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Try a Black Tea Bag... I used English Breakfast. Directions: Put hot water soaked tea bag directly on and around tooth and gums. Brief story... my wife's tooth was KILLING her... tried to go to a minute clinic on a Saturday for pain killers... CLOSED! Remembered hearing about the tea bag remedy... got home, grabbed a tea bag, soaked it briefly in heated water and gave it to her. In 'SECONDS' she said 'what's happening? It's gone!' I had heard that Tannin in the tea bag soothes tooth aches. She said it DEFINITLY minimized the pain to almost gone. At least it's temp. relief! Hope it works. Now I have a happy wife! At least temporarily. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!! :)


I had a bad wisdom tooth and could not aford to go have a root canal. I had seen something from a movie and the pain was so bad I was willing to try anything. Simple OIL of CLOVES. It was just like taking a shot of noviecaine.
Caution if you use to much it will kill the nerve in your tooth.


I have read most the remedies and tried the vinegar and salt and it did not work, i suffer with wisdom tooth problems and get a lot of pain even when taking ibuprofen, so i tried teeting bonjela gel and i cant believe how fast it works also normal bonja is more effective


As another temporary pain relief,try getting some Mineral Ice and rubbing it on your cheek or jaw, just the general area of where the tooth is really.It's just as good as putting ice in a washcloth and putting that against your face.I've also found that taking some IB Profin along with it helps a little more too.

clares cavity

i have trye everything, and i mean that! i have a small mouth, and my wisdom teeth take the more appropriate time to start movin an pushin my teeth out of place, 2 teeth have libberally burst in my mouth from pressure and the rest have been unberable,

then theres the general toothache, soething ive become quite familiar with also,

Whiskey, take half a shot, hold it in uor mouth.... works for about 10 minutes if ur lucky, the idea with this one is to get some sleep, make a few hot ones, after you take the shot, ul be out in no time,

clove oil, unnessary, gum soreness, nausias from the horrible smell, and no real relief

heat, hot water bottle as a pillow can work a treat

likewise with cold, depending on the tooth

anbesole, take a tiny square of tissue, soak in this apply to the gum of the tooth, will numb it for about 20 minutes,

do not poke, prod, push, shove, or touch the tooth, while giving instant tiny relief, itl insure ul be in utter agony afterward.......for hours!

ad finally, im not a mass goer, and i was as synical as most of you will be, honestly, but the only fool proof way, dentists could do nothing for me, but give me drugs, that didnt work, the only thing that gave me total and lasting relief, is to get it blessed, theres healers out there, my mam brought me to one guy, an i thought it was a waste of time, next morning, woke up, about an hour later realised wait a minute, my pain! (and i doesnt cost anything!)

John Jones

After hours of nothing working,I took it upon myself to make my own remedy,take about 4 asprins and crush them up in a spoon,add a tiny bit of peppermint extract(pure not imanitation),ours is like 87% alcohol,and squeeze in some x-tra strengh oral gel and stir with a tooth pick,and apply to the the sore tooth and gum...material should be in a pastie wife said she could not fell anything inside her mouth,but could feel the pain out side of her face,going down her neck,but she was able to deal w/ that.good luck to everyone who is reading this due to a tooth ache.


i'm surprised no one has posted this one yet. rinse with listerine or warm salt water. then cover or stuff the cavity with sugar free gum. i use extra arctic chill. i chew it until its sticky first. ice pack outside my cheek and the pain is gone. i constantly keep the gum on. its worked for 2 weeks so far.


Mint or mint extract is great, numbs the area, you'll see some posts about peppermint and vanilla, in all honesty a really good temporary remedie is as close as tooth paste. Mint cavity fighting toothpaste and some mouthwash with alcohol, like listerine.

Rinse with the listerine first, apply the toothpaste and then prepare for a night without pain.


This is gonna sound wierd , ut it has worked very well for me in the past. i get absest teeth alot .when the pain is so bad i cant handle it anymore , i take some pain relievers and rub some 'sports creme' on the cheeck were my tooth ache is. pain goes away and in most cases does not can use 'bengay' or other cremes , but 'Sportscreme' has worked the best.there is a new brand out that works wonders too , it is called 'UNKERS' check it out !hope this helps you.


First of all, never ever ignore your teeth and always check up with the dentist! I hate going there, but i've learned my lesson.

I was in pain today, so i tried the salt water thing and it worked for less than half an hour, then tried it with vinegar, a little less pain, but finally i poured some diet coke into my mouth and kept it without swallowing for 2 minutes every now and then, and the pain seems to fade a little, but not completely.

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