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There is a powder form pain releiver called BC Powder, the powder does not taste that great but if you have a tootache this is a great otc remedy.However for toothaches one of the fastest remedies I know is to take 2 BC powders along with a shot of Gin, hold it in your mouth so the solution is resting on the sore tooth for about 30sec-1min. More than likley your sore throbbing tooth will be nomore in about 45 secounds.

Jamie & Adam

Using a piece of fresh cut onion worked better than pain pills, alcohol, pressure point massage, ice, etc.

It immediately relieves the pressure and pain. We used a freshly sliced yellow onion, but I think any kind will work.


For a tooth ache.....this worked wonders after an excruciating night and day of pain. Get some....get ready for this VINEGAR!!!! About 1/2 cup with about 1 tablespoon of salt (do not swallow), warm it up and swoosh around the effected area, within seconds it will numb the pain all the way out!!!!


Motrin Super Strength is the absolute best for tooth pain.


If you really want to get rid of that nagging toothache try using peppermint extract 60% alcohol


Oregano. I woke up this morning with the worst ache from a back tooth cavity ever!! I also tried to get some sleep but couldnt, since it hurt so bad. So, I tried placing some Oregano flakes on my tooth like I did last year, and I feel NOTHING right now. Last time I tried it, I was able to eat and drink for FIVE DAYS with NO PAIN!! I also mixed warm water, salt and Oregano in a cup and swished that, It helps for about the same length of time as well. Hope this helps. Believe me, if no one knows how worse that cavity pain is, I do. *smile*

Eric Davis (CPhT)

Reading alot of the remedies on this page helped alot but, I have a couple of my own. 1st i'de like to say i'm curious to hear more about this, 'Red Cross' & 'Hurricaine Gel', they both sound very interesting. 2nd I have gone from taking 1000mg tabs of IBProfen and somking a pack of Menthol cigarettes to Swishing my mouth with ice cold water and brushing my teeth with 'Orajel PM'. Being a Pharmacy Technician I actually cant recomend anything, but recently I have had an encounter which required such things as a combonation of everything I just mentioned and more...Good luck to whoever this helps and try to get to the goddamn dentist.


I'm no baby, I deal with constant tooth pain--several teeth that need work-- but there comes a time when the infection gets so bad that you have to do something.

Here are a few things that have worked for me from time to time. None of them last for weeks, but they help until you can get to a dentist or emergency room for pain meds.

First is the asprin. Placing one on the tooth/infected area will bring down fever and swelling that results from infection. Take caution, however, using this method in excess will eat away at the enamel of your tooth and cause small ulcers on gums and inner cheek.

Second is the Ibuproferin. My dentist informed me that I could take three regular strength tabs. at the time, six hours apart. Try to take them on an empty stomach (work faster), and wait half an hour before eating.

Maximum Strength liquid ambesol works well for a few moments. (sometimes long enough to fall asleep, after tossing and turning.) My tooth is decayed and infected a great deal, so it felt as though it was burning for a moment. When the burning feeling went away, I spit it out. The Numbness lasted about eight mins.

Wrinsing with either Peroxide (follow instructions on bottle) or warm salt water (make the salt water as hot as you can stand it, and disolve as much salt as will melt into the water.... maybe add a bit more) works well, too. After the salt water, I sometimes have to use an ice pack on my cheek, but it does help kill the infection. Also, Cepacol mouth wash helps at times.

A crushed clove of garlic helps me when it seems that even the Ibuproferin will not. When the infection builds up a tollerance to almost everything else I can throw at it (w/o a doctor), I pack that side of my mouth with a couple crushed cloves of garlic. You may want to cut them in half, and press them into cavities. The Juices from the garlic are natural antibiotics. It may taste and smell pretty strong, but if you brave it, you'll feel much better. Beware, if the infection is extremely bad, sometimes small bumps will swell up on the gums and inner cheek. They are much less painful than the infection that was there before. My Filipino Mother-In-Law offered this advice after I'd spent three days out of work with a tooth ache that had me rolling in bed at night and crying all day, clawing at my cheek... Trust me, I've been there.


This will sound crazy but I broke my wisdom tooth in half yesterday on New Year's Day after popping 3 Loratabs,8 aleve, and two HydroCodine nothing would take the pain away. At five a.m. this morning I was crying and screaming because of the pain. You have to realize I have a huge pain tolerance and have given natural birth to three children this hurts more than that did. I started searching for help. This is what ultimately helped I don't know what exactly did the trick because I did it all at once. Rinsed with peroxide(follow bottle instructions), Drank hot tea, took two aleve tabs, took my daily vitamin ritual of 2 cranberry tabs, 4 Mamopril (all natural breast enhancement pills), 1 vitamin B-12 tab, and smoked a cigarette. By the time that cigarette was gone I felt alot better and it laste for about 5 hours. Good luck


I've had a terrible tooth ache for weeks. I'm a single mom with no insurance so I've just been suffering through it. I tried every remedy available, but none worked for long. Finally I tried a combo; I took a capful of wiskey and a packet of B.C. powder and mixed them to a paste with an origel instant relief swab and put it right on the tooth. No more pain!

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