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I had a tooth ache in an upper molar (2nd from back) and the paing got steadly worse over 3-4 days so that I could sleep at night. Decided to take a benadryl to help me sleep. Slept throught the night and awoke with no pain. Pain started back later in the day but less than before. Repeated the benadryl treatment for the next few days and the pain went away completely. I thgink this worked on the upper molar due to the relief of sinus pressure on the nerve to the tooth. May not work on lower molars.


If I had not found this page I wouldn't have known where to begin.Due to a terrible snow storm everything has been shut down...apparently my appetite didn't understand that concept and I cracked an old crown on a Jordan almond[tasty but dangerous little treats].I was in agony and felt helpless with pain ...I googled this site[nice to know people try to help eachother]tried most everything on it that I could find in the house being snowbound and luckily my boyfriend found an old brand new small packet of a product called 'temporary lost filling and loose cap repair' by CVS drugs.I brushed,gargled,then packed my sore tooth area with with this just as if I was my own dentist.It was very helpful but still having pain... I am coating the area around tooth whiskey and orajel.I have started making jokes that the left side of my mouth fights with the right side for some more booze.... and when the storm is over I will have to attend A.A. meetings on behalf of that tooth which is now addicted to whiskey[yuck]!
If I hadn't found these things along with keeping a sense of humour I would be toast.
I have now added this little cvs product to my list of 'things that are a must have if stranded on an island' and decided in my next life....yes I want to marry a dentist! Good luck to all fellow tooth sufferers,try to find a laugh amidst the ache....

Amy G.

I have had a broken tooth for the past 6 months (due to no dental insurance and I go to the dentist in 2 weeks for root canal and crown but now have ins through my employer...yay!!) and I have been using dental wax (the kind you use for braces to keep them from irritating your mouth/gums). I roll it into a little ball and put it into the broken tooth. I bite off the excess and bite down on it until it's comfortable. Keeps the air from getting into it and also keeps the broken tooth from irritating your mouth/tongue. Also a combo of tylenol/ibuprofen/sudafed (yes, sudafed) works wonderfully. I take it every 6 hours b/c of the ibuprofen's tendency to irritate the stomach. I also rinse twice a day with chlorhexadrine (antibiotic prescription mouthwash) and that seems to also help. I have yet to try to teabag or clove oil remedy.


I have the worst toothpain u could ever imagine. It's extremely painful and all I could find in the house is coconut extract and it burns for a few seconds but I felt instant relief and before that I had taken 6 ibuprofen, a vicodin, and a muscle relaxer and nothing helped but honestly the coconut extract AMAZING!!!


so i have been on this website for a hr. tryin to get rid of my very dramatic boyfriends tooth pain...after tryin teabags....liquer....orajel...pills...and god knows what said to try just tasted good! But he kept trying and by mistake he grabbed ALMOND extract instead out the cabinet this time....and wooow it numb his whole mouth and he finally stopped bellowing


For two weeks I had a terrible tooth ache. I popped advil and Tylenol every 4 hrs. My best friend suggested I try using Original Listerine.
( Miracle worker )...I goggle 3-4x daily. I'm happy to say the pain is completely gone...

P. S Please try this remedy. You will be amazed at the results..


Clove oil! You can by it at health food stores, just a few drops on tooth and magically the pain disapears! I also soak a tea bag in a solution of 3 tbs hot water and 15 drops clove oil


Clove oil! You can by it at health food stores, just a few drops on tooth and magically the pain disapears! I also soak a tea bag in a solution of 3 tbs hot water and 15 drops clove oil


After being up the 3rd night in a row I found this site in agony. A lot of things didn't work but a combo seems to have taken the pain down to practically nothing.

I've been able to stop salt water gargles and running for the listerine bottle in between and also have been able to stretch out the time between tylenol doses to more than 6 hours.

I'm doing the following:
Making a solution of baking soda and vinegar. I did the one posted here, 1tsp soda to 1Tbsp vinegar and have also cut the vinegar in half and had the same result with near instant relief. I brush with the solution until it's all used and keep my tongue out of the way so it doesn't irritate it (did the 1st time) and then rinse with a tiny bit of lukewarm water.

After that I'm rinsing with listerine to get the vinegar remnants out.

Any pain left I'm taking care of with reflexology pointers doing massage and ice compresses as needed to the opposite side's hand between thumb and forefinger (so left in my case of right side tooth pain) and it's leaving me nearly 100% pain free.

The last 'bit' tylenol is taking care of but I'm able to last longer than the 4-6 hour timeframe where I couldn't even make it to 4 before.

Hope this might help someone else out there suffering.


I started having pain on the evening of Christmas Eve. I tried a strong prescription pain pill that didn't make the pain go away. I tried Motrin and it didn't help. Vanilla Extract and rinsing with salt water was no use. Aleve has been my remedy of choice. I took 2 tablets and the pain eventually went away. Have been taking only Aleve for the last two days and it has proven to take the pain away. Will go to the dentist tomorrow.

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