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Here is my remedy that is as simple as it sounds. take some salt put it in warm water and swish it in your mouth for about 15-30 secs. then apply some teeth treatments such as Oragel. Then take about 1-2 tablets of ibuprofen (if you have of course.)then take some sleeping pills. that's exactly everything i did in that order and it helped me dramatically. you can also skip the sleeping pills unless you want to get knocked unconscious as fast as possible for relief and go to bed. but if you are going to bed you should just skip the ibuprofen unless you think it will help you keep the pain off while you try to sleep. if you do the sleeping pills outta work and you'll sleep like a baby. only unconscious (not literally.) but remember this remedy is for immediate relief and for trouble sleeping due to a tooth aches.
in my opinions of the remedies i've tried that were listed on this site the peanut butter one only lasted for a few seconds (for me.) also the vanilla extract only worked for 2-3 mins but cut the pain down about 50%. once again that was only me. I really hope this works and good luck finding other remedies for your pain if mine doesn't work. please please please email me and tell me if it worked or not. my email is thnx!


Wow, I have been up pretty much all night dealing with this intense pain from a toothache! Out of desperation I goggled home remedies for tooth pain and got to this site! I must say, there are some very helpful suggestions! Thought I would share what I did and perhaps that will help someone else out! Due to a chronic illness I had some Lortab 10's, these are quite effective for me with my chronic pain yet, it seemed to hardly touch my toothache pain! I was hurting so terribly bad....I was quite tempted to grab some pliers and pull the tooth out myself....but came to my senses! So, here is a list of what I did and how effective it was based on a 1-10 scale, 1 being ineffective and 10 being great. I hurt, but not at all like it was before!
• I washed my mouth out with lukewarm water and as much salt as I could handle, many times….I give this about a 2 I think my pain was too far gone for this to be affective
• I cut a clove of garlic in half and put it against the gums where the tooth is causing the pain……Italian or not…I didn’t care for this experience! I give this a 0 due to the fact that it truly did not work on me. I brushed my teeth immediately
• Next, I drenched a cotton ball with peroxide and rubbed it over my sore gum/tooth area. This seemed to help a little in a couple of ways, one being that I could feel peroxide pulling some of that infection out of the tooth and two, it was a cool liquid on the cotton ball and that seemed to feel good  I am going to give this one a 6. This is when I started to feel like it was subsiding a bit
• I was not done…it was still throbbing and just killing me! So, upon further reading what others did I decided to grab some cotton balls and put olive oil on them….this was infective….0
• Finally I had had enough…though it was beginning to simmer down I was still in a lot of pain. So, I had some herbal tea  I took the peppermint flavor, boiled the water, put a peppermint flavored tea bag in the hot, hot water, I squeezed the tea bag a little ((you want some liquid) and placed the hot peppermint tea on my gums and tooth that are causing these issues. This worked! Not 100% (that will only happen when I go to the dentist!) But it did take away some of the pain! I am now finishing my cup of tea, making sure to swish it around a bit when I take a drink. I will give this an 8-9 ***I should have done this one first!
• The last thing that I did was I took an Excedrin Migraine pill…this too seems to have helped, not too sure yet! I will keep it posted!

I hope I didn’t babble too much! Tooth pain is one of the most intense pains there is in my opinion! Hope it helped!! For those of you who posted these ideas thank you so much!


Most of the remedies on here are very helpful. Unfortunately i had to take measures into my own hands so I figured i would share. Here is what i used and it worked great. 1. Dentemp O.S - temporary cavity filling. Works great!. 2. Vicodin - wonderful. 3. warm compress. all of these combined took the pain away and aloud me to sleep in comfort. Hope this helps.


Ok so read all the remedies on here an tried the salt water remedy an this worked for me!!! Thank you whew!!!! I took just a small glass of warm water an put lots of salt into it. I then swished it in my mouth a good 5 or 6 times and started to feel the pain go away a bit then after a good 10 or 15 min the pain was gone!! Let's see if the pain comes back it has been over 30 min an still pain free.

Jamie Verri

Hello everyone! Hope everyone's teeth are doing ok today. Mine on the other hand, all i can say is, why do teeth need nerves? Why can't they just be a bone?
Ok, so I have been know to let my teeth get so bad before I Do anything about it via dentist.
Needless to say I have have gone through about 50 tubes of orajel, anbesol, Dr. Sheffield's etc. They no longer work for me and the day I Noticed this, i curled up and cried like a baby.
Well, today I woke up to what feels like a gun shot to my tooth and for some reason I wish it were a gunshot to my tooth. So here I AM reading all of your replies and I have to say thank you, thank you , thank you, to the ones who said to mix different things.
I have mixed the perfect drug for tooth ache pain and I Want to share. I have mixed warm baking soda, orajel severe pain formula, and real aspirin! The moment it hit my tooth, all my pain went away. I am shocked! I been crying real tears over this damn tooth for days now. I can not believe that this worked like it did. I mixed up a tub of it and am holding on to this stuff for dear life. It has now been 10 minutes and it is still working. Unbelievable! And I can not help but wonder why this is not on the shelf yet?
My tooth is bad too! I know I Have an absess, i know i do. BUt to add to that it is almost compleatly rotted out and the nerve is very much exposed.
I Hope hat all who have a tooth ache, even as severe as mine was, will try this.
Good luck to everyone with their teeth. I know how bad it hurts and please promise if they hurt you will try this. It is still working 20 minuted later. Thank you for reading and I Hope it helps you as much as me. I would not wish a tooth ache on my worst enemy.


I have had TOOTH PAIN for many years and no insurance or money for a dentest so i tried just about everything and if it is nerve pain from a tooth i have a remedy that will work for up to 3-6 months first thing you need is a fresh clove of garlic and the will to want it to go away!!! first cut the garlic down to fit in the area of the pain then make sure that there isnt any of the outer coating on it place it in the area of the pain bite down a little intell the juices and oils of the garlic starts to release from it. then here is the hard part you need to leave it in your mouth for about 2-4 hours!!! that is to kill the nerve but it will grow back the mouth has the fastest regenaration in you whole body!!! it will burn a little but that is burning your nerve!!! thats what you want in about 2-4 hours you are good for a couple of months tell the nerve grows again and repeat the processes.......

For normal tooth pain best thing i found is clove oil try putting on only temp fix though


NYQUIL NYQUIL NYQUIL! I have tried everything on this site except for extracts (vanilla almond etc.) nothing worked but nyquil DOES, just swish around affected area. No need to swallow it (unless you actually want to go to sleep) and BAM in minutes your toothache will diseppear


For all kinds of tooth-related problems it's hard to beat Dr. Tichenor's. The instructions tell you to dilute it 5 to 1, and that's good prudent advice, but hard times might call for stronger measures, if they get bad enough. Just don't get carried away. And be sure and spit it out. You can hurt yourself with it if you're not careful. Dr. Tichenor's could put about half the dentists in America into another line of work if enough people used it.


Thank you too everyone for the great ideas. I tried the vanilla extract swish on my daughter for her toothache pain. It worked wonders. After two sleepless nights she was able to relax and go to sleep.


I have had an issue with one of my back teeth for almost 6 years now. The pain would come and go, I have found that 6 extra strength pain killers and a strong cup of coffee work pretty well. The pain does not go straight away but it did dull the pain long enough for me to wait the four hours until the doctor office opened THEN I WENT AND GOT IT PULL !!!

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