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Here`s one that worked for me.After having a mad wicked toothache for about 5 days I had enough I looked over this forum trying to find something that would work for me, after a few trial and no gose I came up with one that seems to be working. I don`t have an absess and I donot think I have an infection, I do have a broken tooth that I been told is dying so this may only help in this kind of case.Frist take a cotton ball and place an asprin in it then add 3 to 4 drops of peppermint oil to it and about 5 drops of water. Place this in your mouth along the Gum line over the area where the tooth pain is, along with this take about 800 mg of Motrin, It`s been over 12 hours and no pain, I slep for about 5 of that, YEA!!! Once I got up I spit out the cottonball and have been pain free from then on...


Do you get chills, runny nose, headache, ear pains, jaw pain, and some other flu symptoms when you have a toothache?. Or maybe I was so lucky I got both!. I have had a cavity in one of my back teeth for a while; maybe a year or so, and as most of people I have always been ignoring it or just postponing to take action about it. Anyhow, at first it started with a pain in my lower back and some chills, so I thought it could be flu symptoms and tried to stop them with home remedies (mom knows best). by the second day it got worse and by the 3rd day I started to feel the pain in my damaged tooth. I dont remember going through such a horrible pain in my life, but I am 30 years old and it is making me cry like a baby. Like somebody said in this page, the pain was so bad, I was/have been/am feeling the most miserable person alive due to this pain that in the desperation I have even thought of the unthinkable. Yeah!!.. I am not sure how many of you guys are familiar with the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks, but yeah, that is what I wanted to do in my madness driven by this holy toothache. Just wanted to grab any sort of tool; pliers, hammer, blunt, screwdriver, etc.
But so far there is still a bit of consciousness in me.
Anyways, I have tried every home remedy available in the web and also tylenol, aspirin and ibuprofen. All of them seem to work, yeah. They might take the pain away, but only for a while that at some point they dont work anymore. So, my only advice I would give to you all poor people who are suffering with this torture is GO TO THE DENTIST and GET THE F***** Tooth OUT!!!. Really, I know how you feel about it. One thing I hate in this life is going to the doctor, even worst to the dentist and go through a painful process. But it is the only way.
Good luck!!

ps:Yay! I just found out another home-recipe to take the pain away. Writing! Yeah!.. Just focused on doing something else. Put your mind and all your senses on writing and by the time you are done writing you will realize you felt no pain.. hehe

The Girls

The Best Home Remedy Ever For A Toothache.....I Promise....For Adults Ony!

Start by taking 2 excedrin, right after you take the excedrin put a cap full of whiskey (at least 80 Proof) on the affected tooth. Hold on tooth 1 minute. Whiskey will both kill the pain in seconds and the nerve in just a few applications. Wait 10 minutes so tooth is good and numb. Rinse your mouth with warm Salt Water. Then brush your teeth with peroxide and toothpaste. Be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly.


TRUST ME! If you want to get rid of your toothache this is what you need. Go to the pharmacy or grocery store and buy 'red cross tootache' medicine. It will numb the nerve instantly. It taste bad but it will numb you as if you just had a big fat pain relieving shot in your mouth. I suffered from by far the worst toothache ever imaginable. I cried so hard and literally wanted to pull my hair out. When I tried the red cross toothache medicine it immediately numbed my tooth for days. Most people say that it numbs their tooth for hours up to a whole day. I also have a backup suggestion. Usually where there is tooth pain there is possibly an infection. What you will need is amoxicillin. You don't need a prescription from your doctor. You can find it at your local pet store in the fish department. It's pure amoxicillin in a capsule and it ranges from 250 to 500mg. One of the earlier posts on here mentioned that you should take 500mg twice a day for 7-8 days?? Can't really remember but I took 500mg 2x a day for a week and the infection vanished. I even told my dr about it once I got in and he didn't even object to the idea. So go to your petstore and get fish mox and then go to the pharmacy and buy red cross toothache medicine. You will numb your tooth completely and kill your infection with the antibiotics. If it works you can thank me later. If it doesn't,....I'm very sorry.


I use clove oil if I can find it , ground tylenol works well if the tooth is broken, rum or whisky rises help but only temporary, and when nessessary i compound my pain killers, in 2 hour intervals, 1000 mg of ex strength tylenol, and 1000 mg of ibuprofen, and for some reason , don't let it touch your teeth , but on occasion when nothing else works drinking coca cola works, not pepsi, not reg cola products, only coca cola, drink casual, cold, and if its gonna work it will in about 40 to 45 min, or about a litre to a litre and 1/2, ?? might not work for you but works for me, also , try pepermint extract if you cannot find clove oil, or grind down a whole clove with a nail file or something. when it hurts try em all ,, remember its not to fix the problem , only to deal with the pain. I found rubbing the area only works with phantom pains. and vodka does not work like dark alcohols for some reason..


For me what worked was swishing ice cold water around in my mouth. If you need a root canal because the nerve is dying then the cold water will break down the gases that build up in the tooth. Trust me i was in SEVERE PAIN. Now if you need sleep and cant stay up all night swishing water around then go to the ER. They can write you a prescription for heavy duty pain meds and will give you a shot of pain medicine so you can sleep. Trust me i was in EXTREME PAIN and a temporary fix is ice cold water


I don't have a remedy except hindsight and getting the infected teeth extracted as soon as you can.

Four years ago I had two back molars (one on each side, YAY!) *break* on me, so I had to get them extracted. They gave me Vicodin for the pain, BUT the rest of my teeth on my right side were still crap; since I have Medicare/Medi-Cal, the dentists around me (Western Dental, even) saw me as a nobody, so I had to get them extracted at the ghetto hospital that accepted my 'insurance'/that my primary care doctor set me up with. They did not listen to me when I told them that I truly needed the entire bottom right (and probably front) row removed and told me to 'take care' of the rest of the teeth after the extraction.

They didn't know (or care, because I DID tell them) that brushing the teeth would make the pain worse and make everything bleed. I've been rinsing with water ever since the extractions, but now those same teeth I was worried about are indeed causing the same amount of excruciating, tears+JESUSCHRISTIWANNAKILLMYSELF kind of pain I experienced before. I still have Vicodin, but I truly don't want to overdose (which I could easily do). Right now I'm only up because I tried the remedies listed here and

-- vanilla extract make it hurt ten times worse (WTF, people? And yes, I used pure vanilla extract)

-- peroxide+water made me throw up (because it tasted like bleach to me, and I'm overly sensitive to the smell of bleach)

-- I will NOT try the clove oil thing because I am ALSO overly sensitive to cloves and cannot be around them when they're smoked, burned or applied to the skin

I did notice though, since I can't chew on that side or even let real food come in contact with that side and have to eat things like soup that ramen and Campbell's Chicken Noodle (I also have a cold at the moment) don't bother my teeth so much, and was tolerable, probably because of the salt content. I got some antibiotics from the doctor today but will be seeing a real dentist on Monday...I just hope I can last until then. I'm sure it's pathetic for my girlfriend to see a grown man cry all the time. :(

P.S. Interestingly enough, that garlic-taped-to-the-wrist thing? Haven't tried it, but I did try rubbing/massaging that spot on my wrist and the pain subsided a little. Maybe it has to do with pressure points?


Okay so my boyfriend has been dealing with this toothache weeks now. Clove oil worked for a little while but tonight he just laid in bed in tears he was in so much pain, i suggested taking some nyquil but it didn't take the pain away. so out of options i Googled remedies and thank goodness someone mentioned vanilla extract and it worked instantly but just to be safe he also rinsed with mint listerine, he is now sleeping like a baby which means i can sleep. So thanks for these suggestions. And hope everyone else finds relief.


It's not a 'home remedy' but if the toothache pain is severe enough, it's inflamed and infected.. getting to the Dentist is the best bet, but like me you can't always get to a Dentist because of money issues, or the fact that it may be 3AM..

This may sound strange but.. Cold & Flu medication works wonders. Why? Because it hands inflammation, infection, irritation and all other symptoms toothache's generally derive from.

Getting a day/night one works best, that way you can get a night time pill that lets you sleep through the night.

I've had a toothache pain for the last week, and I just tried doing this, I've never slept so sound, and it's the first morning I've woken with no pain.


After desperately trying anything that might possibly stop the agony, here's the winner.

Liquid Orajel (the kind in the glass bottle) Apply with a Q-tip.
The kind in the tube made my gums sore and wasn't as effective.

I gently brushed with Colgate Sensitive Enamel Protect, swished twice with mouthwash (and it didn't make a difference what kind I used)
Then I dabbed on the Liquid Orajel.

I've been taking 800 mg Ibuprophen and 650 mg Tylenol every 4 to 6 hrs. RELIGIOUSLY
I ate real food today!!

Still going to take a sleep aid, tonight

Here's what I found with your other suggestions...

Clove oil burns, it's WAY spendy and didn't work nearly as good as the Liquid Orajel.

Vanilla just tasted good

Raw Garlic was a Whole New experience in PAIN!

Hot or cold was comforting to some degree but I was still in agony.

All the other messy concoctions was a waste of time for me.

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