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I had a terrible tootheache.i havnt been to the dentist in years and my tooth is basicly rotting(i think) anyways i tried everything,even plain orajel and nothing helped. Finally, i tried boiling my toothebrush with salt in the water then i took the damp toothbrush and put liquid orajel(a good amount) stuck it on the tooth and kinda wiggled it gently. I WAS EXTATIC!!!IT WORKED SOOO WELL...AHHHH.RELEIF!!!!


Something i just tried helped alot. although it may have been my motrin 800mg or the steroids im taking kicking in, but warm milk, as disgusting as it tasted, seemed to help a bunch. Just hold your nose and take one or two gulps. Put a cup of it in the microwave 30 sec then stir and put it back in there for 10-25 sec.


I have a major toothache in one of my back molar teeth... The best solution is a dentist however seeing I cant go that route What worked for me is 1st rinsing mouth out with water then softly brushing the sore area with tooth paste and rinsing with warm water... then rinsing with a mouth wash... then rinsing with warm salt water..After wards I put a hot rag over my jaw were the sore area is and it worked if u have excedrine that will help take the pain away in less than 10mins...

Maria Johnson

This website is a God send. So, here it is...

First I tried the garlic but I think I may have done it wrong (I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed). Then, swished with as much hydrogen peroxide as I could. Then, spit. Then, I swished with salt water (a ton of salt, by the way). Then, spit. Then, I read another post about putting the fresh garlic RIGHT ON the tooth, so I did that. But I made sure that I got garlic all over and under (it burned my lip a little but it wasn't so bad). Then, took that out. Shot of Whiskey, swished that around. Spit. I think I'll go to bed now. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Mindy Chumley

For bad tooth pain. I had taken advil, hydrocondone and even condene with tylenol and still was in bad pain and had a heating pad stuck to my face cause it was hurting so bad. I mixed 2 tbsp of baking soda with * oz of water and keep rinshing my mouth with it and soaked a q-tip in the vanilla extract and put it on the infected tooth and the pain went from a 110 to a 25 within seconds! so far this is the best thing that has helped me! Good luck to all!


Malt Vinegar. Take a swig of malt.vinegar and swish it around in our mouth. Then let it sit on the hurting tooth for a minute and the pain is gone


This really works. After waking up in terrible pain, here's are the 4 things I did:

1. First, take 2 extra strength tylenol and 2 ibroprofen. Repeat every 4-6 hours as needed. This will take 20 minutes or so to work. In the meantime...

2. Swish with Hydrogen Peroxide and room temperature water (half and half) for 1 minute. Allow it to bubble. Concentrate on the pain area. It's safe and will also help get rid of the infection. Repeat as needed but at least every 2 hours. To get rid of the nasty taste in your mouth, just suck on a Hall's Cough Drop afterwards.

3. Apply an ice pack to the area in pain. If that causes more pain, try heat instead.

4. Put 4 black tea bags, 4 Halls Cough Drops and 1 tablespoon of whiskey into a coffee mug. Add boiling water, stir until cough drops are dissolved, and let set until room temperature. Swish for 1 minute. Concentrate on the pain area. Save the mixture for later. Repeat as needed but at least every 2 hours.

You could soak a cotton ball or piece of gauze with sore throat spray and apply it to the area for several minutes to help numb the pain.

These together worked like a charm and killed the pain until I could see a dentist.

Hope this helps you. Good luck.

miami christian

my husband had suffered with a severe toothache& it got so unbearable,it affected his ear, i came to this web site and saw several remedies and all i had at home was vinegar, i mixed 1/2 cup vinegar,1Tblsp. salt, warmed in the microwave he rinsed with it then soaked a napkin and applied it to the area and the pain went away, it really works so it got my vote!

Redding Ca Guy

I woke up tonight, 1am. My teeth on the left side of my mouth killing me for the last 3 days, every night. I had been swishing with listerine which takes a lot of the pain away, but your back up doing it again and again every hour or less. Well I am sitting her pondering over all the remedies thinking, which one do I try? Cant go buy anything everyone is closed? So I decided on the vanilla, I must say it took 90% of my pain away, right away. Its been about 30 minutes now and I have about 50% of it back so Im going to go try again. This is an honest opinion and I hope you find something that works well for you.


For the last few days i have a bad teeth aches... One of my molars is half missing and my one of my caps is turning my gums purple and one of my front teeth is just half gone like broke off. Well all three were hurting. So I would take pain ggod good i went to walgreens and founda thing called 'toothache'' it has EUGENOL init thank you ohhh yeah i feel alot better. It made the pain go away. Also rinse your mouth with mouthwash after wards it burns...

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