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I read through quite a number of latter suggestions on this site over last weekend as I was suffering once again from pain in the wisdom tooth area. As others have stated, nothing keeps the pain away forever and it seems that some things lose their effectiveness quite quickly. Here's a rundown of what I've been doing and how it's seemed to work.

I've been brushing my teeth with natural toothpaste for quite some time now and in comparing the ingredients I decided changing to 'Sensodyne' wasn't worth it. FWIW I use Nature's Gate Creme De Mint Natural Toothpaste.
In the past I was pretty sure I had infections, so I picked-up the Colgate Peroxyl. Normally, that pain went away in a couple days with using that and making sure I was brushing often. This time my pain seems to come in waves and I'm pretty sure it's from one of my impacted teeth finally growing in above another, so instead of dropping the money for a better-tasting peroxide solution I could essentially make at home, I bought some Jason's Healthy Mouth dental rinse. Again, a 'natural' product. In part I chose that one because it had not only tea tree oil which is antifungal in it's own right, but clove oil which was discussed here in depth. It is *strong* and can be diluted, but I chose to use it full-strength right now.

Tylenol is eh - I found like some others my PMS medication (Premsyn for me, no caffeine) worked better.

Since just about every 'extra strength' oral gel/liquid was essentially 20% benzocaine, I went with Kanka gel which you brush-on. It was by far the cheapest. It works for about 1/2 hour, just like everyone else said for other brands, so I tend to use it only if I'm getting a flare-up

Cold was working, and when it was working the soda trick did actually seem to help. I suck down soda anyway, so I wasn't changing anything. FWIW, I think it has to do with the carbonation acting somewhat like the fizz of the peroxide. Without the bonus of killing bacteria, of course.

Now it seems heat is working so I've been not putting ice in drinks, drinking tea/coffee, etc and using my heating pad.

I will have to get this one and probably at least the lower on the same side removed. My local county health department works with a Community Assistance Program and if I qualify, which I should, the extraction will be free. So if you have something like this in your state, check it out! It's worth it for no more pain.


so iv literally been up for hours trying to sleep wit this tooth ache.. I used the orange listerine n jus swished it and let it sit on the by the hurting side for about a minute and a half. it worked.!! but if u don't fall asleep within 10 minutes I'll start to wear off so u might have to do it multiple times


Okay, I'm a big baby. And dentists are sadists: I'm getting a tooth extracted tomorrow (I agree: root canals only cause more problems later), and the dentist (who I saw earler today) didn't prescribe anything for the pain I was enduring. 'The soonest I can see you is tomorrow morning....')

Enough complaining: I was trying everything, with limited success. Like most, ibuprofen and even Nyquil stopped working for longer periods; I was needing a fix every hour..which left me with sleeplessness.

So, I retired to my computer and I thank you all for your suggestions...namely misery loves company, and reading these kept me busy with my mind off the pain. I

I tried a couple but what really worked for me was the SPORTSCREAM on the cheek outside the toothache. I used ICY HOT: BEWARE: my eye right above the cheek was watering and irritated something fierce: I had to wipe off the cheek with cool water, BUT the pain lessened considerably... for about an hour.

Good luck.

Maritza- Florida

I just spent almost an hour reading everyone's remedy and i must say i found relief in the following : Reading this page for so long (distraction) actually did help... I was never to try to coke/pepsi thing scared me because of all the sugar in soda. I've inherited my mom's bad teeth, years ago i tried the baby aspirin right on the bad spot in the tooth and that worked INSTANTLY, for a few months, after that it made the infected area sting. I tried (from this site) the Vanilla Extract and all i can say i WOW... its been almost an hour and i'm still good! Ive tried aleve, percocets roxicodone everything you can think of and the vanilla worked (in my case) the best!


Okay, so i'm BACK from the store(I posted a few hours ago with my PLAN)and I just got doing a list of home remedies that I found from this site. As of now? I'm completely pain free!!! How long it will last? That's gonna be another story..
Heres what I did:
1.Sensedyne Toothpaste, Applied GENEROUS ammount to toothbrush and brushed.
2.Listerine Mint Flavor, Swished five times in a row, for about 15 seconds each.
3.Salt & Warm Water, swished half a cup of that
4. Oragel tooth desensitizer, applied to the painful area.
5. Sensodyne, another tooth brushing.
6. Listerine, another mouthwash rinse
7. Vanilla Extract, combined that, salt, mouthwash and a little hot water for warmth and did a final swishing.
9. Garlic, chewed on it.
10. Sensodyne, another tooth brushing.
11. Sport Rub Creme, rubbed on the outside of my cheek, and around ear where it's throbbing.

haha, okay, so it was KIND of overkill, but I'm desperate. It's finals week at my college and I can't be in pain!! But like I said, I'm pain-free right now..but we'll see.

I'll post one more time in a few minutes to let everyone know if i'm back to pain. (If I am I have a couple more tricks up my sleeve to try..then it's the emergency room!)


Okay, so here's my story. I'm suffering from tooth pain on the left side on my back teeth or tooth (it's just kind of a general area back there, in my gums.) It's been happening for a few months and I use to be able to cure it with simple fixes: A extra tylenol capsule here, a warm salt water mix there, usually took the problem out.

But the past two days the pain has changed. Now it's causing the area around my ear to throb, and giving my back tooth just a dull-throbbing-numbing pain. And trying to lay down and sleep at night? Forget it. I finally passed out last night, but it was only due to the 2 Tylenol PM.

I read all the home remedies, but it's so hard to try just one, cuz' some people say one thing works wonders, then another four people write back saying it didn't help them at all haha.

I've booked a dental appointment, but it's not for another month, so I have to figure this pain out, cuz' now my saltwater rinses and Tylenol/Motrin aren't helping.

Based on all your suggestions, I'm running out to the store right now and getting these items:
-Sensodyne Toothpaste
-Mouthwash/Mouth Sore Rinse (In something refreshing, like peppermint)
-Vanilla Extract
-Whole Cloves
-Whole Ginger
-Peppermint Tea Bags

A lengthy grocery list I know, but i've taken the Tylenol/Motrin and it's not working, and the only relief i'm having is swishing the cold water on the area, enduring the intese blast of cold pain, and then living in bliss for the following 45 seconds with the relief it provides.

I'll do another post to let you know how it goes, and what worked for me. Maybe someone out there is suffering with the same tooth pain that I am, and if I can help anyone rid themselves of this ANNOYING PROBLEM..then i'm willing to do it. :)


try amixture of alum/powdered clove mixed with a drinkale alcohol base to form a paste pack on tooth stops the pain fast and is long lasting


I started having extreme pain in my wisdom tooth last night at about 10pm. It was excruciating. I ran to the drug store and bought some 20% benzocaine gel. This honestly worked miraculously for about 24 hours. Suddenly, about 3 hours ago the pain came crashing back. I honestly tried all these things, but the only thing that really helped me immediately was brushing my teeth with sensodyne and using Listerine like 5 times in a row. The pain instanly went from about a 9 to a 1 while brushing for some reason. It has been about a half hour, I am praying that I can keep it at bay for another 9 hours when I go to the oral surgeon.

Good luck!


Well, don't take more then 3 aleve ( because it will mess you up, in the way that your stomach will feel horrible and you'll begin to get hot flashes.)

I think NyQuil is the best relief to get you through the night at least, it almost numbs it.

1) Orajel the spot.
2) Den-temp OP- fill in the painful spot if applicable.
3) NyQuil.


I want to thank every bdy i dont feel alone now.
I have had the worst tooth ache for a while and ive tried everything tookin so much tylenol and advil to over dose.
but i jus used the cracker patse thing. worked alright and the peanut butter is alright. Diet coke is a NO.
But i ended up puttin penut buter on my tooth and then chewing saltines into a pste sticking it on my tooth. Almost there. So I swooshed salt water im doing it every 15 mins or so then sticking penut butter and crackrer paste on my tooth. And drinking hot tea with no suger. My pain has went down my face isnt swollen and i can stand to open my mouth. Im going to take 2 advil and take the beans in a sock to bad mb get a full numbing solution to sleep. but thanks everybdy ur a big help.

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