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Ok,so before I discovered prunella vulgaris, I would take a high dose of lysine for 3 days at the first sign of a tingle and Zilactin on anything that looked like a bump on my lip, nose, or mouth for 3 days. Afterwards, I took prunella vulgaris as prescribed for about 4 months, and I never even got an outbreak again. Then, two years later, thanks to the high stress of planning my wedding, I woke up with a huge BLISTER, the whole right part of my mouth was swollen, eek! Two weeks before my wedding. Tried everythiiiing, vicks vapor rub, alcohol, etc, nothing worked until I remembered my trusty prunella vulgaris. I emptied a capsule of the stuff into a small bottle cap, some vitamin c powder (from the stuff that fizzes) and a tiny bit of water, to make a thick paste. Packed it onto the blister, and noticed it had dried on my lip like 10 minutes later! It was amazing, like I could see the blister had burst/dried. I slept with the paste on my lip overnight, and in the morning, used warm water on a cotton ball to clean the dried up paste. My sore had now scabbed over! So now I'm just applying a wetter form of the paste and drinking vitamin c to help the healing process. It really works!


herp ease tea recipe
2tsp lemon balm
1tsp Echinacea
1tsp calendula
1tsp peppermint
1tsp burdock root
1tsp red raspberry leaves
these dried ingredients can be found at your local health food store
blend ingredients in a teapot and pour boiling water over it and plug the spout with a cork to ensure full strength
drink 3-5 cups daily at first sign of cold sore until it is gone
this tea tastes like mint, and is enjoyable


I used to get cold sores all the time on my lips and I felt like I tried everything without any success. But I started taking vitamin C and I haven't had one in a year. Whenever you feel one coming take vitamin C tablets. I usually take about 4 tablets with my meals (which is over the daily requirement) but I only do it for 2 days. The cold sore will never pop out!I also started taking a daily multi-vitamin also which probably helps.


OK, as most of you know, Cold Sores are the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1). This virus is very similar to genital herpes (HSV-2) and can spread to multiple locations (eyes, lips, genitals). First and foremost...use protection and cautions when you have an outbreak. The last thing you want to do is spread them to other spots (specifically genitals), or others you care about. Avoid using bath towels on the infected area, avoid kissing and oral sex during outbreaks, and wash, wash, wash your hands excessively (especially after applying medications, oils, liquids). With a little knowledge, preventative measures, and good hygiene, you can prevent some outbreaks, lessen the severity, heal quicker, and avoid spreading them. I'm not going to get in-depth with the medical/clinical findings, but I'll try to give some brief why and hows.
Cold sores can develop for a variety of reasons: high stress levels, changes in weather, sun exposure, contact with other cold sores, and when your immune system is struggling. The virus stays dormant in glands below your ears, and when an opportune time presents itself (reasons mentioned above), the virus comes out of dormancy and tries to wreak havoc. Now that you know some of the causes, you can probably intuitively come up with some good preventative measure. Keep your immune system at full strength, eat healthy, get adequate sleep, and make sure your getting proper amounts of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. High stress levels can be hard to deal with, but participate in relaxing things like meditation, yoga, reading, or just set aside 10-15 minutes to relax and isolate yourself from the craziness of life. I also recommend taking the time to really monitor and learn yourself. If you do this well, you will notice similarities with when you get them, how you get them, and the pre-symptom indications that you're getting one. Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the more you can do to prevent them altogether - or at least decrease the severity of them.
Now to the good stuff. Here are some home remedies that have worked well for me. There is no 'one trick pony' that will prevent them, and as of right now, there is no cure. But these different vitamins, minerals, and herbs will help prevent cold sore and speed up healing time.
The first one is non of the above, but I strongly recommend doing this immediately, and continuing it for the first few days. Ice will help with swelling, which is a very noticeable result of cold sores. Tingling and burning sensations are often an alert the virus is becoming active. Ice down at the first sign of a cold sore - before there is any noticeable blister or swelling.
Lysine has been very helpful, and studies show that it can decrease the severity and quicken healing time. 500-1000mgs is recommended for normal daily use, but I increase this to 5000-8000mgs at the first sign of a cold sore coming on. This can cause a little stomach irritation and diarrhea, just as an FYI, but for me it's a small price to pay for avoiding one or quickening the healing time. If you are pregnant or have liver/kidney problems, consult a doctor first. Lysine works by repressing the metabolism of Arginine (both are amino acids). Lysine represses cold sores, Arginine provokes it. Avoiding things high in Arginine is also recommended to prevent and treat cold sores.
Astragalus and Echinacea are powerful herbs that boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.
Aloe (gel and latex) attacks and kills bacteria, and is considered to fight HSV and other viruses during all stages (dormancy, replication, and outbreak). Research aloe latex warnings before taking this in high doses.
Grape seed extract is a healing agent, antioxidant, painkiller, and anti-inflammatory. I think you can easily interpret why it's good for cold sores, especially during an outbreak.
Eugenol (found in clove) has clinically been shown to inhibit both forms of herpes quickly and effectively.
Between my own trial and error, and researching cold sores, I have come across these different ways to prevent and treat cold sores. Some work better than others, and always use caution and good judgement when taking any vitamins, minerals, and supplements - especially in high doses. Between eating healthy, reducing stress, increasing your immune system, and using anti-inflammatory remedies, you can improve cold sore outbreaks and symptoms.


I got a cold sour some years ago and a co worker would have introduced me to something by the name of Steel Drops. It comes in a liquid form in a bottle. You can get it at a pharmacy, herb store or even online. I would have kept a bottle always with me and yesterday for the first time in 3 years I got another one. Before I felt the tinggerling feeling i applied some on it, I would have popped the little blister that was forming and made sure that it was applied liberally. Today the swelling is gone and I'm good to go. No one would even realize that I was getting one. I swear by this thing, your embarrassment with cold sores are no more with it.


I have found that prevention is the best way to go with cold sores. I figured out that when I over indulge with sweets I trigger a cold sore, so by greatly reducing my sugar in take I very rarely get cold sores. my view on this is that sugar reduces your immune system and triggers outbreaks.

When I get one I use Tea Tree Oil on a Q-Tip and it ASAP and keep adding tea tree oil frequently during the day, it helps to reduce the amount of time they are visible. The key is to hit it early to prevent it from getting bigger.


I was getting cold sores every 6 weeks and always 2 days after cycling. When cycling I have to blow my nose a lot. I decided to use a small amount of an own brand zovirax product after cycling even though there was no sign of a cold sore. I did this each week for a couple of months and so far have not had another cold sore for 5 months. Might not work for everyone but if you can find the trigger (in my case cycling although more likely to be blowing nose a lot) then it is worth a try.


From all the forums and common sense, I've accumulated a good enough combo to tackle these bad boys. I've gotten like 5 of these nightmares in a span of 3 months, I honestly.. think something must be wrong, or I'm just cursed for the time being, anyhoo... here's what I got.

Ice- for swelling, pain relief/ cool comfort ( thats about it)

Garlic-fresh clove..cut so you get the juices..apply directly, burning sensation means the antiseptic properties are working.

lemon-another antiseptic ( in one of my episodes,lemon worked better than the garlic and vice versa..might be a timing issue)cut, apply directly.

tea bag.. also helps.. the warmth is also comforting, but the tea bag properties are what you want.

Salt/toothpaste/alcohol rub- don't really help all that much, but do have drying properties, usually better if you've past the blistering stage and want the blisters to heal and close up faster to start scabbing.

honey and coconut oil, moisture for healing, makes area unfit for cold sore breeding.

Hope this helps. We're all in this together...for life unfortunately. Be well.


I have been dealing with cold sores ever since I can remember. I woke up with a small bump on my lip, and I immediately knew it was going to be a cold sore. As soon as I was awake I went looking for ice, it stops the swelling immediately. Next I just dab a paper towel(anything like so can be used.) with rubbing alcohol and hold it there until I feel the towel become a little dry. I use more ice until its numb and repeat the process. This stops the sore from getting any bigger. After that I find a cold sore treatment, (abreva and campophinique only seem to make it worse for me.) and use that. After it scabs you can use alcohol or peroxide to make it go away faster.


My grandma cursed me with cold sores as a young child. I had my first serious one when I was ten, and had severe swimmers ear. They're so embarrassing and uncomfortable.
When I first see what I even suspect to be one, I apply ice. Then, I soak a cotton ball in salt water for about thirty minutes. I apply Cold Sore Cream, and put toothpaste on it. I never go anywhere with a cold sore. I dedicate as much time necessary to get rid of it. Now, when I get one, a pop it, and immediately dab the fluid that comes out of it in order to prevent spreading it. I always get them on on my top lip, on the left side, and they're ALWAYS huge. I end up looking like a bird.

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