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I went to Mexico and saw a dentist. The post he put into the root canal of my tooth was too fat. It cracked the root 2 years later and so 6 mo. into it, my only option was to get an implant because it is a front tooth...
approx. $4,000+ later. The practices there were questionable, at the time I was desperate to save-but lost. Wish I could do it over. My dentist said I need a root canal on a molar and you can bet that I will not drive 2 hrs. to the boarder to loose again.


here is a good one for radiating tooth pain take an aspirin and crush it up and mix it with a dropper of clove oil and place it on the tooth.Works wonders


Try this first and save yourself! We tried the cloves, tea bags Darvocet 875 mg, Tramadol, none of it worked, my husband is 6' and 250lbs and the first day the meds worked on Friday. He is also on Amoxicilin and will have to go back to have it pulled hoping Monday but not scheduled till Wed. He even took extra Darvocett hoping it would help, well it didnt even touch the pain and he started throwing up from too much meds. We went to Walmart at 2 am looking for the recommened Red Cross meds but they didnt have it and he was having to swosh water in his mouth to keep the bay at pain every minute, which does work but you do need to sleep! So I got the only thing that looked like it may help, ORAJEL SEVERE PAIN FORMULA LONG LASTING. $5! APPLY IT ON THE GUMS AND IN AND ON THE TOOTH with a qtip, IMMEDIATELY HE WAS PAIN FREE AND KEPT WAITING FOR THE PAIN BUT NOTHING, WE ran to bed hoping it would keep working and it is now 10 am and it is still working! he applied it with a q tip and put it in and on the tooth. Skip all the others rememdies and do this first!!


Hello lately my tooth had been killing me so badly but the waiting list to see someone to look at it. so my mother inlaw told me to get a dry cloth and put salt in it fold the cloth and put it in the mike-o-wave for 10 sec. and then place it on the out side of you cheek. it works for a while but keep doing it and the pain will stop. sorry for the miss spelt words its 4:30 am and i am in pain so i am doing the salt in cloth thing now. the pain is feeling better.

achey breaky tooth

First off I feel for all of you. I had about a quarter of one of my teeth split off exposing the nerve. OWWWWEEEE. I tried several things. Salt water rinse, clove oil, and many over the counter things. Brushing my teeth rinsing with salt water and then adding clove oil to the exposed part worked best. At least I could sleep. Then I went to the doctor at a quick med. and she gave me some antibiotics. After taking the first two the pain stopped. Still taking them with no pain waiting to get to the dentist. So if you cant get to the dentist or cant afford it I recommend trying a quick med. type place. You may have an abcessed tooth and antibiotics may help with the pain.

cute kitten

hayy its cute kitten again and ive got a cure for u again i found this remedy from The Girls (that did post a remedy on this website) and i think it might work. Start by taking 2 excedrin, right after you take the excedrin put a cap full of whiskey (at least 80 Proof) on the affected tooth. Hold on tooth 1 minute. Whiskey will both kill the pain in seconds and the nerve in just a few minutes. Wait 10 minutes so tooth is good and numb. Rinse your mouth with warm Salt Water. Then brush your teeth with peroxide and toothpaste. Be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly. there ur welcome!!!


For a nasty toothache, this may sound weird but if you take a common tea bag no flavored ones, just the regular black tea, wet the bag and hold inside your cheek and gum, IT WORKS SO WELL, it draws the pain right out of it. I was desperate for help and tried it works great. Tea bags are also good for bee stings, takes pain and swelling right out


So, I've been here time and time again when I've had a toothache; one of my teeth on the right side is basically done for, there's an epic hole in it, but I have no insurance and can't afford to have anything done about it. It's gotten to the point recently where I've been waking up with headaches and ear aches from the pain (it usually tends to get really bad around this time of year.) So, for me, taking a few aspirin works, but I try to space out the days that I take them because it comes ineffective really quickly. But, I'd suggest just brushing really well, picking out anything you might have missed, warm water/salt rinse, mouthwash, and then peppermint oil. That's what I did this time around, and it's worked for the most part, although the peppermint oil isn't as effective. Vanilla extract works pretty well, and I've been having decent luck with swilling cold water on that side, and holding the bottle against my face. For the record, be careful when using peppermint oil; it's extremely numbing, to the point it burns more than numbs. Use a cotton swab to apply it, and expect a burning cheek/lip if your tooth is in the back.


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A cotton ball soak in clove oil followed by some aleve for the swelling.. You can find Clove oil in health stores that specializes in natural foods .. Works for me .. The clove oil will sting at first ( how you know it's working) then it slowly stops...


I have had a tooth ache for about a week now. One day i gargled with peroxide and lightly brushed the aching tooth while gargling and the pain was gone almost instantly. I hope this remedy works for other tooth ache sufferers. I felt like i was going crazy before i tried the peroxide. GOOD LUCK ALL............

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