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I soak a strip of cotton pad lighty with Bactine. The lidocaine in the solution deadens much of the pain. I even can sleep if I leave it inside my gum at night. It doesn't taste all that bad and it kills germs.


Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. ... unless you have a persistent toothache.

I have a ten year old crown that developed some sensitivity two days ago. Sensodyne TP helped but after 24 hours and until now, the pain has became almost unbearable. The pain pulsates with my heart beats and made worse by laying down.

The only relief I've had comes from drinking some cool water which I let come in contact with the tooth. The relief is almost instantaneous but
lasts only a few minutes.

This kind of pain is caused by gas pressure that builds up under the tooth, secondary to nerve root decomposing or rotting. The cold water causes the gas to contract thus the relief when swigging with cold water.

What Worked: A hydrogen peroxide compress for the tooth, for ten minutes followed by a big clove of garlic, peeled and held to the side of the tooth for ten minutes.

Cold water helped the most but once you start down this road you will need the cold water all day and night to get any relief. I'ts hard to fall asleep when you need to repeat the cold water process every two to three minutes.

The cure: extraction of the tooth or a root canal to rid the tooth of the offending nerve degeneration or rot. Since my money is tight, this tooth is coming out tomorrow providing I can get into see the dentist.


Oil of cloves works very well on toothaches. Bought over the counter at a pharmacy, put on cotton ball and rub on tooth. Works very well, my mom used this when we were young and I recently had a toothache and went to buy some, still works but see a dentist asap!!


I was up at 3 am in tears from pain. I had a mild toothache yesterday and before I went to be I took 2 ibuprofen which usually helps. When I was woken at 3am from pain, nothing that usually works was working. I had read remedies before for my brother(thankfully his are being fixed this week) and remembered seeing something about a tea bag on the tooth.

I was hesitant. I gag easily and was afraid it would taste horribly and the only tea bags I have in the house are big ones. After taking 3 more ibuprofen and reading through the other remedies to see if there's one I had supplies for that I havent tried with little to no relief I went in search of my tea bags.

I cant believe that it actually worked. I have to say I also did the pressure point between the left forefinger and thumb and I have spearmint numbing spray(was a gag gift, marketed for bedroom fun but came in handy here)and both helped some but the tea bag is what allowed me to get back to sleepy rather than weepy. I fell asleep maybe 15 minutes after putting it in my mouth. The taste wasnt bad either. Made a nice little saliva brew in my mouth but I kept a bowl close to spit in every few minutes.

Its been hours and there is no pain so far. I have taken 2 more ibuprofen just to stay ahead of it and I have a fresh tea bag in my pocket. I dont care how ridiculous it looks, it will be in my mouth if the pain returns. I will also be purchasing the red cross toothache kit today when I get a chance. Thank you so much to the people who suggested these things.

Also, previous experience- be careful with the meds. I accidentally overdosed last winter. In the midst of the pain, I wasnt keeping track of how much I took and was just taking to get rid of the pain enough to get a few minutes of sleep here and there. Went on for about a week and on the 5th and 6th days I had finished an entire bottle and my liver tried to shut down. I spent 3 days in the ICU hooked to a poo load of machines. It really wasnt fun and they treat you like youre some junkie. The worst part- they have to detox you for 24hrs so you dont get any pain meds during that and they cant treat you for the tooth until youve detoxed. Worst 24hrs of my life and Ive recovered from a c-section with no meds at all afterward.

I was told by the doctor there that up to 800mg ibuprofen and 1 tylenol will do the same as a strong pain pill(vicodin is what they compared it to). That is the combo I usually use when it gets bad. Works most of the time.


As many Ive had issues with bad pain with my teeth. I've had countless and there were a few times even asprin/tylenol/ibuprofen didn't work. Well this time I didn't have any nor the money to buy any. So as I was searching I was out of luck with no money to buy the other thing nor did I have any.

Well I made a desperate move and tried dabbing my colgate sensitivity tooth paste (only thing I had) on the tooth and it worked!

I thought it wouldn't with this kind of pain but it did, also grab a tube anyway if your like me with continued tooth pain.


I had a really bad toothache lastnight, i just took a pain pill, but tonight the pain pill didn't work because the pain has spread throughout the left side of my mouth. I haven't felt this much pain since my wisdom teeth were removed. I saw a lot of people on here talk about clove oil and sage and black tea bags. I don't have all these exact things but I have stuff similiar. I put half a spoonful of dried clove and half a spoonful of rubbed sage in a glass of warm water, stirred it real good, got a paper towel and poured it onto the paper towel folded up small to fit nicely in the back of my teeth, refolded it to were the sage was on the inside of the towel (like a tea bag)and bit onto it firmly but not hard, just enough to squeeze the excess water out. Pain relieved in seconds. It was like a miracle but kept it in for a few extra minutes just in case. I will now be sleeping like a rock!


I have braces and the other day I discovered what I think is a cavity. However, it's in one of my banded teeth where it can't be fixed till debracing (Nov. 7). So, I looked up some home remedies before remembering that vanilla extract will work. So, I put some vanilla on a q-tip and dabbed the tooth. I felt instant relief.
I've also heard tea tree oil works but you can't swallow that so I haven't tried it.


I read some of the other remedy's on this site and came up with my own. 2 advil liqi gels every few hours. I saw people said garlic, lemons etc so i found some garlic juice and lemon extract which contains like 92% alch. I also picked up some colgate mouthwash with peroxide in it. I got on oral syringe for applying the garlic juice and the lemon extract. I tried the garlic 1st and man was it strong, then a while later i tried the lemon extract. I am now pain free. I had a tooth that had cracked and was starting to get infected but I feel great now!


For a cracked tooth with exposed nerve there's not a lot you can do cause that nerve is exposed... If you're ok with meds here's what you do.. Take an aspirin(old school white ones not liquids/gels/etc) take that pill and sit it on a spoon... Lay another spoon over it and press hard with your thumb... You should be able to break the pill and grind it to powder. Take a straw and cut a at an angle to make a lil scooper... Stand in the mirror or have someone help you and pour that aspirin powder directly on the cracked tooth.. If you can get it all up IN the crack better.. It taste gross so try not to swallow.. The aspirin will numb and kill the pain for a few hrs... I used that remedy every couple weeks for a year for a cracked tooth I had.. I'm crazy tho ;) Call and see if your community colleges in the area have dental programs... Sometimes you can be seen by a student with an actual doctor/dentist supervising and its free or very low cost - Hope it gets better!!


A GARLIC CLOVE CUT LENGTHWISE. That was the remedy that actually worked for me. My gums were swollen since 2 days ago and tonight it got so worse that I was awake the whole night trying the home remedies here(4:30am now).

I tried: salt, warm and cold water, hot and cold compresses, toothpaste, honey, Listerine, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory medicine, and then now a GARLIC CLOVE.

It worked. I cut it lengthwise and placed it over the swollen gums/teeth and rubbed it a little (I'll take burning sensation over this tooth ache any day!). Then I spit it out, voila. Pain free!!

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