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Someone suggested using Bacardi 151 for pain; since I didn't have it, I stuck with my old friend Jack instead. Yes, there was a part of me saying 'just do shots til it doesn't hurt,' but hey, if you're checking this site, you probably already realize there's no such thing as enough alcohol for that. Instead, try to keep it in your mouth, around the problem tooth, for as long as you can stand it. And I mean, set new records for endurance kind of time here. A few words of warning, though:
1) Yes, you can just swallow it. But it doesn't help as much :)
2) It will burn. I wanted to claw my face off. But then, the tooth ache had that effect, too. No pain, no gain.
3) Said burning means you and your mouth will become Drool City. If you can, isolate the whiskey with tongue/lips/cheek/whatever, and then hang over your sink. It's not pretty.
End result, though, is that a) the whiskey burn takes your mind off of the ache, and b) it does help deaden the pain. Others on the site have said that if you do this long enough, you kill the nerve in that tooth. Mine's still living (I do get occasional twinges, but it's like looking at fireflies instead of staring at the sun; I'll take it). Of course, depending on severity and length of your tooth ache, dead nerve may be preferable... At least with this method, you might find enough relief to get some sleep! Best of luck, fellow sufferers...


Thank God to whomever mentioned saltines! I didn't have any crakers, but I did have a french baguette. It has made the pain more manageable. I also used some of my baby's teething gel and one of my husband's laxative tea bags (with anise and other ingredients mentioned on this site). About to try some vanilla extract and then some Benadryl to help me sleep. I think I'll be sleeping in the recliner, though. :-(


I had an extremely excruciatingly painful toothache and was at the pain threshold end. I went on this remedy website and was ready to try anything to make the pain go away or at least diminish a little. I didnt sleep for 48 hours and couldnt eat. Also, ibuprofen was not working anymore. Tried jack daniels, sailor jerrys, crown royal, beer, mouthwash, brushing and peroxide all to no avail I used ice water to dull the pain but unfortunately it only works for a few seconds then the pain shoots back up. It sucks to keep frozen bottles of water On you constantly. I don't recommend the frozen water approach. I saw you could use almond extract so I tried that and within the few hours after putting it on the area the pain was tolerable and then subsided. I went to the er and they gave me scripts for pain and antibiotics. And then set up an appointment to the dentist. Keep reading thru this website and try whatever you think will work. It helped me and I'm thankful for the advice.


my teeth keep hurting because i have a tooth coming in and it brings the pain down to swish really cold water on the teeth and to suck on and ice cube and push it against the teeth to numb them and it also helps to get a cotton ball and i didn't have any peppermint essential oil so i put some peppermint flavoring you use for baking and some peppermint syrup from starbucks and that helped but not as much...


pop tarts, seriously... have always worked for me, chew them up slow and well on or near the affected tooth.

jay m

hello people im jay an ive been up all night tryed everythink to sleep but nothing at all worked :( its 7am and im in work soon i hate toothache but after all that pain all night ive just filled the hole in my tooth with sea salt and just left it, as soon as the salt touched the root it stopped that was bowt an hour ago an its still gone, salt works on germs and draws any badness out of the wound the best one i now so far like ha!! deffoo gtta trn geta appointment soon tho an get this shit out, fillings are crap


I have been battling tooth pain for a long time. Bouncing from job to job without the health coverage kicking in wont effect your health, that is unless you have bad teeth. It bites.

I have flare ups, 3 months apart, for about 4 days my teeth on the left side of my face are in pretty bad shape. I broken upper wisdom tooth, a lower wisdom tooth (looks like a root canal without the stuffing) and a holed out molar, which was right next to another broken extraction (pulled out a long time ago) All broken and damaged from wisdom crowding.

Note- Parents, pull your children's wisdom teeth when the dentist says so. Please for the love of God, if you love them.

I have used Tea-bags, orajel, garlic, garlic powder, cloves, clove oil, peroxide, salt, salt water, crushed pain killers, you name it. Done allot of investigating and I have read many many pages in this blog. This is what I have to say.

Exposed roots give the most greif, But broken teeth sawing on fresh gum will do it too, anyone with one of these bad boys will tell you, anyone with both of these at the same time is in a world of hurt.

Oxygen is what gives the root pain its bite. If you cut off the o2 supply (fill the hole with something) then the root calms down a bit, however re-introduce o2 to the root and the pain flares back with a vengance.

As for the broken tooth, do NOT prevent the tooth from being able to drain. Doing this will cause an abscess.

Broken tooth = Tea-bag

Nerves tend to exite those nerves around it when vibrating. So one starts acting up, and the rest join in chorus, before long your bucking in agony looking for a hammer.

Heres how I fill my teeth, so debris and food doesn't get packed in there, and cause more problems.

You will need these ingredients.

-Cotton swabs
-Clove OIL
-Hydrogen Peroxide solution
-Swimmers Moldable Ear Plugs

Swimmers Ear Plugs. Yes. I get them at the pharmacy, they come in a little package, clear, pink, blue. They are made from moldable/pliable silicone. If you do not have an aversion to silicone, or allergic (one way to find out is to place a small amount under your lip for 5 min, and check for a red spot) to it, it may be a meal ticket, to help coast a bit to your next dentist appointment.

The idea is to rinse your mouth out with a 25/75 mix of Hydrogen Pyroxide and lukewarm Water (not cold, or hot) dont be bashfull, think washing machine. Take small sips, swish untill you feel more foam than solution, then spit, do NOT SWALLOW.. last rinse is with straight lukewarm water.

Next open the clove oil, roll a cotton swab in the stuff, and apply it directly to the open hole, let it sit in there for a few minuts. After take a fresh swab and wipe up the excess, also dab away (if you can) any saliva present.

Take the silicone, and pinch off a small amount, about what you would figure the hole size is. Take that in between your thumb and your finger, and roll it into a small cone, about 2 times longer then it is wide.

Then take a cotton swab and inspect the hole one more time, cleaning up any saliva, you want the site as dry (I know its not easy) as possible. Then try and push the silicone point end in first into the hole.

>< tough here.

Then with your thumb pressing on the hole, swipe sideways to clean off the excess.

If it feels wierd after, allow the root to get used to it. Take some pain killers, and give it a few mins.

If it still hurts, then likely there is still bacteria in there. Pull the patch out, and get a tooth pick. Heres where you get to play dentist, with the tooth pick your going to go in there, very gently and sweep the end around to see if you find anything. Watch out for the nerve. If you disturb it, you will feel pain like you HAVE NEVER FELT BEFORE IN YOUR LIFE.

Swish, dry, clove oil, dry, patch.. wait.

You will need to re-do this re-patch this every week, or longer depending on pain. To check it , just run your tongue over it, and sense for pain, or any change in sensation. Keep on going.

If the silicone does not stick in there, then two reasons, the hole is not deep enough to allow the plug to 'rest' in the hole, or it was too wet upon applying. Or the hole is on the top side of your mouth, instead of the bottom (gravity)

The clove oil is an analgesic which will numb the nerve enough to perform the trick. And provide some long term nerve calming.

As for medication, Naproxin(Alieve) tablets, combined with Acetaminophen extended (Tylenol Arthritis), provide me with a stable prescription like dose which lasts 6 hours.

500mg of Naproxin with 1300mg of acetaminophen extended is what works, I dont go over that maximum. A half dose works as well, I only full dose when I am clawing at my face for relief.

For the rest of you, tooth pain is largely preventable. a small fix here, can prevent livers from shutting down. If its easy to fix it, then do it.


One n Only

Well out of no where i got a sharp pain in my upper right side of my mouth and started to investigate and i have a bad tooth which i believe is infected, i tried good old fashioned shots of tequila and well it hasnt even touched the pain and the pain is so intense im not even drunk. Ive read some of the remedies on here and thought i would give them a shot. The pepsi one ive heard and tried before but on this one its not cutting it, so what i done was get sensodyne toothpaste and brushed gently but throughly and almost immediately felt relief since it targets nerves in sensitive teeth, took the edge off for sure but then i got some pure vanilla extract and swished it on the side of the pain until i couldnt stand the burn anymore, it worked and now my pain is about 90 percent gone and fixing to go to sleep. Although im not sure if its the vanilla or the 41 percent alcohol in it, but the tequila didnt work so maybe its the vanilla. Hope this helps just 1 person and it will make me happy, glad i found one that worked the first time for me thank you all for your post


i have had a tooth ache for hours now and my pain seems to be increasing untill i got a black teabag and dipped it in water. it did ease the pain but i'll not lie, it hasnt stopped the pain completely. the other best thing to do for a toothache is to forget about it, concentrate of something that is active not reading or writing because that takes thought. your brain actually exaggerates the pain your in, forget about it and it will ease, and dont forget to smile, makes it feel better. do not try cold water as that is too much for the nerve to control and will result in intense pain.


OMG - I had really bad pain from ongoing trouble with my upper left side wisdom (3rd molar I think it is). I am death fearful of conventional dentistry so wont go near them. Anyway - tried repetitively cleaning teeth with natural toothpaste, plax mouthwash and followed by pain killers (2 nurofen and 2 ibruprofen). This worked for only a little while and I was concerned greatly about excessive pharmaceutical use. Tonight in my agony after failed pharmaceutical usage, I came on here looking for remedies in desperation I found articles about using moistened black or green tea bag - OMG it works. I thought I was still in pain so took the teabag out of mouth and guess what - no pain, not back to normal but still no pain also there was all this gunk on it which came from my tooth - I brush my teeth regularly so I know this was not build up from my teeth through bad oral hygiene. It was gooey and yuck. Anyway - thanks for all the tips - thread is a life saver - I will be off to my dentist next week. The cost here in New Zealand is phenomenal to see a dentist but still beats the ongoing agony of enduring chronic teeth pain.

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