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Releev is the BEST over the counter medicine for cold sores, much better than Abreva! If used early enough the sore doesn't get bad at all (smaller and not so scabby, it may even just barely open), and most of the process of healing is over in days...may be left with some risidual dryness or a small crack, but the sore will be gone and the whole process is over in a week


Just started getting these bastards not even a year ago and have tried lots of things to help. Fresh garlic, ice, fresh lemon, hydrogen peroxide to name a few. But I've been locked in my house doing battle with this one that just seems to be out of control. I thought I had it taken care of with garlic because it worked wonders on my last one that was a little over a week ago (sucks I know). But this particular cold sore exploded to a huge size in my sleep and I read something online that if garlic is used to much it can actually damage the skin on your lip and I think that's what I did bc I was using big ol hunks of the stuff for 10-20 minutes at a time....which was painful but I have a laundry list of side effects I'd rather deal with than these ugly things. So today in a frantic rush I ran out and grabbed l-lysine, zinc, and tea tree oil. I feel like I am seeing a difference already in the healing of it but can't really say for sure, could be wishful thinking, seeing as its only been a few hours. I've taken like 4500 mgs or l-lysine and like 200 mgs of zinc and applying the oil about every hour or so. I will certainly keep this up and plan on doing a regiment of 500-1000 mgs a day of the l-lysine. With the exception of literally 3-6 negative reviews about it (complaints of diarrhea and upset stomach, and 2 that said it didn't help at all) I've read a multitude of reviews claiming it to be miraculous and a wonder drug. So I will update/post again probably in a day or 2 to fill you in on how it went bc after all were in this crappy situation together, so lets help each other out. Good luck!


To prevent cold sores, keep lips covered in the sun. My dentist told me that it is the UV rays that activate the virus. Anything will do, Vaseline, lipsalve, lipstick etc. It has worked consistently for me so just keep it on while in the sun and you should be fine!


For Cold Sores.. its so simple.. you only need Q tips dipped it in hydrogen peroxide then get anothet Q tip dipped it in rubbing alcohol and after 3mins I applied polar cream. You.can also use petroleum.jelly (if polar cream is not available).


For years, I was getting really bad cold sores. Sometimes twice a month. As they seemed to come back in the same places each time (top and bottom lip), I was left with awful scarring on both lips. However a friend advised me that moisturising and keep lips in good condition was the key to getting rid of cold sores. She had suffered from them as a child, but started using vaseline on a daily basis, which got rid of them. I bought a small container of vaseline and started moisturising every day. Sometimes up to 4/5 times a day. I have been cold sore free for exactly 1 year and 2 months. It might seem such an obvious thing, but it really has worked for me. I still get the tingling now and again, so I still have the virus. However I just keep moisturising and this seems to keep the cold sores at bay. I also avoid biting any dry or loose skin on my lips. I recommend giving this a try. If you suffer from this condition, you really have nothing to loose except £1.50 for a small jar of vaseline. I used vaseline lip therapy (cocoa butter).


So I found something to get rid of coldsores within 4 days! And not only that but it won't turn into a huge blistery mess! I get them pretty often and everytime I do I try something new and never really found great success so this time I tried something extreme I bought dr.scholls freeze away for wort removal. It says dont use it on anything but a wort but I did for 15 seconds twice a day for 3 days. Apparently it can cause discoloration but I didn't experience anything like that so I continued to use it. It burns so much for the 15 seconds I left it on my lip but its liquid ice so its going to hurt but once you take it off it doesnt hurt anymore. I did this morning and night and today is the 4th day and its not noticeable at all. during the day I wore blistex. Hopefully this helps you out I know ill continue to use this remedy. if you get any discoloration please be careful and use your intuition about this it is liquid ice after all.


Two things that always work for me is Abreva and Tee Tree Oil. Forget about the 'apply twice or 5 times daily' stuff...I just bombard the cold sore with constant application every chance I get (this is WAR and to win a war you need to shock n awe).

Seems as if Abreva works best to prevent/minimize at the tingle/bump stage and tee tree once the blister forms.

I apply them with Q tips so as to not have to worry about washing hands before/after, spreading the disease, etc.

My sister is having a baby in a couple of days and of course I get a cold sore (haven't had one in maybe a year)! Of course tons of family will be around and tons of pictures taken. Plus I just read about the dangers of even touching a newborn during an outbreak and was contemplating even going to see her to hold the baby, etc. Anyways, was no holds barred since I couldn't catch it at the tingly stage and decided to break out (no pun intended) both of my big guns. I've been switching back n forth between Abreva and Tea Tree Oil, with more concentration on the Tee Tree, as often as possible. It's almost gone after about 2 days and doesn't appear that there'll be a scab!

Good luck and hang in there. These things suck and often show up at the worst times (not that there's ever a good time).


Hi friends! I've been getting cold sores ever since I can remember, so I've had quite a bit of experience with these. I don't really have set times of the year when I get them, but they seem to come about once every 6 months or so. Always appear if I get sunburnt (when I forget to wear SPF protected chapstick). Seem to appear when I'm not getting enough sleep, eating a bunch of sugar, and stressed.

Below is for those who have already had a cold sore appear - i.e. too late to prevent it from blistering.

1. Whenever you're applying something to your lips/cold sore, use Q-tips! Don't touch with your hands because it can easily spread to other parts of your lips or your towels or sink or wherever! Not worth it. Or, if you are trying to take flakes of the scab off, use tweezers. Just don't touch.

2. I've found lysine cream (out of a small green tube) from Whole Foods to be incredibly helpful. Just dab on whenever you feel a tingle, even if it may just be an itch. The nice thing about the lysine cream I found at Whole Foods is that it is clear, so it just looks like you put on lip gloss/chapstick. (Sometimes I put on vaseline on the rest of my lips to make it look like I just put on chapstick.)

3. Take lysine supplements, too. Can find these at any store that sells vitamins. Very easy to find. I don't take these regularly, but if I'm feeling a bit sick or have been out in the sun, they're good preventative steps you can take.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide seems to work - but only do this on the blister stage (or before the blister stage if you can catch it). You don't want to kill the good immune cells in your body trying to fight off the virus, so don't overdo this. But hydrogen peroxide seems to dry up the blister more quickly. I would dip a Q-tip in the hydrogen peroxide, and then hold it directly on my cold sore blister (no rubbing) for about 15 seconds. Maybe repeat 3x during the day. Do this for only a day or two. Then back off the hydrogen peroxide.

5. After you do the hydrogen peroxide, Carmex lip balm or Neosporin or Aquaphor are good for healing. I'm in the camp of 'keeping the cold sore wet/moist.' Even if your cold sore hasn't made a scab, and it is just cloudy/white blisters, applying any of these moisturizers is very healing. Our cells live and divide in wet environments, and it makes sense that they heal faster in a wet environment. Of course, don't drown your cold sore in this stuff either. But just lightly dab the moisturizer on top with a Q-tip is great.

6. Echinacea supplements are great too. Can also find at any drug store. I usually start taking these right when I feel tingling, but definitely still helpful once your cold sore has already appeared.

5. Cat's Claw is also another good supplement you can take - probably need to order online. I don't think this is as easy to find. But it's a virus -fighter and immunity booster. Can take before cold sore appears or after.

6. DMSO cream has also worked for me in the past (70% DMSO, 30% aloe vera, rose scented). Can put this directly on the cold sore, or just put it on your lower back (where your lower spine is) and rub it in. Let your body soak it up. This stuff is good for right before bed since its white (i.e. very visible). Does make you have bad breath....

7. Cornstarch paste didn't work at all for me. Seemed to slow down the healing process if anything.

8. I also have avoided the popping the cold sore thing. Seems a bit scary to allow the virus juices to spread, as well as I just think letting the body do its thing helps recovery.

9. I also eat a lot of plain yogurt while I have cold sores, and cheeses (especially provolone or swiss), and beets - and these are great foods for cold sores. I also try to just eat these foods in general and it definitely helps me not get cold sores.

10. DO NOT put on makeup or try to conceal it. It will DEFINITELY make the healing time slower.

11. Get sleep!

Good luck everyone! Hope this helps!


To prevent cold sores from popping up.
Stay away with salty foods or high in sodium, which is most prepackaged foods.

I always get cold soars when I am stresses out. I have not had one for over a year and got two this yesterday after a stressful week. And I was eating more salty foods.

tamolyn gates

how to stop a cold sore from forming. I have a remedy that works and its free. All you need is a hair pin. Take the round part of the hair pin and insert it in your ear yes I said ear to get the ear wax. put the earwax on cold sore and I promise you it will dry it up and if you apply at the first sign of a cold sore the ear wax will stop the formation all together. This my seem gross but its guranteed to work.

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