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I've been suffering from cold sores for manu years. Some remedies that i find useful are:

Tea tree oil + coconut oil

Powder used for heat rash (prickly heat rash) some powders work better than others. Try different brands.

And the real quick way



bonus points if its with mint.

Dab it on first sign of tingling and it won't develop into blister.keep using it until tingling sensation goes away.

Hope it helps.))))


I swear by this two-step protocol. I have suffered from cold sores my whole life. This sequence reduces my cold sore duration to 3-4 days.

-Take Lysine immediately and continue to take it throughout the duration.

- Apply coconut oil + peppermint oil(or tea tree oil) regularly. I swear by this. The peppermint dries out the cold sore while the coconut oil prevents excessive scabbing (And as I understand, coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties).


I use Lypsyl Extreme Cold Sore Relief and 1000 mg of Lysine vitamins. I also keep my cold sore clean with soap and water.


So I've had cold sores since childhood I found out my grandpa used to get them so I guess I inherited that along with a host of other skin issues passed thru my family lucky me I got everyone's issues and my bro and sis got none. Anyhoo... I've heard about the acetone thing for years and always said omg no way that's crazy. Then I researched it and there's actual science behind using it. Not to say it's the best for your skin to absorb or that it's meant for this use BUT the information I found says its ultra drying which is important because the virus spreads through the liquid inside the blister. So I started with a blister on Tuesday night (too much vday chocolate and well honestly I ate a whole tray of brownies over the course of the week) so I iced it for the duration of one large cube then I actually out of desperation held a cotton ball soaked in acetone to it for 10 min. The itching and heat stopped immediately. I did this every few hours while I was awake. In the morning no more blister just a raised red bump. I used the ice and acetone when I could but with work it wasn't much. Today is Thursday and I have a light pink spot where the blister was. It's not for everyone honestly but I'm severely allergic to abreva and all the other topical treatments. I also took Alleve because it's anti inflammatory. So it may help you it may not but I feel like for me at least the combo definitely helped.


I know that it has been shared many times, but ICE! Ice as soon as you feel the tingle! I try to ice constantly when I start feeling a cold sore. Even when it has already popped up, keep icing, icing, icing. I hold the ice directly on the sore as long as I can and for as long as I can. If I am home, I just hold it on there constantly. It really does stop or at least shorten the duration tremendously. I also put alcohol or nail polish remover on it when I'm not icing.


I used to have cold sores every few months from the age of 4. I started drinking Aloe Vera gel and I've only had one in 2 years.I now have the problem of my 3 year old suffers with cold sores refuses to drink the Aloe gel.Any ideas for prevention in children?

He takes a multi vitamin daily and his diet is good.


I have been suffering from cold sores for over 30 years. When I was younger I would take large doses of Lysine but I think my body has become immune these days. At the first stage of tingling ICE ICE baby the area this can usually kill it from forming. If it starts to bubble I dip a ear bud cleaner / q-tip in pure tea tree oil and press on the forming blister , try and pop them all. pad the area dry and apply tea tree antiseptic, the area will scab within an hour. This remedy works for me but reading this thread there have been some other good suggestions that I am going to try such as peppermint oil and pure vanilla extract. I would really stay clear of chemical products for cold sore relief as they can easily scar the skin.


The reason I am writing this is because I have looked through many remedies and not seen this one yet! One thing I discovered that works better for cold sores than anything I have ever tried is to use Bactine!

Whenever I notice that I'm getting a cold sore, I take a Q-tip and dip it in Bactine and rub it on the sore very vigorously. I do this for about five minutes, making sure the Q-tip stays soaked. I rub the sore until it breaks open and then stop completely.

Obviously, the earlier you catch it, the better.

The Bactine numbs your lip and any other part of your body that it touches. It will kill any infection in the sore. After a couple hours, you will notice that the sore isn't growing anymore, and will only heal from here on out! It has worked every single time I have tried, without fail. If nothing else, it gets you passed the nasty looking stage of the sore!


Anyone else have this problem? I've been treating mine with isopropyl alcohol and letting it dry. I can see the layer of skin but the top layer is not completely healed. Whenever I put neosporin on it then it develops an liquid. Does this mean it's infected? Now I refuse to put the neosporin on and just keep it dry. Please help! I have a fashion show on Sunday.


I have had cold sores for 20 years and have tried the usual over the counter cures and was never satisfied. I decided to try everything I could think of to try and find a remedy that works. I tried various household cleaners etc. and noted what worked and what didn't. I found the ULTIMATE remedy this way. Of course when you start to feel one coming on, start taking L-Lysine (over the counter amino acid supplement) and this is a known healing aid but start putting on ATHLETE FOOT CREAM containing TOLNAFALTE. I like the .5 oz size because you can carry it easily in your pocket. Apply it lightly if you are at work or out etc. and it actually makes it look better. When you are at home or going to bed, put a nice blob on and let it dry. You won't believe the healing time. I've had the bubbled blister go to a scab in a little as 24 hours!!!! It is better than ANYTHING out there. Try it and you will be a believer!

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