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My hubby was in pain for about 3 days trying every 'otc' he could get his hands on and nothing worked. So, I visited a few sites on the web and tried a few things. The only thing that has worked and is still working is the vanilla extract. He has been pain free for about 24 hrs now.

Just put a little Vanilla extract on a cotton ball and place in the sore area for a few minutes.


i went to the ER last night after 3 days of agony with 2 broken teeth - nerves exposed - and no insurance or cash to go to dentist. i was given something called Magic Mouthwash - - it is heaven in a bottle for those of us who are suffering with our teeth. it has lidocaine, malox and benedryl... swish for 2 minutes and spit out and your whole mouth is numb for ours !!!!! hope this info is helpful... good luck


you could use extreme pain oragel it helps a little or ambosal also helps i mainly use them or gargle warm salt water or peroixde everyone has there own ways of helping the pain not everyone is the same but it never hurts to try im dealing with wisdom teeth pain and the back of my mouth is sore and the side back by my jaw is hurting ive been taking ibprofin and sleep medicine also you can out hot hot rag on your face if that dont help try ice that usually helps me and i can go to sleep using ice instead of gettin up and down to heat the rag when it gets cold over and over again


i have been dealing with tooth pain off and on for a couple months and not everything works forever but usually at night i would take 2 pm pills dont matter what kind then i would rinse my mouth with peroxide then brush my teeth real good then use night time mouth wash alcohol free the regular mouth wash fresh mint then i get a hot rag get in bed and put it on my face it wont work right away but i would say within 10 to 15 mins it sooths your pain but everyone is different so you can try it if not then your on your own with how to get rid of it you could also use your finger n rub the pain area and it kinda helps


My girlfriend is a nurse so when I asked her what I could use for a toothache at work, she told my that her floor doctor said that Claritin 24 hour allergy works.

I took a generic allergy relief from the first aid kit at work, to my surprise it worked like a charm!!! It takes about 30 minutes to work but it does work.


I have very bad teeth due to an abusive ex and bad teeth genetics. Today I was in such pain I was sobbing. I was reading a lot of these remedies but some (most) haven't worked for me. So I decided to make my own and hope for the best. It has been 45 minutes and I can't tell that my teeth were hurting at all. I took hot water (as hot as you can stand it) and mixed into it salt and ground cloves. I used 2 teaspoons of each. I swished it around and spit it out. I repeated thisuntil the pain was gone. (Only took me 3 times). I can't believe that this simple solution worked better than the pain meds the dr gave me but it does!!


Woke up at 4am with horrible tooth pain on my lower right molar. Took 2 Advil PMs and held a wet green tea bag against the area for 20 minutes (mine was mint green tea.) Worked like a charm =)


I've had my share of toothaches ...... I wish o knew then what I know now.

Always remember if there's an infection you need to get check right away and get on antibiotics.
But in the meantime ......

Most people complian about pain at night ..... That's because of the pressure change.
Avoid laying down. VERY IMPORTANT.
Prop pillows, sleep out on the couch. What ever it takes to stay sleeping sitting up .

If you have any ibprophen TAKE IT...
If the tooth is infected,the ibprophen will help
reduce swollen,which will then also help relieve some of the pain.

If you have a raised area(bubble) it's ok to pop it if you can . DO NOT put any thing thata NOT sterile in your mouth. If it's possible to put pressure on the area and pop the bubble...DO IT....
Don't swallow any of it, just let it keep draining ...keep pressing on the gum to keep it from coming out. Rinse well with warm salt water after . You wi have instant relief . This is not gonna solve the prob, but you'll be able to sleep through the night. Antibiotics are still needed.
You may even wake in the morning and notice a small bubble there again. DON'T BE AFRAID TO KEEP PUSHING IT OUT.
Wash your hands , rinse with warm
salt water . Stay away from toothpaste with bleach in it. (doesn't work anyway) .
Rinse with mouth wash.

Remember for those of you that already know you need a root canal, remember you HAVE to get a crown place on the tooth after the root canal. The root canal is removing the nerve
from the tooth. Once the nerves are removed,this then stops all blood supply to the tooth. The tooth is now dead. Which now the tooth can get brittal and break. Then you could end up losing the tooth anyway.putting a crown on the tooth will protect the tooth and give
you many many more yrs with this tooth.(root canals are not. 100%)

Get to the dentist !!!!!


I used childrens chewable pain relief and it works. i have taken everything and nothing works. smash the pill and let it disolve on the tooth and gums. it taste good also. if u want something strong use asprin. but it tastes bad.


I can CONFIRM that the tea/teabag trick WORKS. I did a combination of BOTH because I wasn't going to waste tea.

So, I boiled up some water made a cup of tea and let it steep for about 14 minutes, took the tea bag out and kept pressing it against the painful area and surrounding gums and cheek. In my case it was the bottom wisdom tooth on the left side and pretty difficult to reach or deal with.

When I took the tea bag out I would drink the tea holding the liquid in my mouth around the painful area for about 10 secs per sip before I swallowed it. So, I can't tell if it was the tea bags or drinking the tea itself that worked but it DID! It reduced the pain DRAMATICALLY and has a sorta numbing effect.

Looks like I'm going to be drinking tea all damn day.

P.S. I would say the 'stronger' the tea the better, like a bold BLACK tea should do good. I've also read that GREEN tea is good. I tried both.

Note: BEFORE I did the tea trick which, in retrospect, I wish I would've originally done. I tried Canker Sore gel in an attempt to numb the area out. This was only effective for about 15 mins before it would wear off and, believe it or not, in some cases, it made the pain worse because it seemed to draw attention to the painful area and my jaw/head throbbed even worse.

I also tried the gargling and swishing around warm salt water trick. This only helped out for about 5 mins and left me with a god awful taste in my mouth.

I also tried the hydrogen peroxide trick which only helped for about 10 mins and left me with a god awful taste in my mouth.

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