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adrenaline takes the pain away considerably. just depends on what you do to get your self going


I have a tooth thats cracked to the nerve on the left side and two half way gone on the right which causes the most horrific pain in the world and it seems as if the pain bounces from tooth to tooth on both sides I havent eaten or slept in 48 hour I tried to mouthwash,brush my teeth gargle with salt water no relief at all I tried several other remedies listed nothing worked so I took two shots of vodka then a goodie powder pm with cold juice smoked a cigarette and had sex afterwards no pain its completely gone I know its different and personal but it worked now I can sleep


hello i have real bad tooth pain i got on here and looked at what other ppl have posted...i was taking mortin 800 every 8 hours and i was taken pain killers (2) in between those times at 500mg and the pain went away for a little bit but didnt really help i tried the honey to no availe i tried the tea bag and no go i always brush with senodyne and gargle with listerne so that wasnt helping so now i went to the store and got some day quil and some vanille extract and almond extract and some cough drops and some alive...i put 2 cough in my mouth and so far thats helping alittle pain is still there but it help lower the pain so i can stand it but im going to try to the others if pain comes back so i will let everyone know if it works or not and thanks for all the adivce


Take a 'shot' to numb the pain. Take a swig of whiskey, hold over the painful tooth and swish around gums. Your gums will absorb some of the alcohol and that will numb the pain. Spit out the rest. This worked almost immediately for me.


Been dealing with a cracked tooth down to the nerve for weeks now and its got to the point I can't sleep or even function without migraines and throbbing pain! I put a teaspoon of garlic salt with warm water and swooshed in my mouth for 60 seconds and reapeated 2 or 3 times! WOW what a big help! Then took black tea bag and moistened with warm water and put it on both sides of my gum by tooth and I am 90% better!


After 4 hours of pain and not sleeping I took 2 Vicodin, 800 ibeprophin, Vicks vapor rub on the outside of the mouth where your pain is then a ice pack works amazingly!!!!


My last upper right molar is badly decayed and pieces of it started to fall off! At first there was no pain, but after a week or so the whole area started throbbing and I encountered sharp pains whenever I walked.

It's better now, and these things helped

1) Sensodyne Novamin Repair - helps ease the throbbing. I recommend just spitting instead of gargling after you brush your teeth so the flouride and novamin can help repair and block some of the cavities.

2) Orphenadol - This contains paracetamol and will relieve the throbbing and pain for at least 12 hours.

3) Cod liver oil and multivitamins so that the quality of your saliva will improve and help reminineralization.

4) Plenty of sleep and rest.


I returned to this site because I found some helpful info. Toothache pain can usually be helped with a small amount of high proof alcoholic beverage swished around the affected area, the application of oil of clove directly to the tooth, or sometimes with just a mouthful of water. These will kill the acids causing pain or insulate the nerve somewhat in the case of water. Most important: all home relief is temporary- the only real remedy is a dentist. Get to one as soon as possible. Work done to relieve the pain is usually simple and somewhat inexpensive, don't kid yourself- most dentist are happy to make affordable payment arrangements with you. If you are worried about possible expensive work needed like a root canal, consider that the pain might be a warning to you for possible blood poisoning which can be fatal. I suffered for days and sleepless nights like a fool before I went to the dentist in agony that he relieved in about 5 minutes! It's not worth it. Thanks for reading and good luck.

Out of pain!!!

I have been in extreme pain for about a week and couldn't get into the oral surgeon until a week from now. So, I started searching for any suggestion possible to help get rid of this horrible pain in my wisdom teeth. They are not impacted, broken, cracked, etc BUT one of them HAS to be infected. Anway, I took some advice and went to the store after work, glands now swollen, ear hurting, tooth throbbing, and bought mouth wash with the highest amount of alcohol in it, sensidyne toothpaste, and tylenol PM since I hadn't slept in days. Also, IB profin was no longer working so bought some Aleve. Anyway, I filled my mouth with a cap full of the mouth wash and kept it in the area of the a-hole tooth and just let it stay for as long as I could stand it. I could not believe it but the pounding stopped almost immediately, then I took the Sensadyne toothpaste and put a big glob over that tooth, again left it on there, then took Aleve and I kid you not pain was down to a 2 from a 10 and slept through the night for the first time in a week. I have a high tolerance for pain medication so normal OTC meds were not working but this did. This was all done for under $10 and lasted a long time so I seriously suggest it. I am not one to post on the internet so wouldn't get this info to you unless I believed it would really help someone else in pain. GO TO WALMART and get the $1.80 Equate (Wmart brand) mouthwash (not alcohol free), Sensadyne toothpaste, and Aleve (tylenol pm too if you cant sleep) and I promise it will work!!!


I read through 6 or 8 pages of this and came away with this:

The advice about stopping the cold water swishing (as painful as it was for a few minutes) was good. I stopped and the pain eased quite a bit.

I realize that I have multiple spots of soreness, all of a sudden, so I must have some sort of infection. I will get to the dentist to get some antibodies.

Lastly, none of the tricks worked for me, but I tried the pressure points, which took the pain down to very manageable levels. Not sure how long it will last but I will keep doing it (I am already taking just 1 Aleve every 10 hours).

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