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I have a small amount of root exposure or something. Never really suffered tooth ache. Hadnt been to a dentist for 9 years until 8 months ago, given 2 fillings and clean up etc, ever since ive had trouble eating hard and cold food and now this.
Pain killers do nothing for it.

Now my dentist says his work is not cause of my aches n pains and gave me some pro argin or whatever you call it tooth paste and sent me on my way - works well. Until now. My tooth with filling (upper rear) is hurting bad, the pro argin tooth paste soothes it for 10 mins only so i put a decent sized amount of it on some wet tissue and layed it over the tooth so it has time to find its way into any cracks and isnt washed away or swallowed.

Just try not to swallow it if you sleep!!!

Also elevate youf head when sleeping with extra pillows to avoid any pressure in your head/face.



I have had bad teeth since I had my daughter (4 years ago) and get random toothaches. Normally brushing the areas vigorously, rinsing with mouth wash ( has to have alcohol in it) and taking Tylenol helps but recently it's gotten really bad. It's the cant eat, can't sleep, can't talk cry all night pain and last night it reached the maximum pain that I could handle and after searching these boards forever nothing was helping. I was able to finally sleep for a couple of hours after rinsing with mouthwash, then warm Salt water a couple of times for about 2 minutes each. The pain was still there but I could finally see straight and I remembered reading something about garlic cloves... Well meaning I only had garlic powder I got a q-tip wet, dipped it in the powder then rubbed that on my tooth and the gum surrounding it and after about 20 minutes it worked enough that I was able to lay down with an ice pack on that side of my face and sleep for a couple hours! Well after I woke up the pain was back with a vengeance... So I went and bought benedryl (I also read about that on here and meaning I'm pregnant again and that's one of the things I can take I decided to try it) and the den tek filling stuff (about 4$ at my ridiculously prices small town drug store) after taking the Benedryl and packing my tooth the pain is about 95% gone!!!! I am one very happy mommy!!!! Invest in this stuff! You'll be thankful I swear!!!


I had a toothache for a couple of days that hurt pretty bad. I figured that I officially had my first cavity. I do not like seeing doctors or dentists, so I will try every intuitive remedy that seems reasonable. The pain was about 5 teeth back on my upper right gumline on the inside of my mouth - right at the tooth. It felt like something bad was going on in there. It wasn't swollen or anything, but when I would touch it I felt the pain pretty bad. I took a yoga class a few years ago, and we would put our bodies in weird pretzel-like contortions and hold the pose. It didn't feel right - it hurt, but we were instructed to ride it out, and even kick up the tension a notch, until finally twisting into a different pain filled pose. You learn to cherish those seconds between poses, but the fact that you rode out that pain made it easier to deal with the next time you tried it. With this in mind I touched the area that hurt and slowly applied some circular pressure to the gum right at the tooth - to find out what I was dealing with here. It hurt even more now, so instead of retreating, I applied even more pressure and felt the same mastering of the pain as I learned during that required one unit course for college. It was becoming easier to deal with as I increased the pressure, until I felt a pebble -sized, hard, rock-like object in between the gum and further up at the tooth (the root area?) Anyways, I didn't give up even though it hurt. I figured that at least this experimental exploration found a little more detail to this story. I continued to massage this rocky pebble - imagining that it would break down somehow, but it didn't. IT MOVED! I continued to move it up into the upper part of my mouth - away from the tooth. It moved up maybe a half of an inch and then disappeared! Well, maybe not disappeared, but it seemed to easily slip into some kind of sinus passage or something - I don't really know. But the part about this story is that my toothache was completely gone. It sounds like it's made up, and the funny part is the more time that passes since it happened the more unreal it seems. But it did happen, and I'm happy it did and I hope that others don't give up and try to find their own instinctive remedies.


I have bad teeth and I'm poor, so I often just have to 'tough it out' with tooth pain.

My remedy depends on the type of pain:

1. Wisdom tooth comming in and pushing things around or pinching gums. Whole jaw hurts with this one.

What I do: Taking both aspirin and Ibprofin to try and decrease swelling temporarily. I haven't found a solution for this type of tooth ache other than the dentist and a tooth extraction.

2. Infection under a crown. You know it's this one if you press down with a pencil on each of your fillings until one is insanely painful to press down on.
What I do: Best solution is to get your hands on some anti-biotics. On the 3rd day, you'll feel ZERO pain. The infection will come back in a couple weeks with a vengeance, and if you take anti-biotics too long after the pain was gone the first time this new infection will be anti-biotic immune.

Ice cold water held on the tooth until the water warms up will cause a great deal of pain followed by relief for a couple minutes. Being in control of the constant pain for even a few minutes somehow makes you feel better.

I also use the ice-cold water method with calcium tablets held near the tooth by my toung. The calcium dissolves and creates a kind of paste that will trick your brain into thinking you are repairing the tooth. Tricking your brain is good.

Finally, for this type of pain I will go for a walk. Yeah, just walk it off. I tell myself that by the time I get back, the pain will be decreased. Doing things to decrease the pain tricks your brain into giving you a nice bit of endorphins and actually does decrease the pain. Keep reminding yourself the pain is temporary, or at least that the current level of it is temporary.


Hurricane -go to a drug store and get a bottle it is around 9-12 dollars a bottle but I promise it's worth every penny . It works for hours just rub it on the tooth and pain is gone . Alot of drug stores don't have it but I called walmart and they can special order it but depends on the store may keep it in stock. Won't find a better med. Promise u this!


I have a tooth that was chipped a couple years ago. it has chipped away more and more over time and i now have about half a tooth. last thursday it started to really hurt and since i couldn't get the money to go to the dentist until today (tuesday), i've been trying home remedies to relieve the pain.

the first thing that i tried (and it worked) was taking a max dose of ibuprofen. a prescription ibuprofen is 800 mg so if you take 4 over-the-counter 200mg ibuprofen it will be the equivalent to 1 prescription pill. i did this 3 times a day (every 8 hours) and it worked for the first 3 days. my tooth eventually gained tolerance to the ibuprofen and became unbearable again so save this for when you absolutely need it. if you have bearable pain try other things first.

another remedy that worked is swishing cold water around the tooth. it only helps temporarily but u can do this over and over to reduce the pain. the pain would go away almost instantly but it would come back within a couple minutes. today i am soaking a cotton ball in a mix of cold water and 2 crushed aspirins and then biting down on the cotton until the pain comes back. it seems to work a little longer but still only relieves the pain for about 10-20 min.

i tried the tea bag method but it didn't work for me. i moistened the tea bag under the faucet and placed it around the tooth and gums. it seems to help at first but then quickly the pain came back.

i put 91% alchohol on a cue tip and swished it around inside of the hole in my tooth. it seemed to help a little. it probably killed some of the infection at least. i also gargled mouth wash and that helped for a little while but neither of these remedies relieved the pain for more than a few minutes and it might have just helped because the liquid was cold similar to the cold water method.

the last thing i tried, and this sounds a little crazy, but i scraped the inside of the hole in my tooth with a knife and it seemed like it helped for awhile. i only did this a few times but for the next 30-45 min it seemed like the pain would go away (not sure why).

today i am going to get my tooth pulled and i'm ecstatic as i sit here with a wet cotton ball in my teeth. tooth pain sucks! hopefully at least of couple of these home remedies will work for you and your pain will go away for awhile. good luck.


After taking numerous pain killers, brushing with sensodene, using clove and darn near crying myself to sleep, I fell to my knees and did some good ole fashion praying.....I am now pain free and ready to go to sleep, good night


Someone mentioned brushing with Sensodyne, but what worked wonderfully for me was to rub Sensodyne toothpaste directly around the tooth and leaving it there. It works by coating the nerve endings to prevent sensitivity. My tooth ache was severe at first, then gradually subsided after 3 days. Now its gone, but I am still seeing a dentist because the damage is still there.


I had a severe tooth pain for more than a month. As per Google's home remedies first I tried honey, then fresh clove and finally fresh garlic.Garlic worked best for me by holding a piece of garlic in between teeth for 15 minutes.Excellent and unbelievable cure with a single use !!!


I had this horrible toothache for the past couple of days, this is how I cured it.

Day 1 and 2...Bottom tooth was aching, I tried orajel, but it would still come back later.
night 2...I tried shaking colloidal silver in my mouth, but I still had to take a pill medication so I would fall asleep
Day 3.. I worked that day so I had to work through the pain when the orajel and aspirin would wear off.
Night 3... I tried shaking 2 parts water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide in my mouth every half hour for four hours followed by brushing with sensodyne toothpaste. I took 2 tylenols and one aspirin. Pain was completely gone.
Day 4... slept in to help body heal self.. shook peroxide when I felt the slightlest pain at the moment but tooth feel shaky.. will try tumeric and black pepper crushed and place it around my tooth to strenghten it.

Thank god the pain stopped.

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