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Lindo Williams

This is literally one of the worst pain torturing weekends I've ever had. It's not my first time being bother by my wisdom tooth, it cracked up and got a hole like 3 or 5 years ago and it started acting up in 2012 when I had my other wisdom tooth removed on my right bottom jaw, btw this on is one the left bottom... Now here's the sad part, right now as I'm writing this I'm in bed just right after I've tried the warm. Salty water, disprin(aspirin), Grandpa(aspiring), acupressure, clove oil remedies and none of them seem to work, I even pray and I really hope it will fade away, and also I'm planning to see a dentist soon. It's Monday morning 3:45am and I'm about to wake up for school in like 1hr... My stomach and ear are burning and I feel this pulling excruciating pain on my ear. Please help


I have tried the 'usual' remedies but they wouldn't help, warm water with salt just made it worse... the benjay on the outside of my face where the affected teeth are helped. but what I do that takes the pain away is I have minced garlic in a container in the fridge, I get a gauze pad, separate the pieces and get a small spoonful of the garlic and put it on a piece of the gauze ( about 1 1/2' long by 1/2') and I roll it up into a pouch, place it next to the affected teeth and tada! it works! the taste makes me kinda nauseous and the smell if bad but hey, its relief right?


I've had this toothache for two days, and it sucked. I tried everything! I tried didnt work i kept trying it making my mouth numb except the tooth .-. . I finally read the bottle and it said all the normal stuff like keep away from children, blah, blah stuff like that but then at the bottle of the tube it said in small words 'Do not use continuesly.' I was like damn. then i gave up on that idea. Then i tried putting garlic water in a plastic cup, with salt and warming it up in the microwave. Then i swished it around in my mouth, then spit it out. Then i went to listen music (slow songs) and i just sat back and closed my eyes...and guess what...the pain was gone! But before, the tooth ached, then i realized something... the garlic and salt warmed helped but the songs took away my stress and the tooth felt better. The tooth most likely ached but i realized that my stress made it worse. So, the soothing music and the warm garlic and salt helped quite alot.


I've been having a tooth ache in multiple teeth on my left side of my mouth probably an infection but I haven't been able to go to the dentist so I've been trying lots of different things to ease the sone of them worked a little bit but I decided to try some water mixed with HYDROGEN PEROXIDE it help better than anything else I have tried it still hurts a little bit but its not as bad as it was so I hope this helps othet people until they can get to the dentist


O.k. so I work in Japan, have not learn the language more than basic commands: stop, go, yes, no, morning, good night, etc.... Came down with a tooth ache,tried the dentist gave me date for extraction a week away. Oh, I'm forgetting to mention that the side of my face is pulsating with pain sent from hell,read a lot of the remedie, Vodka should of worked, after doing the Macarana in the drug store to no avail, I came up with a damp/hot rag to the side of my face which gave me a window to try and think straight, at last 3 GRAINS OF GARLIC DICED-UP IN HOT WATER, SWHISHED AND DRANK ! No more pain, after being able to think straight,I remembered GARLIC HAS A LOT OF HEALING PROPERTIES AND BENIFITS.


Without a doubt-COLLOIDAL SILVER will work MAGIC on your teeth.

For 3 months I ate only on my 'good'side, and couldn't take large gulps of any cold liquid.

Even pasta that foun its way to the sensitive side killed me.

Within 3 days I was almost back to normal,and felt no sensitivety... and I'd say within two weeks I was eating on both sides.....Its been amazing!! Please try it.


what i found out that works for me is that i took a small cup of warm water, some listerine and imitation vanilla extract. I didnt measure anything out but i mixed it all together aND rinsed my mouth out a few times and the pain started dulling after the second rinse. just make sure you put more vanilla in than anything else. Hope this helps


Minced garlic was the answer for me. You MUST leave it in your mouth 15-20 minutes. It's easiest to put a bunch of minced garlic on a cotton ball (pull the ball out so it's more of a strip). Place cotton with garlic on gums below affected tooth. Leave for minimum 15 minutes. It may sting a little, but that means it's killing infection. Works for 7 hours or more.




I have had intense tooth ache problems for a couple of months now - no dental insurance. I have tried Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, aspirin, and even some strong prescription pain relievers that did very little - only dulled the pain. I also tried my WaterPic, hydrogen peroxide and Orajel with no success. Purely by accident, I found that by swishing about 1 tsp of Robitussin DM -yes cough medicine -(I actually use WalMart's Equate brand 'Tussin DM' - much cheaper)in the area causing the pain, it diminishes the pain immediately, and the pain is gone within a couple more minutes. I do not know how or why it works but it does. The relief lasts 2 to 3+ hours. It is not a long-term solution but it will at least get you to a point where you are able to function.

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