign of the tingle, dab iodine at the area. I do it a few times throught the day to be sure. I havent had one since.

Hope this works for you!


I used to get terrible cold sores and I have now been 3 years clean of them.

My ultimate remedy worked every time and the longest i had a coldsore was 24 hours when I used this (it never got to the horrid blistering weepy stage).

When you feel the tingle - get nail polish remover on cotton wool and hold it against your lip for 10 mins.

Drink lots of milk (I'm talking pint glasses...) and hold ice against your lip for 10 mins.

Repeat process every 2 hours.

Avoid: chocolate, nuts and citrus fruit.

Eat lots of : dairy and protein.

Good luck!


Peppermint Oil cold sore remedy

Life-long coldsore sufferer here. I have tried countless remedies but this one has proved most effective and efficient of all. Healing time of 12-24hrs if started at first tingle! 24-36hr if treatment is started later. Just a few tips that have gotten my coldsores down to one every 12-14 months. First, taking a daily lysine supplement of 1000mg as a prevention method has be very helpful. The coldsore virus feeds of the amino acid, arginine, and taking lysine balances out the body's arginine:lysine ratio. Additionally, google what foods are high in lysine and arginine and become a smarter eater. Avoid foods that are high in arginine if you cannot balance out the ratio with foods that are high in lysine. Your body also is prone to an outbreak if it is more acidic. Again, research foods that can help put your body in an alkaline state. Here is my coldsore kit that I have at work, home, car, travel bag. Abreva, peppermint oil, cotton swabs, lysine pills, burts bees chapstick. This treatment is for adults only! Peppermint oil for kids is not advised due to their bodies not being fully developed to handle the oil and menthol.


1) At first sign of tingle immediately put abreva on the coldsore. Keep applying until you can get access to peppermint oil. If you have peppermint oil, you may skip the abreva. Once you have the peppermint oil, apply a dab and press into the sore. After the peppermint oil is applied you no longer need abreva, it just stops the spread to other cells. The peppermint oil is an anti viral that has been proven to destroy 80-90% of the virus. Dab on around 5 times a day (Morning after brushing teeth, after lunch, mid day, after dinner, before bed). Careful not to get it in your mouth as it is potent and will taste terrible, also make sure you have no allergies.
2) At first sign of tingle also take 4000mg of lysine then 2000 more mg throughout the day. Keep this dosage for 2 days then slowly ween off it.
3) Apply burt bees to chapped lipped during treatment, if needed
4) Avoid foods high in arginine! I cannot stress this enough. No coffee (sorry!), nuts, processed foods.
5) Eat foods high in lysine! Bacon (makes up for coffee), spinach or any other dark, leafy green, chicken.
6) As I mentioned, this should make your cold sore disappear in a day or two. The quicker you can start, the shorter the healing time.


Use tea tree oil for cold sores, it really works

Another Convert

I see Virasoothe mentioned a couple of times. I am a big fan as well. I bought their cream a few times, but now I buy the Virasoothe Concentrate. It's an awesome product. No more cold sores for me!

Maggie Carnley

Hemoform Works like magic. I use it at the very beginning of a cold sore and it usually vanishes in 1-2 days instead of lingering, itching and lasting way too long. Great medication!

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