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my tooth broke off in my gum and i had very bad pain i cant aford a doctor so a friend told ma about this stuff called red cross its the best stuff ever and it dosent coust alot of money u get it at any drug store its a over the counter drug so no scrpt hope this helps someone


Can I say first off I love you guys. I never would have thought of pepsi. When my teeth hurt I only drink wate but the pepsi has given me my only relief.


After reading these remedies I let someone try one of them on me. massage between finger and thumb at the v squeeze pressure point and it worked. The only medication that helps is ibprofin 800mg

Allen Roberts

1 part bleach 2 parts water, drip the solution in the cavity or over the tooth. Let stand for 4 to 5 seconds, rinse. Do it again, up to 3 times. Make sure to wear clothing that can be thrown away or you don't mind putting bleach spots on. For top teeth, you sometimes have to lay on your back with your head down and over the bed to soak the cavity.

Bleach at this level is safe for the time recommended, and it kills the infection and actually halts decay. It also kills the nerve pain, nearly instantly.

For a quick and non staining solution until you can use bleach, find Tucks brand hemorrhoid pads, drip a few drops of this solution out of a pad, tastes kind of sweet and salty, into the cavity, or with a toothpick, gently pull back the gum to allow in. It doesn't hurt, it doesn't sting, and it doesn't taste too bad. I've tried other brands of the pads in the past, and they didn't work. I don't know why, they said they were the same ingredients.

Good luck. This really works. You can use 1/2 water and 1/2 bleach too, and it really works faster that way, but spit it out after 3 seconds. Always rinse with water, after using bleach. And swallowing tiny amounts of bleach or hemorrhoid solution is not deadly or terribly harmful, but I recommend against it. If you do, drink two full glasses of water, at a calm pace. You'll be fine.


I tried peanut butter, pure vanilla extract, vinegar with salt, mouthwash, oregano. Then I ask my brother if we have oragel (shot in the dark) he said YES!!! I put it on and instant relief!!! :):):). Oragel was the only thing that worked for me.


try 120 mg arcoxia(etoricoxib) once a day... 70 pesos($2)... goodluck...


Midol works wonders!!!! I have had a terrible aching tooth for 3 days and nothing would stop the throbbing. I then remembered how awful my monthly menstrual cramps are and what worked to take them away -- MIDOL! 30 minutes after taking the midol, the throbbing ceased! BTW -- Midol is not just for women... I have had male friends take it for body aches and they told me it worked for them too.


ok so my fail safe method, which a dentist told me, is: take 2 tylenol, 3 ibupropen, at the same time and repeat every 4 hours (do not wait until the pain comes back other wise it is really hard to get it to go away again) also do a warm salt water rinse and a hydrogen peroxide rinse (if it is full strength make sure to dilute with water other wise it will burn your mouth) every half hour... this may not work right away but believe me it will work, i have been doing this for years. if you are finding that this is not workign right away, forget the whisky that is mentioned in one of the earlier posts, and try some graves grain alcohol (let it sit on the side of your mouth that is hurting, and swallow, if you feel like getting tanked, hey that may help you deal with the pain also :) )


I am so glad to have found this website. I was up all night this weekend with a toothache, couldn't get into the dentist went to urgent care they gave me antibotic's and tramadol and vicodin7.5. They worked for maybe 1-2 hours than total pain. I found your website and tried the nyquil and i tired the vanilla and peppermint extract, omg!!!!!Total success. I was in instant relief. It does work within a few minutes then I could sleep. Thank you everyone!!!!


i woke up with a horrible tooth ache i know this ones wierd... but if you take mouthwash on a qtip and put it along your gum it will take the pain away for 2-6hours!

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