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Well I had a really bad ache on my wisdom tooth and the thing about me is: If you've taken all the pain-realivers that you possibly can and the pain is still there try BENADRYL or any SINUS medicine and that seems to work fine for me because I have allergies and for some reason it bothers my teeth....!!!!!



★TRIGGER POINT THERAPY★ I found this here and it works! Open your mouth and with your thumb and index finger (one outside and one inside your mouth) feel from the back corner of your cheek by your back molars and you should feel a muscle there. Gently massage it for about a minute. If you feel a knot there this could be the source of your pain and you didnt even know it. Now move forward and down some toward your lips until you feel another muscle and repeat the massage there. Now switch sides and repeat.

★ACCUPRESSURE★ I also saw this here but developed a better method. At your jawbone under your earlobe apply firm pressure. This is similar to cutting off the pain reception before it reaches the brain. Other pressure points i used are: in alignment with your nose at just before the opening of your ear, also on the back of your neck midline apply 3 fingers of firm pressure beginning at your hairline. Also in alignment with your earlobes on the back of your neck at the hairline apply 2 finger pressure. Continue these until you no longer feel pain.

These were very helpful to me and i just changed them some to make them better. NO DRUGS. NO NASTY TASTING MIXTURES. JUST TOUCH AND IT WORKS! Let me know if it works for you!


I have been suffering from tooth pain for almost a week now and i would like to share with u the things that have worked for me in varying degrees.
**CEPACOL SORE THROAT LOZENGES- don't taste the greatest but if u suck on it until its gone and hold it on the sore tooth or teeth the pain does go away.
**CLOVE OIL- others have mentioned this. It tastes terrible and burns some but does numb the area for approx. an hour. I applied it with a Q tip on gums and teeth.
**PEPPERMINT EXTRACT- I applied this with either a Q tip or finger and it numbs instantly, but again temporary.
**ORAJEL MOUTH SORE MEDICINE- this is not the regular orajel. This is the one for canker and cold sores. For some reason it works better for short term relief.
**KANKA- professional strength mouth pain liquid. You can buy this at your local drugstore. It has a built in applicator brush. Numbs well.
**DENTEK TEMPARIN MAX- cheap temporary filling kit. Use it to fill the cavity holes in your teeth. It lasts about 4-6 days. Ive used my kit several times and still have alot left. Costs about $4.
**IBUPROFEN/VICODIN- I alternated 2- 800
mg Ibuprofen with 2 Vicodin 10/325 every 3 hours.
**TYLENOL PM- I used these to help me sleep at night. Works!


I tried several of things that are listed on this forum & still couldn't get relief.

The best two things I will suggest are RINSING WITH WARM WATER (no salt, actually) and PEANUT BUTTER. crazy, but it actually worked for me. Orajel works, but only for literally a minute and then the pain comes back, sometimes even worse. Ibuprofen takes the edge off a little but doesn't make it any easier to sleep.

I am going to try the orajel-toothpaste-aspirin paste tonight on my tooth as well, it seems many people have had success with that.


I have a tooth cracked by popcorn. Very painful. I have been using hot red pepper seeds like you use for pizza spice on the tooth. It works good. It turns out that capsaicin in the pepper numbs pain nerves but leaves the taste nerves normal. So after the first burning sensation in your mouth wears off the pain stays away as long as you keep some hot pepper seeds in your mouth.
If you don't use red peppers regularly as a spice try only a small pinch to start with so you don't overload your mouth. Be careful not to touch your eyes with any fingers after handling the pepper. I have been using this remedy for several years.


After trying just about everything on this list, the only thing that has helped me get any relief at all is a combination of things...

First, get some antisceptic mouth wash. This hurts a bit, but it'll numb your mouth for long enough to get the next step ready. Then you can use either ice or a hot cloth (get a wash cloth damp, and pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds, then carefully place it in a little ziplock style sandwich bag) and rest that against your face. For me, the ice worked for a short while, but the heat worked for a much greater period of time.

It's strange, though, it seems like my body really wanted to build up an immunity to whatever was helping the pain.

Just be careful with any of those pain relievers, ibuprofen and tylenol really did nothing for me, though liquid sinus medicine with acetominophin did help for a bit.


Hi everyone! I suffer from tootache pain alot and I have found a few thngs to work. the first thing is rinsing with very warm water and salt. this wll burn and u might wanna curse really bad but it will help within a few minutes. The next thing is pure vanilla extract. Swish it in your mouth and spit. It will numb the pain and also try putting Goodypowder on the gum and that will allow sleep. Goodluck and goodnights rest to all of us.


Salt on the tooth and gums works great for me, and it doesn't make me numb. I can't believe it works!


ok i had tried almost everything on here nothing worked more that like 5 mins max, then i desided to wander the store, found 2 amazing products one is gly-oxide it's a oral antiseptic cleaner, then i put on something called kanka it's a mouth pain liquid kinda looks like honey took the pain away right away and it has been 7 hours has not came back, and i had been up for days crying my eyes out, waiting on my dentist appointment.

L Condor

First a big thanks for the insight and yes a tooth can cause major pain!! A week ago lower left molar started acting was a test of endurance...did the salt...note better to use Himalayan salt..u get the 84 minerals...did the tea...but the one thing that worked was Sangre de Drago.

As a shaman...dont use pharm...but we use this sap from the Amazon to heal killed the bacteria in my mouth and recomend to all...use a cotton stick...put 2 drops of Sangre de Drago...and be free of pain...

Though this wonderful sap from the rainforest contains a number of beneficial phytochemicals, the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of sangre de drago can be attributed to two main chemicals. These two chemical compounds are Taspine, an alkaloid that has been documented as anti-inflammatory, antitumorous, and antiviral, and Dimethylcedrusine, a lignan that plays a central role in sangre de drago's wound-healing capabilities. In a study done in Belgium, it was found that the healing properties of the raw sangre de drago resin were four times more effective at forming collagen and healing wounds than the administration of the isolated chemicals. When sangre de drago resin was smeared onto a sterile plate, allowed to dry and then doused with E. Coli bacteria the bacteria promptly died versus a similar plate treated with the antibiotic ampicillin.

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