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629 Home Remedies for Tooth Ache Pain


I have used Caffeine Free Diet Coke to help soothe a really bad toothe ache. And, that has seemed to ease the pain. In fact my own Dentist has even recommeneded that as a home remedy. There is something in COKE SYRUP believe it or not that has healing qualities to it. We used to use COKE SYRPUP for a number of ailments when I was a little child. COKE SYRUP or COKE as in Coca Cola. It's relieving and the pain isn't as unbarable.

Jungle Dave

I used warm salt water to relieve tooth pain, table salt in warm water!
It worked long enough for the advil
to take effect


The best thing I have found to use for tooth ache pain is Hurricaine gel. It is a topical anestetic, just like the dentist use just before giving you a novocain shot. Best of all you do not have to use a lot of the gel to kill the pain and it lasts for hours. This can be purchased at any pharmacy without a RX. Hurricaine Gel comes in different flavors, however I have found that the original without flavor is better and does not taste bad at all. The anesthesia is accomplished within 15-30 seconds. Now that is fast!! Hurricaine Gel can also be used for Cold Sores, cuts in gums due to braces, loose teeth, etc.


A quick fix--- put some regular pepper
from your pepper shaker between your
fingers and stuff it where it hurts in
your tooth. Ground up aspirin works too.


Try pouring hydrogen peroxide on the tooth that is hurting. It stings for a minute then goes away.


Hot rice and hot bean socks. Fill sock with white rice or raw beans. Warm in microwave to 2 minutes. Then let cool for about 20 seconds. Then place on cheek.


To ease pain from a toothache place either ground clove or pure food grade clove oil on the affected tooth. This has worked better than Vicodin to relieve pain from a toothache.


The best remedy for a toothache is pure vanilla extract placed directly on the bad tooth. It's instant relief. The taste is terrible, but it works.


Hold an asprin on the cavity. It will ease the pain. Tastes awful, but it works.

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