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I have had a tooth ache for 3 days and can only sleep for about an hour at a time. I ran out of the Redcross toothache stuff so I went searching through the kitchen, i found CRUSHED RED PEPPER OR JALEPENO JUICE and applied it even though I had never heard anything about it before I figured it couldn't hurt any worse and wow It really worked better than anything else that I have tried.

gopinath Menon

For tooth ache: Coconut Oil ( not coconut Milk). rinse mouth with one tea-spoon of this oil used in some Indian Cooking. and find soothing settling within one second.


I've read and tried some of the remedies posted here, and some of it helped my horrible and unbearable toothache for a while, but then quit working. When nothing else helped, I went to the Emergency Room to try to find relief, but since it was classified 'non-emergent' they wouldn't help me without me paying $150 up front, and I don't have that kind of money just laying in my purse! So I went home and drank freezing cold ice water all night, which was just barely helping. The next day, when I was dropping my daughter off at daycare, the lady that owns the daycare gave me a miracle pill!! I couldn't believe how quick and how much it helped! Tylenol, ibuprofen, orajel, ice water, etc. had all quit working for me, but this little, well, rather largeish, pill was a life saver. It's available at Walmart for $4 for 2 bottles of 100 tablets each, so 200 tablets for $4. It's called Equate Extra Strength Headache Relief! It has Tylenol, Asprin and Caffeine in it. If your toothache quits responding to anything else, try this. I hope it helps you like it helped me!


i went through all of these ideas because i have been in horrible pain two days. need relief until dentist appt. i tried only two but really paid attention to some comments in particular. i tried rinsing with cold milk and kit seemed to ease pain only moments. someone suggested chew bread and cover tooth with the chunk of bread to keep air off the tooth. that worked until the bread eventually dissolved each time i swallowed. so i made my own remedy. i chewed 4 pieces of sugar-free gum and covered the tooth with the gum. then just kept it covering my tooth. IT WORKS! NO AIR GETS TO MY TOOTH. NO PAIN after about 10 minutes. i will remember this. hope it helps you too.


I find when i have a tooth ace rubbing my temple on the side that the tooth hurts.
Also a warm cloth on the side where the tooth hurts helps also.


thank god for this site... i had a simple remedy where by i would just draw air with the painful tooth and the sensitivity would be really uncomfy but only for a few seconds then i would be pain free for days, now it seems that that sensitive area has gone deeper and drawing air is not helping in any way even though the tooth(well its the gum now) is still very painful, so far my only remedy is holding cold water(warm water just made it worse) in my mouth for as long as i can, spit it out, then reapet. i assume i am going to repeat this until i find another remedy which will bring lasting relief, i am going to try vanilla extract, i hope it will work


rinse your mouth for 10-15 min of salt watter swishing it around the pain as much as u can stand ty to hold it in your mouth for 1-2 min before spitting out and repeating do this 2-3 times helps to numb the pain and clean the area once this is done if you where like me and desperate to sleep get a strong ziplock baggy and fill it with ice then wrap it in a hand towel and lay the towel on top of your pillows lay your head gently on the ice so that the sore part of your jaw is resting lightly on the bag and try to sleep the salt water numbs it a LOT and the ice dulls the rest away and keeps it low enough that you can sleep

i was able to get a good 5-6 hours of sleep only thing is you wake up with a bag of water so one might want to drape another towel over the pillow 1st to catch it but if you ask me for how much pain your in cleaning up a lil clean water from the pillow and sheet is well worth it


Pure Vanilla Extract wiht soema cho. in ti helps take a pice of toile papper soak it int he vanilla nd place on the sore topoth works istnate and kills the pain


This is guaranteed to work.
1) Brush your teeth with Sensodyne toothpaste.
2) Put Gly-Oxide on your tooth and let it sit for 2 minutes - spit and repeat for another 2 minutes. This will hurt but it will clean the infection causing the pain.
3) Take a shot of Whiskey (prefer Jack Daniels) and hold it in your mouth for about 2 minutes. It will kill the nerve.
4) Find someone who can give you some amoxicillin (family of friend might have some left over).

The pain is probable cause by an infection. The Gly-Oxide is an Antiseptic Oral Cleanser that will kill the infection. You can find it at any Pharmacy (CVS & RiteAid) but they put it in unusual places in the store so you might have to ask for it.


All I'm gonna say is Crest Sensitivity, relief in minutes.toothpaste

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