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I just want to thank all the good people that responded with their remedies. On Thursday evening my tooth started going bad and finally on Saturday night I had to resort to trying the remedies suggested because of the pain. I did the vanilla extract from Costco w the q-tips and the clove and also hydrogen peroxide mixed w water. These brought the pain level down to where it was tolerable, but recently I've been using the shower water to massage the gums so I tried it on the tooth, slowly at first expecting at any time a huge jolt of pain from hitting the nerve and then more powerful as it took away all the pain. I could have stayed in the shower all night but this is Calif and we're in the midst of a drought so I turned off the water. What I'm thinking is that I didn't have a cavity but maybe a problem with the roots since I had a tooth extracted 8 months ago and have had bite problems since. Saturday night I also took arnica Montana and it helped relieve the pain. I also did the organic coconut oil pulling but then added 2 new techniques which nobody has mentioned: 1) LED lights of blue and green and pinkish along with vibration from a little massage thingy since the tooth felt better if I kept pressure applied. I did this for maybe 30 minutes. I had read abt the light procedure from Dr. Rowen's about an practicioner from India that was able to do some cures in the 1920's using light therapy; 2) then on I read how laying on of hands can help in many situations so I had my wife hold her hand over my jaw while I held her hand to complete the circuit. We did this for about 15 minutes Saturday night (the two procedures) and Sunday I was feeling well enough to maybe go out and run 2 miles competing against some kids if called. Sunday night she held her hand on my jaw for 40 minutes while we watched Chuck Missler and then I did another 20 minutes w the light and vibration and got some good sleep from 3AM till 7:30AM and my face is now on Monday swollen from the toxin but I think I've passed the crisis point as to the teeth so that I'm not phoning the dentist since they just want to pull more of my teeth. Again I want to thank those who put their remedies down since it gave me hope and the remedies are doable by anyone.


The vodka swish worked great. Hurt for about 1 - 2 min. after but subsided quickly and so far so go, about 2 hours after


Essential Clove Oil works wonders for tooth pain, broken teeth and exposed nerves. The clove helps numb the area and it also helps disinfect the area. You can buy this at natural food stores or online. I just dab enough on a QTip, you want to make sure you cover the area without swallowing the oil. Good luck!


I have been suffering from increasingly frequent toothaches in multiple teeth for about 6 months now. This has been my experience with home remedies:

The first night I had agonizing pain that painkillers would not help, I did some research and tried all the methods that I had supplies for.

I cut up garlic and ground it into a paste, then blended in some vanilla extract. I applied this to the the cavity area and presto pain was gone in a few minutes. This is after taking about 12 ibuprofen in 8 or 9 hours with no relief.

I looked into tooth and gum health and came across oil pulling with coconut oil. The next time I had a toothache I tried coconut pull. To my surprise it actually worked bringing my 7/10 pain to about a 2/10. I started oil pulling as part of my daily routine and for weeks I had no pain.

Then, a few days ago I started getting the old familiar pain. Oil pulling brought it down to a 3 or a 4 and it went away with pain killers after that. But the last 2 nights oil pulling has brought it down to a 3 or a 4 but painkillers have been ineffective and the pain returns again in less than an hour. Last night I resorted to garlic again and it worked for about an hour or two. I had to apply garlic again to get to sleep.

This morning, throbbing pain. Oil pull brought it down to about a 2 but I had a flare up about 20 minutes ago which left me huddling in the corner trying to put my mind over matter. After the pain subsided I came to this site to look for help and to report my experience.

Later my girlfriend will bring me my vanilla extract and I will try that again. The first time I tried it I thought it was the garlic that did the trick not the vanilla since that sounded suspect to me, so I will try the vanilla alone.

Soon I want to try clove, onion, vodka, and the other remedies. I have also heard that making an aspirin paste and shoving it in the cavity works.


Garlic! Garlic! Garlic! Just pack it around the affected area and into the teeth.
Instant relief! Whew!


I have the worst teeth, I have some kind of hereditary gum issue that my mom had. She had dentures by 22 & I didn't even find out until I was 15! Now I'm looking so forward to being able to afford to get me some new teeth! With my worst pains, that kept me up all night, I found the miracle.. Nyquil! You swish the Nyquil all around your bad tooth, go ahead & swallow it afterwards & the pain will be gone plus you will go into your 'Nyquil coma', as I call it, so you will get a good night sleep!


Warm flannel, running your toothbrush under warm water and a warm tea with no sugar help me

My Swedish remedy

So I cracked my molar on the right top side about 4 months sent me away saying that it should hold out for a while....???? go figure. Anyway, tonight is new years eve and my head feels like a big aching pumpkin. Tried brushing all afternoon with Sensodyne toothpaste, but only minimal relief. Toot a Panadiene Forte for strong pain...but the excruciating aching persistrd...Then took the advice of an earlier post and took a mouthful of Absolute Vodka....Holding and swishing it around the offending tooth for about 40 second....Geez does that hurt. But my pain sibsided very quickly...and the throbbing has virtually stopped all together. Needless to say, I wont be partying tonight....but shall put myself to bed with my Absolute Vodka on the night stand just in case.


After horrendous christmas day and boxing day toothache with no dentist available i found this site.
Being up all night i decided to work my way through the list of remedies.
Firstly I rinsed with a strong warm salt water solution. Then I wedged a piece if red onion against the tooth causing me grief.
Within 20 minutes the pain was subsiding and i fell asleep at last. I woke 4 hours laterwith the pain completely gone. 2 days later it has not returned. I am amazed as the pain had been constant for 2 whole days and no painkillers touched it. Haile the power othe onion.

Brush yo teeth

Anyone else go to several sites and use a combination of pretty much all of them?

I chewed cloves & garlic, swirled cognac, swirled vanilla extract and after all that the pain was dulled heaily.

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