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I've tried everything: salt water, Orajel, Listerine, peroxide, Cepacol, etc. The only thing that has worked for me is: 1) brushing my teeth, 2) swishing the tooth with Theraflu warming relief for a least one minute and lastly, #3) applying the paste of activated charcoal and warm water directly to the tooth and gum. I've been pain free for the last few hours. I can't be sure if this will work for everyone but applying this solution in this order has kept me from laying on the couch in the fetal position praying for sleep to take over. In fact, it is the only remedy that has lasted this long.


Mix the following two items for almost immediate tooth ache relief:

Oregon Grape Root Liquid Extract from GAIA Herbs
Goldenseal Liquid Herbal Extract from Herb Pharm. You can get both at a health supply store. Apply one filled eye dropper to the effected tooth.

Sure works fast for me. I had put this together a few years ago when I had a tooth ache and had researched a home remedy.

Good luck!

ouchie n ky

ok ive been in pain for like a week now and have 2 more days to go before my appointment with the dentist (im terrifed of by the way) and ive found that taking 8 tyenol putting a small clove oil soaked cotton swab and laying on a heating pad work great for about 6 to 8 hours at a time u can eat sleep pretty much do whatever you need to so good luck and hope whatever one of these you might try works for u painfree days!


What you should do is to mix salt and water and swish it around your mouth. It works, I'm not lying.


i have had this pain on the whole left side of my face for a week ive been up every night in pain and ive tried ambosal and like 10 ibuprofen a day and of course it dosnt work so i read on here to get a piece of onion and put on the side of the area that is hurting and bite down a little if it still hurts so i did and the pain is about 98% gone finally some sleep!!

Ms. Wash

I was paralyzed with tooth pain last I looked up remedies on this site......I tried the warm water and table salt.....chloraseptic...Ibuprofen.....none of it really finally I took some benadryl, which knocked me out and let me sleep...

However, this morning I tried warm water and Epsom that worked wonders..( epsomn salt bath can be used for sore muscels, so i figured it should work in my mouth).....

About an hour 2 hours later I swished with equal parts water & hydrogen peroxide...this also started working immediatley.....

Hope this helps someone !


Brushed my teeth, flossed, rinsed with hydrogen peroxide, rinsed with water, rinsed with mouthwash, said a prayer, and took three aspirin.

It dosen't hurt now. I can sleep.

I have no insurance and have had severe tooth pain for six months now. I feel for everyone in real pain on this web site - wish you the best in solving the pain problem.

Traci with a Toothache

I was in such incredible pain last night, I got absolutely no sleep and was still in such pain this morning, I could concentrate on nothing buy my throbbing mouth. Like many on here, I don't have any dental insurance nor enough cash on hand to pay for care. I tried about 3/4 of the suggestions on here. A lot of people suggested the oregeno, but that did nothing for me other than irritate my mouth with the dry flakes. The vanilla worked a little bit, but my pain was too severe for it to help much. Two things did the trick, however, particularly when combined with alternate doses of ibuprofen and tylenol (recommended dosages only). The first was to apply a generous dab of toothpaste to the painful area. I had read that Sensodyne was particularly good for this, but had none on hand and so ended up using Crest gel with Scope, which worked extremely well. The minty blast really offset the pain, which totally surprised me because my pain was so severe (and I can tolerate a lot, having given birth four times). A second remedy I strongly recommend having on hand is a product called 'Dent's Extra Strength Toothache Gum,' which I found at Walgreens when I went to check out the other suggested remedies. This stuff is amazing! It comes as a small, very thick stick of medicated gum. You cut off just the right size to cover the exposed area or crack of the painful tooth. I worked it between my fingers for a few seconds to soften it a bit before gently pressing it into place. It has not come lose and it is now going on three hours since I put some in. It not only keeps air and moisture from causing surges in pain, but the medication works to sooth the entire area. It was not expensive, either, around $5 or $6 at Walgreens I think and worth every penny. Good luck to everyone!

PS--Michael, I could not believe how much pain killer you took. Tylenol is a known safe drug, but can be a very toxic one if you don't follow maximum dosage instructions. I hope you have not done any permanent damage to yourself.

pat dwyer

I had tried everything for my cracked filling pain and nothing worked until I remembered I had dental trays made several years ago for teeth whitening. I rolled up a tiny piece of tissue and put it inside the dental tray at the tooth where I was having pain and put the tray over my bottom teeth. This stopped the pain almost immediately. The reason this worked is because it stopped the suction on my tooth which was causing the pain in my cracked filling. Everytime we swallow, we create a suction in the mouth. This constantly aggrivated the tooth and caused me unbearable pain. By preventing the suction, the pain was gone.


I've had a killer tooth ache in my back tooth for 4 days now, going on 5(yeah could be wisdom teeth).

And some of these remedies I'd like to point out why they work :-D.

Firstly, Medicines like Advil,Tylenol, and applying the liquid ones to the tooth, that is their job and taking too much of these will hurt and destroy your liver.

Cold/Hot on cheek. Yeah a bag/washcloth of ice on the cheek will make it stop hurting, But freezing any part of your body will make it numb. Same goes for warm.

Peroxide.. really? that sounds a little too painful to me.

Diet Coke/Mountain Dew. These kind of drinks cause rotting of the teeth and pains. How can they help?

And one the UK guy who lives in Canada said, rolling eyes for that long..yeah, can see how it works but if you take your mind off the pain by concentrating on that then yes the pain will go away.

Now the two that I find the most interesting and will be trying is Red Cross and vanilla extact.. those have to be the two most popular.

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