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First off, I would like to thank everyone for submitting their tips... even if none of them worked for some... Its the thought that counts.

Briefly; I'm currently in Canada, originally from the UK. My insurance doesn't cover dental, having just paid off $3000 last week after a dog bite I find myself broke... Dentist is out of the question, I would pull my teeth in a heart beat but due to how back they are (potentially wisdom, girlfriend claims otherwise) I would just end up making it worse.

It's currently 3:30am, this is day 4 of no sleep...I'm not entirely sure what set off the tooth this time, normally is massive intakes of Dr Pepper... but, it's obvious I have a cavity. The peanut butter trick almost worked, by the time I got to the laptop again the pain was back.

My kitchen currently looks like a homeless man has gone in, and opened every product having a little food taste. I have currently taking over 200 tylonel and close to 25 advil in the past 48 hours. I do believe i've got somewhat immune to the thing... it did work, now it doesn't.

Now for my tip. I've been suffering with tooth pain for a good 2 years now, not really finding a cure, knocking myself out with drugs normally though this time seems alot worse. What I do find to make the pain go away, and trust me this will sound awfully weird... roll your eyes... I know it sounds crazy, I close my eyes, and constantly roll them up... the eyes start to hurt after a while, but after a good 15 minutes the tooth pain has not completely gone by calmed down.

How did I find this? well around 3 months ago, i was sat in the kitchen with garlic in my mouth for 4 hours, and ended up rolling my eyes upwards out of pure tiredness, I have no idea why....the tooth suddenly calmed... I figured it was due to the garlic, but 3 months later here I am... I know this isn't a great tip, but lets face it most of us are searching during the middle of the night and can't get to a store...

anyway yeah, off to try the tea bag!


I am deathly terrified of the dentist. (I am a healthy 22 yr old female, but I cant help it) When I was a child I had to have a root canal long story short the wack job didnt numb my mouth all the way my mom said she has never heard anyone scream the way I did.So 2 or more years ago the tooth pain begain a dentist told my mom i can take 4 advil gel caps every 4 hours for as long needed. That worked for a yr or so. Now its back. I'm from the deep south so if this is an option try it! HURRICAN! Its like really strong orajel ask for it behind the counter at the drug store its $10 or so find some moon shine! Moon Shine cough syrup has been something I started taking as a little girl. Its as much moon shine as you want in a jar add 3-5 soft peppermint stick a splas of lemon juice and 2 table spoons of honey. Shake and let it sit!! I have had some 2 yrs were still taking for coughs. If you can handle it take 2 big shots and go to bed if not rup the mixture on your tooth it helps instantly. Keep taking the advil too. I hope this helps~


Ora-gel has a tooth desensitizer it worked great for me and my molar is completely shattered that was 2 months ago it says to reapply every 2 to 3 months. Its like it kills the nerve no pain and for under 5 bucks a true life saver.


I have been having SEVERE pain under two crowns that have had root canals a couple years ago. I have been popping advil 4 at a time every couple hours, this can not be good for my stomach. The pain feels like my tooth will explode as it gets stronger and stronger and comes strong then subsides for 20 minutes or so. Sleeping has NOT been an option the last few days. I am actually away overseeing a meeting and am at a hotel. I have tried hot soup, cold water, coke, advil..anything I can think off. I was dreading going to sleep tonight until I thought of this and as of right now I am pain free for the last 30 minutes.....I had brought from home a travel bottle filled(plane friendly) of organic honey. I remember the antibiotic properties of honey as I drink 8 oz glass of water with 2 oz of apple cider vinegar and and 2 oz of raw unfiltered honey. I shot that honey in my mouth and basically pulled it through my teeth that are in pain and WELL-A. PAIN FREE for now. WOW, I am praying this helping me get through the next 4 days away from home. Blessing to all of you's a nighmare!!


I have had a toothache now for the past 6 days.... :( I tried everything in the book and nothing worked. I even went to the dentist and they told me I had to be on an antibiotic for 5 days then they would do something. Anyways... They also gave me Vicodin and the pain never stopped.

I came across a remedy for Vanilla Extract and Clove Oil. I tried it and let me tell you 'IT WORKED' !!!!!!!!
I took a q-tip and dipped it into the Vanilla extract and put it on my tooth for 2 min. waited 10 min, then did the same with the clove oil... in about 5 min. the pain was gone. I have never had such instant relief in my life.....

If your in desperate need of pain relief... you have to try this!!!!


just almond extract. I Spit it out.

Donny Romine

I got up one morning with a Killer toothache my mom told me about this put a restaurant salt packet on the bad tooth and hold it there till all salt is al gone or try a tea bag between you gum and tooth that hurts


First off, this is a great resource, lots of possible remedies around that can potentially help.

Personally, my massive toothache was caused by an infection under the enamel, inside the pulp of the tooth itself - The difference to most being that there was no outside damage.. No cavities, cracks, etc. It was all internal. Now, using common knowledge, I can only summise that a great deal of these remedies work due to being placed/washed over affected tooth/cavity which no doubt reduces acid and other effects on the area itself, as well as working to reduce inflammation - Which of course helps you feel better. But, again, mine was not cavity/exposure related.

So, with my unique perspective, I delved into a large number of these remedies as I was desperate for relief. Is it just me or is there a severe lack of weekend dentists? It began Friday night and I am now sitting waiting for Monday morning to come around. I've never looked so forward to a Monday before.

Anyway, in no particular order:

Peanut Butter - No effect. This had absolutely no effect whatsoever. Tasted nice, though.

Salt water wash - No effect. The only effect this had was making my mouth throb even more, actually.

Bi-carb soda wash - Also no effect. The act of swooshing, as above, also seemed to aggrivate matters.

Painkillers - No effect. I used Ibuprofen, and even though its not advised, with the pain I was in, I was popping them like tic tacs.

Ice pack - Yes. I used an ice pack and held it next to my nose (Note: Tooth in question was a front tooth which extends up past the nose obviously) and, while it didn't get rid of the pain, it really helped to take the edge off. I give this 50% success.

Hot pack - Sort of. I've read people say that you try hot or cold, as one will work and the other will not. This is indeed accurate, as sometime ago I had an ache where a hot pack worked wonders. This was the one I tried first this time as well, and pure agony ensued instead. I then tried the ice pack (As above) which worked pretty well. So I believe if one does not work, try the other.

Vanilla Extract - This seems a popular one, and it may indeed work. However for me, it did literally nothing but leave a sweet aftertaste in my mouth.

Whiskey - This was a strange one. At first, I thought the positive effect was instantaneous. Instead, it was merely a 5 second calm before a storm.. And the storm made matters worse. Really worse. I have no idea why.

Oil of Clove - No effect. Well, technically it made the rest of my mouth and my tongue nice and mellow - But did nothing to combat the pain. And it tasted absolutely horrible.

Garlic - Nothing, short of leaving me with a bad garlic breath. And I guess maybe garlic helped my immune system a bit I suppose.. But did nothing for the toothache, however.

That is what I have tried so far. Therefore in summary, the only combat I have against it currently is the ice pack. I am sure that these remedies may work well for cavity related toothaches, as you're applying these directly to affected areas. For mine being internal, they had no effect.

So if anyone else finds their way here with anything similar to what is affecting me, this might help you out, perhaps. Try strong painkillers and icepacks. Its all I've got.




I have a cracked backtooth that was waking me up every hour when I was sleeping for weeks.
It was making the whole side of my face hurt with included throbbing head ache.
I tried the vanilla remedy, it did help a little bit, but not enough.
So desperate, i took Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Blast Liquid, and coated my gums & teeth with Orajel. [ Anbesol works fine, too. ]
I coated everything on the side that my toothache was until i couldnt feel my face, then took a nice hot shower.
No more toothache. :)

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