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Tried and true remedy is Jack daniel's. Take a tiny sip hold it in the mouth for about a minute,then gently rinse with warm water; repeat as needed. It may burn some but it works. The alcohol in the whiskey works to deaden the nerve, as well as help kill any infection in the tooth. This has gotten me through alot tooth pain untill i was able to get to the dentist. Also think about gettin Den-Temp and use it on the tooth to help keep anything from aggravating the tooth like air.


I have a horrible toothache and have been reading this site i just want to thank everyone who took time to post home remedy the only thing i had acsses to was the tea bag and it did work the only thing is nobody was posting what kind of tea so i had my mom bring me reg. and green i used the reg and it helped so i will save the green one if i need it and hope that works just as good THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE.


In all honesty, Ibuprofen is the best s**t ever. After i take just one, i somehow forget i had a toothache. I dont know how to explain it; it doesnt work in 1 second but somehow it feels like it does because you really can forget that u ever had pain.

Unfortunately this time, I ran out of them and forgot to buy some more while out today and just now had one my biggest toothaches (i need a root canal/ not enough money) so I tried the tea bag w/salt and hot water remedy and had an Alieve and its second best to ibuprofen which is a good thing.


I am trying the tea bag remedy right now as we speak and can honestly say that it is easing the pain. what I did was heat some wate in the microwave then mixed a little bit of salt in it. then I poured it over my tea bag. After letting my tea bag soak for a while. I put the tea bag on my tooth & gum & with the rest of the salt and tea I anm rensing out my mouth! The pain is actually easing. I hope that this keeps me pain free for some hours. Thanks you guys for the tips and advice! My prayers go out to all of you with tooth pain!!


Peppermint extract on the tooth, Listerine, salt water, peroxide all work for me, still need the Motrin also.


I like many others on this site dont have insureance, and I have been in sever pain for the past two days. I too found this website in desperation in the early morning hours. After reading pages and pages of remedies I decided to try a few here is what I tried.
1. Pure Vanilla- while this didnt take away all of my pain, it took some of the edge off.
2. Tea Bag- I heated up some water and put the tea bag in so that it was wet and absorbed the warmth (which helps me) and placed it next to my tooth. This didnt help much with the pain either it was a little better.
3. Bread- someone suggested putting bread in the hole in your tooth so that air couldnt get to the root... this totally didnot work it only made my pain worse when it started to expand!!!
4.. Finally in desperation I tried putting tooth paste on it... No help at all.

So what I did was brush my teeth again thourghly and then I got a qtip and got out some vasoline (petroleum jelly) and put that in where my root was exposed and my pain got about 80 percent better... just engouh for me to fall asleep. I do believe that it was a combination of everything I tried that got me this point not one particualr thing. I hope this helps someone else! :o)


i have this bad toothache twe on the same side of my mouth and its annoying
i have read some of these remedys as well as added my own and so far so good!

1. swish vinegar around on the sore tooth/teeth

2. smoke pot

3. listen to led zeppelin.

4. pain free


I would like to give you all a WARNING about rinsing your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. DO NOT rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide if you have Fillings in your teeth. The peroxide will loosen the fillings and THEY WILL FALL OUT. I know this from personal experience.
A few years ago I read on the label of my Walgreens bottle of peroxide (3%) that it can be used as a gargle or rinse. So I did this for a couple of weeks periodically and shortly thereafter my fillings started falling out. Not all at the same time but over a span of a month or so they fell out Not all of them did because I stopped rinsing with it. I went on line and read somewhere that gargling or rinsing with peroxide will dammage amalgamated fillings. I believe it said that it attacks the cement that holds them in. And it did. This is no joke. I am not kidding. Do yourself a favor and try all of the other remedies before you do the peroxide thing or you will be in worse condition than you are now.


Okay, so I have a toothache that comes and goes, it usually stays for a few days and then it will go away for a while. I don't go to the dentist because.. well I have my reasons. The pain would get so extreme that I couldn't focus on anything. When I was in class that's all I thought about, and it was hard to eat or enjoy anything.

I came across this site and decided to try a few things. First of all, gargle with mouthwash. It may burn, but it ultimately helps. Next, use vanilla extract on your tooth. I didn't think it would work, but almost immediately I got relief. If you have a toothache, you know the pain it puts you in. Seriously, try this. It works.


I'm 25 years old and I hadn't really had a tooth ache that I can remember, I had decent teeth, then I got pregnant at 23 and it seemed they began to chip, break, and started to rot..all of em. Well they wouldn't work on me while I was pregnant, I began to look like I hadn't ever brushed a day in my life, it was horrible. After I had her, I had to switch to a different dentist b/c of my insurance but this dentist made me cry, he didn't believe and said the only explanation was that I had to be doing meth. My previous Dentist said I can a calcium problem and when I got pregnant the little amount I had was taken by the baby thats why my teeth went to hell. Even after the new dentist got my old records he still didn't believe it and accused me of using meth. He made comments and thats one drug i have never seen, not that I'm a drug addict but I have seen drugs but not meth. Anyways I refused to have him work on me and I just now found a dentist to take my insurance and he is going to pull everyone of my teeth. I have tried every remedy out there and I know that Advil Cold and Sinus is the only thing that touches the pain, sometimes T-bags work, sometimes a heating pad, but I always keep Advil Cold and Sinus in stock. I'm excited to finally go next week and have them all pulled, but I hate this happened I loved my teeth before, and now I just hope they don't make em too big LOL

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