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Kassie Godfrey

I suffer from extreme tooth pain regularly due to a family related generic issue. I've had 7 pulled and had to postpone the rest due to spinal cancer and various surgeries. As I take 3 7.5 Vicodin daily (along with other medicines) average ibuprofen pain killers do nothing for me. I've found that violently swooshing Scope Dual Blast mouthwash repeatedly every 30 minutes about 4-5 times begins to kill the exposed nerves allowing me to get the relief to sleep. As I am a smoker it is not good to smoke or eat during this time. It works for me and I wish you all luck as I feel your pain.


Been reading all your helpful tips and tried a combination of them all in one go and it worked a treat! I have a hole in my wisdom tooth which is AGONY!! I crushed up 2 garlic cloves, half a red chilli, a paracetamol tablet, 1 tsp of cepacaine then soaked a tea bag in the mixed up solution and bit down hard on the tea bag for as long as I could handle! After about 5 mins the pain has gone!! Though I do stink now and my partner won't come near me!! I've saved the solution in the fridge for when it wears off I can do it again! Roll on this week when im getting it removed!! :-)

Jorge Garcia

I have a cavity in one of my molars on my upper right side . It has been bothering me for a little while now and I've gotten to the point where pain has won . A few days ago I had this episode happen , I kept researching home remedies without success until I decided to try my own ( I saw them on this website after) . The hot water with salt trick works for about thirty seconds , it softens the pain but it does come back . The ice pack trick on cheek works but it's not at immediate effect. The Walgreens brand of mouthwash(yellow) minimizes the pain the best ! You will get tired of rinsing your mouth but it makes it tolerable. Hot shower helps a lot ! . The best for the pain has to be amoxicillin . Its about a 36 hr wait from the time you can hold the pain till the point that you feel perfect :). Smoking a cigarette also helps .... It really does. I also reccomend this little teeth cleaning kit which brings a pick that you can use to clean the cavity (food causes the most pain) . After a couple of days on amoxicillin , go buy the dentex cavity filler mix at Walgreens and seal that cavity and this can help you live pain free while you see the dentist .


I worked for awhile in a Pharmacy...the Pharmacist used to suffer from tooth day i watched her as she ground up a benadryl tablet with a few drops of water making a paste and putting it onto a cotton ball she placed this into her mouth saying that it deadens the nerve. I just tried this on my husband he has been suffering and he says he feels better...I also sprayed chloraseptic on the gums...that works too.

Abby in NH

This seemed the most logical solution to my tooth pain in an emergency. It worked well:
- Crush an aspirin.

- Dip a cotton swab in a liquid tooth pain reliever (I used Anbesol).

- Coat the Anbesol-soaked swab with crushed aspirin powder.

- Apply to tooth and surrounding area.

- Apply warm compress to cheek with moderate pressure. (I did not have the type of pain that responded to cold.)

It worked quite well - and quickly. I tried the pressure points on the webbing between the thumb and finger, and that may have contributed to the relief as well.

Thanks to all for the suggestions - you're wonderful!


awake late at night need help look here

ive never really took care of my teeth so id be a 9 on a 1-10 ...i know how it is

here you go
1.obviously dentist
2.clove oil
3 if your 21 wiskey
4.smokeing a cig slows blood flow less pain bath does wonders (you wont want to get out
6.warm rag on outside of face
7.sleep with infected side of face agianst the back of couch..(helps keep ice pack up
9.keep pressure on side of face seems to help
10.put sensitivity toothpaste on tooth (glob it on)
11.bite down on tea bag
12.bite down on skin inbetween your thumb and pointer finger (old foketale)
13.matters to type on tooth pain but cold water on tooth(hold it in mouth)can hurt it more but has worked for me
14.this tooth paste called prevident
15.lemon juice acid kills things in mouth and throat(works for sore throat to)
16. try to eat bread get some in the hole of tooth it covers the nerve
17.ive took to many so i stop takeing any pill now but pain killer/antinflamitory

if all that dont work im sure u need it removed
ive had tooth problems for years i know it sucks ....badly...
heres some things not to do

1.stop eating thing or cold food
3.dont touch tooth with your tongue....very bad
4.pick at them
5.use your mouth to open things.
6.bite down

hope this helps all i know


after suffering for a few day and eventually taking 13 solpadol ( 30mg codiene 500mg paracetamol ) over a space of 6 hours i finally chewed up some shortbread and filled the hole in my tooth that 95% of the pain has gone although that could be the last three solpadol i took 30mins ago but you know youll try anything to get rid of the dreaded pain...


My pain seems to be from a broken tooth with a healthy nerve exposed! Ouch! I tried the garlic and aspirin (salicylic acid) with no avail, then read an article by a dentist how advil (ibuprpin) was more affective than aspirin regarding toothache pain, so tried it and Voila! About 15-20 minutes later - NO pain! I took 2 regular strength Advil and I've been pain free for 2 1/2 hours...I'm ready to use the sugarfree chewing gum advice from the same DDS, to pack the area where the exposed nerve is located, resulting from the broken tooth, if necessary:-)


Ok, I tried quite a few things people have suggested to no avail. I have a loose, deteriorated tooth (went to the dentist ..FINALLY)that will have to be extracted it's so bad. Anyway the only thing and the best thing that worked like a miracle for me was Dayquil cold and flu LiquiCaps, even the dentist was surprised, I swear if it wasn't for Dayquil taking almost 100% of the pain away I would of begged someone to punch me in the face as that would of felt better than this toothache. This might not work for everyone but I swear by it!! Two a day and I was good to go with no problems, one in the morning and one before I went to bed and it's been a week and half and could hardly tell I had a bad tooth. Good luck everyone!!


I am surprised very few suggested clove 'oil', it can be purchased @ pharmacies, health food stores ect. Some pharmacies sell clove oil packaged as 'toothache remedy' which includes a small brown vial of oil a flimsy pair of tweezers & tiny cotton balls. Take small piece of cotton soak in oil and put directly into cavity, DO NOT touch gum or tongue it burns like hell. Leave cotton in hole seal hole to prevent oxygen exposure to nerve. I also plugged with temper dent to seal. Clove oil has always worked for me GOOD LUCK ... Toothache is the worst!!!

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