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I just used chunky peanut butter to fill the tooth, in an obvious attempt to keep air from reaching the exposed nerve, i figured the chunks would be an annoyance, but as i'm out of creamy, not much i can do about that, however, i have found that getting a peanut lodged in, and then heating a small bit of saran wrap just enough to keep it hot long enough to continue melting while i placed it, i found that it has seemingly melded to the peanut and reexpanded slightly, filling the hole

probably not a very plausible fix, and it has not completely removed the pain, but it has dropped it from a splitting 10 down to maybe a low throbbing 3, and that is a relief i can use to keep me functioning properly


1. Brush with Sensodyne first.
2. Dip q-tip in Clove Oil ( your pharmacist will have it ) and then apply to aching tooth.

This will set you back about $10-$15 bucks.

I'm 100% pain free.


So it 1:45 am and my teeth have been bothering me on and off for the last few months. After eating some candy one of my fillings fell out and I haven't really had the time or money to get it fixed. Now the hole in my tooth has gotten rather large through the years and all the terrible dentist I have seen haven't helped mind you Im only 22. So thanks to google I stumbled across this site and to my delight I saw a lot of remedies with things I have right in my house. My teeth are sensitive to any extreme temperatures wether hot or cold so that cut out some of my options but I did try the vanilla extract which helped a little and so did the sensodyne tooth paste . But my problem is that I believe the nerves may be exposed which is difficult to reach with the finally I tried some vodka and it worked like a charm, I just kind of swished it around an suddenly the pain got very dull then it was gone!!!


I had a terrible wisdom tooth pain and used a whole fresh garlic clove with some whole cloves, which i crushed with my teeth and then stuck around the gum area and tooth...Pain was gone in 15 pharmaceutical painkillers required...


If your having serious pain like I did all you need is to put some ice on it. Hope it helps :)


Had an old filling since I was a teenager. 16 yrs I go to this new Dental Office for a cleaning. Dentist suggested I should replace my old filling. I asked how much is my co-pay dentist said nothing it's 100% covered. So let him replace it. 1-2 days pass hurt like a **MOFO** thought to my self it's prob just my tooth adjusting. 1 week later.... PAIN... PAIN when I bite, pain with cold and hot. Closing and opening my mouth, shooting pain! NO sign of infection. Went back to my Dentist all he's doing is shaving my tooth saying that my bite is off!!!! Took Ibroprofen 800mg. Helped me out for 2 weeks, just one day it just hurts and hurts and UNBELIEVABLY HURT!!!!! I was popping Ibroprofen like crazy, hurts at night! Tried gargling COLD water since I rather take the shock pain than the pain I was in. Gives me a short relief, also I think it made the nerves really cold as if my brain is focusing on that pain to transmit rather than transmitting the actual pain. I looked in my medicine cabinet I see Diclofenac, a medication that was prescribe to me when I fell my bum on the stairs while back also prescribe to people with Arthritis pain. Bet ya that worked for me and waiting on MONDAY so I can get this tooth pulled out!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT! Good Luck guys!


I have a back moler that has been hurting for about a week asprin isnt working anymore. I have tryed a few things and some worked for me and some didnt. first i tryed the warm salt water that did nothing for me. Next i tryed vinager on a Q tip and applyed it to the tooth and that actualy took the pain away but only for a few mins. then i tryed the garlic thing and OMG that was the worst thing i could have done the pain was worse than it had ever been!!! Next i put peanut butter on the tooth and i was suprised when that worked but only untill it disolved. so then i tryed the vanilla extract and was also suprised when that worked but again only for a few mins. the last thing i have tryed is the tea bag (black tea) i boiled water and put the tea bag in it for a few mins then i took it out and put in my mouth along the gum line by the bad tooth for about one min and that took the pain away it has bee about 45 mins since i did it and still no pain im happy for now. Hope this info helps. Good luck

toothpain survivor

Pls note that for any of these home remedies to work better the infected area needs to be as clean as possible, brush your teeth or swirl warm salty water around your mouth first and however you choose to proceed will work much better than if you don't do this first.


Tooth aches are killers.. Althought it might not kill you feel you are dead.. This is probably the time people get really innovative.. :).. I too had tooth ache and I tried a lot of things which did not work or just gave me a relief for few minutes.. The only thing that worked for me was applying tooth past on the cavity tooth just before you go to bed in the night.. Do not swallow the tooth past.. By morning you should have got a good relief for rest of the day.. repeat this for 2 - 3 nights.. things should be better :)


i had a toothace that lasted for about 3 days. I tired every kind of medicine to ease the pain. Ibrufen didnt work, i tried using orajel, which is specially designed for toothaches that didnt work either. So as i was reading the suggestions people wrote. I came across one that said to use sensodyne. Which is a tooth paste that helps reduce the pain. Whe i tried it, not only did it reduce the pain, it imediatley took the pain away, i was amazed and sooooo excited, trust me people this sensodyne stuff works!!! :)

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