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My boyfriend had a really bad toothache due to infection. It started 2 nights ago just as he lie down to sleep. It kept him up all night, he went to the drugsstore at 4 a.m to grab some aleve, but meds weren't working all too well.

The pain continued throughout the day, to the point where he made an appointment to get his tooth pulled.

He tried vanilla extract, didn't work. He tried honey, it worked for about 5 minutes but the pain would flare right back up again. He also used an ice pack but that didn't work either. After 24 hours of intense pain a friend of a friend suggested activated charcoal.

Just buy a bottle at a health store, possibly at drug stores too, we didn't check there. You can buy it in powder form or capsule form, which you can easily open to access the powder inside.

We bought the capsules. make a paste with 2 tsp of the charcoal with water, and make sure it's thick. use a Gauze or in our case we used a tea bag since we had no gauze. Place the mixture inside the gauze and bite down on the tooth that is hurting. In 20-30 minutes, the pain will be gone!

This morning I asked him how he felt, he said he slept all night and the pain was still gone 9 hours later. He even canceled his dentist appointment because we don't have coverage yet, although we will soon.

If everything else fails, try this. he said the charcoal doesn't taste bad either :)

happy camper

So I have this tooth pain for about a week or so maybe longer, the tooth itself cracked a few months ago, I just don't like the dentist so I refuse to go unless I'm getting something pulled. I have great insurance & don't really pay much for co-pay or anything at all for extractions, I just fear needles and the dentist so I'm very iffy on going :( I know I'm goofy right! but anyhoo I found this site and tried some of the things listed & for me the following works wonders!

1. Brush thoroughly
2. Rinse with a mouthwash that's not harsh, I use kids ACT bubble gum flavor.
3. then follow with a rinse of Listerine, may burn alittle but the ACT helps prevent the burning too much I found.
4. then I took 2 IB's & 1 Klonopin 1mg
5. This I swear when I read it on here I seriosly doubted it would work but holy hell in a hand basket, it took all pain away and I'm still pain free over 12 hrs later! and I dabbed a little on this morning just to be safe lol.. What I used was something called 'Deep Throat Gel' It's sold in Adult stores, I saw someone had said use Anal-eeze cause it contains lidocaine, which it does I have a bottle of that as well, haven't used it yet b/c the other gel works just as good. I had both already on hand so I didn't have to go buy them lol. But I swear if you have anything similiar to that stuff whether it be the anal stuff or deep throat stuff, it numbs the tooth and takes the pain away!!! It's amazing and gross at the same time hahahahaha. Good luck all! I know everyone is different but it can't hurt to try, thank to everyone that posted remedies on here. they've helped alot!!! :-)


I have a hole in one of my back teeth, actually its half a tooth because its broken. I start having trobbing pain in it lately and needed relief quick. The only pain meds. i had was EXCEDRIN MIGRAINE and i took 2 tables with some SEAGRAM'S GINGER ALE! Why this work, i dont know... but i did... Its been 12hrs and im still pain free. Ofcoarse brushing and rinsing well 1st;))


My tooth has been killing me for a week now. Couldn't sleep and found this site. I read someone said take some tobacco and put on affected tooth. Well I remembered I had received a free pack of new Marlboro snus. They are small pouches of tobacco you put between tooth and gums. It was an assorted pack with one of the flavors being spearmint. Well after having intense pain for going on 4 hours it only took 5 minutes and I am pain free. Worked wonders and now I am going to sleep and seeing my dentist first thing in the am. Might be worth keeping a pack in medicine cabinet along with the anbesol.


Honey, take pure honey and swish it around the tooth. Infection is one of the main causes of tooth aches. Honey is one of natures most powerful antibiotics. The honey will relieve the infection thus slowing down and eliminating most of the pain. Do this three to four times in about 20 minutes and you will be amazed at the relief.


Like most of you, I get those cant sleep, cant think, gets me real mardy types of toothaches.

Was watching local telly ages ago where I got this tip from:

Chop red chili, use a QTIP to absorb some of its oil and dab the QTIP on the affected area.

Worked wonders for me. But still, make sure to visit your dentist to have it checked.


Toothache remedy i just tried after 2 hours of terrible pain that woke me up right out of a sound sleep. 800 mg Ibuprofen, takes while to kick in, so i then tried the Oragel thing and vanilla extract plus rubbed gums was soothing but pain came back quickly. salt with warm water that was the ticket felt relief about 50% by then so i did that twice and now a listerine gargle and i'm 80% pain free and can fall back asleep and by then ibuprofen should kick in. thanks for all the ideas from others. this combination is working for right now.


So I've been having a really bad toothache since last night...I ate some chocolate chips cookies,which I should have known better since I have bad teeth but I'm pregnant so I have certain cravings...Anyway about an hour after eating the cookies I started noticing a minor toothache,which is what I thought it was going to be at first...Oh no it was just getting started,so let's just say a few minutes later I was in so much pain I could barely stand it...Hell I'm still in pain and I'm hoping I can find something that will relieve the pain...This is what I have tried:

Extra Strength Tylenol: Took 3 and didn't work

Salt Water Rinse: Didn't work

Baking Soda Rinse: Didn't Work

Brushing with Sensodyne: use to work but not this time

Peanut Butter: Provided some relief for a few seconds then pain came back

Onion: Didn't work

Sucking on a popsicle: didn't work

Drinking cold water and milk: provided relief for a minute or two then pain returned

Ice Pack: this is the best thing so far...It hasn't made the pain completely go away but its helping more than anything else

I wish I could go to the dentist but most dentist won't take the Medicaid card for pregnant women because they cannot put you under...All they can do is provide a local anesthetic which numbs the area they are working on...It's stupid because I live in Louisiana and there are not many places you can go to...I'm at my wits end I am almost tempted to pull that b!tch out myself


omg.. the painn is almost gone..

i stated having really bad tooth pain last night...
and i woke up this morning and it was unbearable.. i couldn't even get any of my school work done and i have class tomorrow....
i googled...

i first tried the Vannilla.. it helped a bit...

then i tried a peroxide and toothpaste mix.. and brushed affected area and it felt better but still hurt....
and i saw on here a TEA BAG.... ???

works wonders ( i tried a green tea bag.. no other flavoring)!!!!!

so now i have the string of a teabag hanging out of my mouth and an ice pack to the side of my cheek ... and i can finally do my school work!!!!

P.S. thank god i love green tea!!!


Cheese. But it does not help (much) once you have pain. If you eat cheese after eating something sugary or acidic you won't get pain from them. I believe it's the calcium neutralizing the acid. I think mozzarella is best; other cheeses are more acidic for flavor, defeating the purpose. It works no matter how bad your teeth are.

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