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I was up all night with a bad toothache I couldn't sleep I was crying in pain I thought I was going to 2 die of pain. I felt the pain throught out my whole left side of my face let along my whole damn body any wayz. I took a cotton ball put orajel(severe strength) on it along with 2 crushed up aleve pills with a drop of toothpaste bit on the cotton ball with the tooth that hurt and boom the pain went away almost instantly and off 2 bed I went believe me I tried lots of things but 4 sure this works and o goggle went warm salty water ie lots of relief as well..


Working all night and in terrible pain needing to hold mouthful of cold water to feel even remotely better, when I spit it out the pain returns in seconds and I need to talk to people a lot here at work via radio and phone. I saw a suggestion somewhere about using cocoa. Being desperate and going on hour 6 of agony, I came across a packet of Nestle Hot Cocoa mix; tore it opened and poured in my mouth over the tooth. At first the pained stayed and I thought what I just did was stupid...about 15 seconds later the pain subsided to near nothing, and found that let the powder get wet makes a nice chocolaty paste let you can mix on tooth with your tongue. IT WORKED!!!! Kept packet near me and liberally used til my shift ended. Don't need to freeze area and feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!


I had a toothache for 3 days before getting to the dentist. I found that taking a few drops of peroxide and placing it directly over the tooth then swishing with warm salt water (with peroxide still in your mouth) helped greatly. Do this until the salt water is gone and be sure NOT to swallow any peroxide by rinsing your mouth a few times after wards. For night relief take 2 Tylenol's and 30 ml (adult dose) of Nyquil. Knocks me out until morning with no waking up from the pain.


I read all the remedies and tried to find one that I havent already tried and I knew I had in my house. I have had 2 bad cavities for a few months and cant afford to get them fixed because they require root canals. I tried the Vanilla Extract and it worked more than any other remedy I have tried. Did not take the pain all away but most of it. I soaked a qtip in it and held it on my tooth.


Ok it is 6 07 a m and i have ave tired just about everything, tooth medicine,sore throat spray, salt water, and mouth wash nothing seemed to work well, then i came to this site and some one said put three halls cough drops in your mouth and let it melt for as long as you can before swallowing swish it around your sore tooth than swallow and it realy works


I've been up almost every night trying to find a way to make the pain go away in the left side of my mouth. Tooth aches are the devil. I grind and clench my teeth when I sleep, so I suspect that it could be the cause of it. At first I just started sucking the inside of my cheek between my teeth so I wouldn't clench them anymore, but that turned painful after a while. Next I bought a molded night guard from the store, but I felt like it might realign my teeth if I wore it too often.

Last night was one of the worst nights, so I was desperate for anything to help. I went down into the kitchen and took two Midol and started looking around in the cabinets and the fridge. I found a couple cloves of peeled garlic *I saw that some had mentioned it before* I figured I didn't have anything to loose so I munched it a couple times with my sore teeth and held it against the gum. I was pretty shocked when the pain went away in about 5 minutes and I was able to sleep through the rest of the night.


I broke my back tooth last week and have been in severe pain!!
I went immedaitely to the emergency room after I had broken my tooth & they gave me penicillin for the swelling & infection (oh, I forgot to mention that the side of my face was a balloon)and naproxen for the pain (which did NOTHING) I began to rinse my mouth with Peroxide & water & that immediately made the swelling go down & eased the pain. Well, a week later, the pain has come back with avengence.
I have already tried Ibuprofen, Tylenol extra strength, salt water rinse & peroxide....and nothing. So, i came across this site & tried the vanilla extract & it actually works! Not 100% But enough to relieve the tears & try to get a good nite's sleep!
Thank you all so much for your advice....I'm on ym way to walgreen's to get the red cross stuff, too!!

Greatful mom

I was reading all of the different remedies for tooth pain. I saw one for peanut butter. I thought how strange but being in SO MUCH PAIN I tried it. Much to my happiness IT WORKS!! just a dab on your gum by the infected tooth. it may take a couple of times (saliva wears it off) It really helped me and I hope it helps you!
Thank you to the person who suggested it!


I am suffering for a horrible toothache right now. I have tried the peroxide, no relief, orajel,,no relief. There is a toothache pain releiver called Dr Sheffield. It works great. I finally found my tube. It has always worked great. I think mine is old. Took 3 Tylenol extra strength, brushed my teeth with Colgate Toothpaste, used the Dr. Sheffield, put a warm towel on the infected side and I finally have some relief.


I have been suffering with extreme toothache pain for the past two weeks or more and nothing was working for me not even the strongest of pain medications, well last night i tried something that a friend of mine suggested and boy did it ever work and i was able to have a decent night sleep. Last night i was in agony from a bad tooth i have and my friend told me to try massaging my hand in the area of where my thumb and first finger form form a v shape so i did and i was amazed after massaging that area on the side of where the toothache pain was ... i massaged it for about 2 minutes and it took the pain away and it lasted for hours, i tried it again this morning when i awoke and the same thing, no more pain the whole morning. Thanks to my friends advice i am suffering from no more toothache but i still have my dentist appointment booked in 2 weeks time. The massing of that area has something to do with a pressure point and nerve endings ... i hope this is of some help to anyone who has a toothache although because it worked for me doesn't mean it will work for everyone.

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