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for bad tooth pain try this veagatable oil swish in mouth for at least 3 to 4 min then rinse mouth with warm water i found it on this site it is a life savor.

James C

Cloves for dental pain. It really works. I was skeptical, but it came through for me. I was in intense pain for 3 days. I could not sleep at all. I was on Vicodin and antibiotics until I could 'schedule' an emergence root canal. I was at my wits end and finally looked up stuff online. Cloves were at the top of the list, so I went out and bought some cloves, clove powder and clove oil (Eugenol) At first I tried the oil and I stuck it right in th main cavity. The pain brought me to my knees. I had to rinse it out with water immediately. But I stuck to it. I kept dabbing it in there until I couldn't stand the pain, wash it out and do it again. After about ten goes at this the pain went away. I quickly ate a little food and went to sleep. It was actually hard to get to sleep after 3 days of not having it. I woke up 4 hours later with pain again.The oil seemed to have lost its effectiveness. So I started playing with clove powder, making a paste out of it. To make a long story short, after putting small amounts of the paste on my tooth nothing really happened. Finally at 4am, I said screw it and filled my whole gum line with the paste. Tons of it. All of it, in every place I could. And it worked within 5 minutes! And I slept all night, Amen! This was last night. I still have a giant wad of paste up in my mouth and not much pain at all. So don't be afraid to use alot It's funny that dentists don't even mention this as an option, when all the vicodin did was make me puke and feel light headed, while the pain still throbbed. So as a thanks to the internet, I'm posting my story. Tooth pain is the worst, my whole body is still sore. But cloves were a life saver. Everybody is different and I don't know if it will work for you, but it's definitely worth a try. Today I'm doing a paste with the oil to double up and see what happens. BTW, the cloves seem to upset my stomach a bit, but I would rather have that than the tooth pain.


PEOPLE PLEASE TRY THIS IF YOU ARE IN A LITTLE PAIN OR WANT TO DIE PAIN! some advil liquid gels.poke a hole in it and then squeeze the liquid onto the exact area thats causing you pain. it will instantly help and lasts quite awhile! i use mouthwash after to disguise the taste.2.if one of your fillings has fallen out you can buy TEMPORARY FILLING AT MOST DRUG STORES. THE BOX SAYS ITS THE SAME STUFF DENTISTS USE. IF ITS THE MIDDLE OF THE NITE YOU CAN ALSO TRY PUTTING CHEWING GUM OVER THE TOOTH.

Amanda Dents

For the past 20 years, I had never had any trouble at all with my teeth until recently. I developed a sinus infection and negelcted to go the doctor. The infection settled into my gums and caused the tooth right below my sinus cavity to start to decay. The tooth is now requiring a root canal. THE PAIN IS EXCRUCIATING!!! On top of that, both of my bottom wisdom teeth are impacted and growing at an angle that boggled even the dentist. I cannot afford to have any of this taken cared of right now and have no dental insurance. Thankfully sites like this offer a little hope people like me who have to fight the pain for financial reasons. I have found that by making a paste using BC powders, Pure Vanilla Extract, and Ambesol works really well if you coat the infected tooth with it. The downside is that there is a chance that you will wind up with minor to moderate mouth irritation as a result of the alcohol and the aspirin. I rinse afterwards with warm saltwater. Another thing that I have found works really well is Synsodyne toothpaste. This worked miracles for me. I simply squeeze a little onto the tooth and let it set there for a few minutes. Afterwards, I rinse well with warm salt water. I hope that this helps someone else who may be in pain and best wishes to all who are.


PEOPLE...listen up! i have not been to bed all night cause of a toothache and let me tell u it HURTS! i have tried every single remedy on this site and then some. the only thing i can say is pop open a can of coca cola and get either icy hot(thats what i used),muscle rub or vicks and rub it on your check. it will sting a little but its worth the relief afterwards. after u rub this on your check put a paper towel over it and it works in one to two minutes!


What really works, is mouth wash, I was in so much pain but then gargled mouth wash on the side where the pain was for 10 secounds, and it took the pain away.


I've the worst tooth pain imaginable yesterday. Earlier in the day I've visit the dentist he perscribe me an antibiotic gum was swollen. Cant do much because of the gum infection. Anyway as soon as I got the medicine I pop two in right away. The pain is still there. Hour later the pain went downto 80% felt little better. Later that evening I can feel the pain creeping back so I pop in Ibuprofin didnt help much. The pain keep getting worst. I've try everything the gel, ice, mouthwash, brushing my teeth everything nothing works. This is 3am already the pain is so unbarable. I took out my 38. about to take out the tooth thats how bad the pain is. The pain and agony omg. Anyway went online to get some help and came upon this forum and like wow Im not the only one who went through this pain..I came up this one guy said to use salt w/ luke warm water stir it real good...and then use a winter fresh toothpaste and apply the infected area and thats What I did. (of couse I dont have other stuff thats is metion here by others and its 3am and im exhusted right about now)..Anyway I can feel the pain easing up a little by this time I was so tired. 10 min later I felt much better and went to sleep..wake up pain is maybe like 10%..Wow I never want to go through that pain again...


Oh my God! This site saved my life! I had this chilling pain in my tooth, affecting my ear too & read on this site about rinsing my mouth out with listering - the last thing I wanted to do. It was so painful I was just about to pull the bloody thing out myself. So I tried it & it worked! I cried with relief. Slosh around the tooth for about 5 mins & then hopefully you will feel the numbness I did. Also, I put a small dab of Sensodyne toothpaste on top - good luck everyone, I know how awful it is. I only found this site out of desperation & it helped, so thank you x


the ONLY thing that works for me is oragel with the benzocaine or w/e....and Loritabs or any other pain killer...just doulbe it up and you'll be good to go!

warm water with sea salt helps a bunch too...and Red Cross.

vertis kemp

it's lemon extstract put on a q-tip and go all around the tooth. my wife told the doctor what i was doing and he siad tell me too stop that it would burn and kill the nerves. well that sounds good too me!

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