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im 19 and have really bad teeth missing one side off my mouth and the other lot is going dentist and myself cant understand why as im doing everything and for the past month my wisdom tooth and a tooth below it have been giving me the worst time ever and it is stopping me from sleeping and being able to do any thing tonight i had enough and was just looking for anything taken everything and willing to take anything... i sat here for hours just trying everything as i read it and i could get hold off then i remembered thatmy mate was telling me that a milky cup off tea with 3 sugars works wonders so though right im trying it so far its not gone but it is so much better the at a cope able pain. hope it helps for you and you get rid off the pain as i know how you feel trust me just cant wait for the new year then i get them both taken out and should be pain free :)


I take a small amount of alcohol Vodka whiskey works what and let it soak the effected tooth or area then once pain is reduced soak a tab of tissue and place on affected tooth and best relief is from the chemist though Anesol I think its called there's and others that numb the nerves.


i found the cure for my tooth ache... i have a tooth that is literally cracked in half... i tried a bunch of remedies on this site and nothing seemed to work, but i just tried the toothpaste, oralgel and crushed pain releiver, doesnt matter wat brand... and brushed my teeth as usual and it was an instant relief... i suggest trying it..


I have tried so many things and nothing seemed to work. I found this site and started reading and trying the different things and still nothing then I decided I would just take a little from here and there and put it together and I am not able to handle the pain this worked for me maybe it will help somebody else I crushed up some aspirin and mixed it with some toothpaste and put it right into the hole in my tooth and rubbed some on my gums it has taken about ten mins but I feel much better hope this will help I think it might have been better with synodyne toothpaste but I didn't have any good luck too all that suffer a toothache is a horrible pain


I had severe tooth pain for two days. Finally, I got sick and tired of it! I tried brushing my teeth with all sorts of tooth paste. That didn't work. So I tried putting vanilla extracy on a Q-tip; that helped, but only for about 5 minutes. Finally I tries etting a Lipton black tea bag and putting WARM water on it until it was soaked. Didn't taste the best but after having it on the tooth for a minute I felt so much better! The relief was amazing. I repeated it 3 times in one hour and no pain! This is a miracle!!!! :) Good Luck to everyone, I feel your pain!


I have had bad teeth all my life. I was in pain went to the emergency room got tylenol 3, ibuprofen, & penicillin it lasted enough so o could sleep. So I looked on here brought some maximum strength ambesol, oragel, vanilla extract, & tequila mixed it in a little cup and put in the hole in my tooth. I finally ate & stopped. The pill popping my tooth has not hurt in a hour. Hope it helps!


ok so i ate some coco krispies today and dont you no my tooth started to hurt it is now 1:30 in the morning 10 aleve and 6 tylenol arthritis and trying everything i read here nothing worked so i went to look and see if we had oragel ofcorse we didnt i saw childerns pain relief liquid so i said to myself i wonder if it will work so i took a q-tip diped it in the bottle and rubbed it where i was having pain and the heavens sang the pain was gone with in seconds the bottle sits next to me as we speak i would have never thought it would have worked thank god it did i was about to punch myself in the face or knock myself out lmao

John Guyon

The pain was so bad I wanted to punch my own lights out. Remedy: in this order, 2 extra strength Tylenol, 400 mg ibuprofen, warm shower, gargle peroxide on affected side, brush teeth, gargle more peroxide, rinse with listerine, mix orajel with crushed aspirin and apply on affected area with a cotton swab, place ice pack under cloth and on cheek, and then just pray, try to sleep, or go to the emergency room for stronger pain meds.


I cracked my wisdom tooth, dont have any medical so have been just dealing with the irritation, The crack recently deepend and the pain got so severe I could not think clearly. I flet like someone was sawing my jaw! what worked for me

1. rince mouth with hydrogen peroxide to kill infection.
2. brush, or gently rub on sensodyne tooth paste and let sit for about a min then rince.
3. equate antiseptic mouthwash, swish for 30 seconds (it burns bad!)
4. crush up an asprin, rub it on the tooth. and rince mouth again

about 5 min worth of work but the pain went away quickly. Ive done it about twice a day and ive been feelin good.


I have had a SEVERE toothache pain, Its been going on for about a week, no sleep, cant eat... I tried a few things on here and some worked some didnt..

Vanilla - Not a chance
Tea Bag - For about 10 minutes.
Peanut Butter - Nope not a chance.

I am just starting antibiotics, vicodine nor mortin or any other OTC medicine was working.. So I wanted some relief, So i looked in the medicine cabinet just out of curiosity..I used a cotton swap and saturated it with Chloraseptic spray ( the one to numb a sore throat ) well the numbness has warn off, and its been 4 hours and still NO PAIN... l will be keeping this handy at all times... Hope it works for someone else.

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