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I have a molar that has been killing me for a few days now. I have a huge fear of the dentist because about 5 years ago I went in to have a wisdom tooth pulled, and the dentist broke my jaw. He didn't even tell me. I got home and a few hours later after all the medicine wore off from the dentist, I was in the worst pain of my life. I was literally screaming, shaking, rocking, and climbing my couch, I actually overdosed on a mixture of Vicodin and Ibuprofen because I was so desperate to get the pain to go away. My hubby called up there to ask why I was in so much pain after a routine wisdom tooth extraction and the receptionist came back and said 'well, sir, with her having a broken jaw, it's gonna hurt'. Now, he didnt even prescribe the Vicodin, I had those in the medicine cabinet already. All he said when he was done was 'You will be in some mild pain once all the numbing meds wear off so I suggest stopping on the way home and getting some Ibuprofin or Motrin'. So, we both freaked out and my hubby demanded to talk to the dentist to see why he didnt tell me he broke my jaw, or wire it shut, or give me any kind of instruction on what to do, and of course he was too bust to talk and never called us back, Here is the best part..about 3-4 weeks later I got a bill from him for $900 dollars. I called up there and told them I was not gonna pay it and told them I was suing them. They told me to just forget about the bill. The left side of my face swelled up so bad, it looked like I had a softball in my cheek. It was all black and blue and I couldnt even open my mouth for about 10-12 days(ate milk shakes and mashed potatoes because thats only how far I could open my mouth) . I had to take all my sick days, personal days and a few vacation days from work too. get to my stumbled upon this site tonight looking for some home remedies and the one that worked for me was rinsing out my mouth with very warm salt water. This molar is even sensitive to cold right now. So, I put about a teaspoon of salt in a coffee mug and filled it about halfway with the warm water and swooshed it around the tooth for about a minute, then spit it out and kept repeating until it was gone. then grabbed an icepack and put it on the outside of my face. This was such an instant relief. I have been trying hardcore painkillers(my hubby takes morphine for a massive back injury and that didnt even touch the pain or knock me out). Sorry this is so long, lmao, but wanted you to know basically why I would sit here in pain instead of running to the dentist and that is why..and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain considering I gave childbirth all natural twice with absolutely no drugs what-so-ever. Good luck with your toothache, try the salt water.FYI: If it's swollen really bad, most likely it's infected and you will need an antibiotic so if you have some sitting around that you never finished or a friend has some, start taking them right away and within 24 hours, you will have a lot of relief as well. lmao, I should just write a book about this stuff. :) Have a good day, or at least try!


I've had an ongoing toothache for about two weeks. No medicine (Advil, Excedrin, etc.) was helping. I have a filling that came out, so I have a hole in my darn tooth. But! After reading some of the entries, I tried chewing bread and covering the tooth with it, which took away almost all the pain. I also filled a Ziploc baggy with hot water and held it to me cheek. That took away the remaining pain. I really hate taking medicine, so this worked wonderfully for me!!


I had very intense pain with a lower jaw tooth, I took regular aspirin which helped but when taken with a cup of coffee,you get a much greater effect.


So I have a broken tooth in the back Of my right lower jaw and over time it's been gettin eaten away and due to lack of brushing. So one day I got the pain again it comes randomly and Powerfully. Told my dad to pick up some Orajel so I woke up at 2am in severe pain nothing could fix but then after and hour found the cure I simply said ill smoke it away so unpacked a fresh bowl of marijuana and after about 20minutes I forgot I was even in pain I aware it works now if you don't mind I'm gonna go enjoy painless sleep.


I suffered with bad teeth for years. Over the years one of my teeth started to chip away from eating. The nerve became exposed, and cause serious pain. I tried pain meds, olive clove, salt water, vanilla, cold compress, nothing worked. Until one day i finally found a quick cure! I know its nastey as ever, but the pain went away within a few seconds and lasted days! I went to the store and baught a box of BC POWDER packs and packed my tooth with the powder! Its only nastey for a few minutes the relief is sooo worth it.


This may sound strange, but it works. I have been suffering a toothache straight for two days and nights. Then I remembered something I learned years ago. First, rinse the area with hydrogen peroxide, or peroxyl. Then, even though this will cause pain, brush teeth to remove all debris, then rinse with warm water. Last step, take a q-tip and dip into Vicks vapor rub(not the white cream but
the clear ointment) fill tooth and surrounding area with this. Wait about 5 minutes and the pain should subside.

the clear


I had tried evetything for tooth pain relief. Hydrocodine couldnt even help me. Finally i tried MIXING HYDROPEROXIDE, SALT, CAYENE PEPPER E/ HOT WATER AND GAGOLLING IT AB 5 GOOD TIMES ! :)) for more remedies txt me 9034662847


I had a sudden on set of toothache after a couple of weeks of me finding that my lower left tooth hurt when biting. I thought nothing of it until the severe pain at night and did not sleep for more than a couple of hours. I suffered for the weekend, then went to see the dentist on Monday. He did an Xray etc and told me that it is dying nerves within the tooth. I could either have a root canal surgery or extraction. I am still mulling over what to do. BUT I am not suffering in pain, this is because I have found an excellent pain relief. Clove! Just take the clove or two and place it between you cheek and the gum, you will see it working within 15 minutes at the most, guaranteed! I suffered with pain until I took this and I am totally amazed how effective it is. Before this I was taking lots of Paracematol/Ibupofin etc nothing did it for me.
The clove is great because you can keep it in the mouth and carry on with your day AND leave it in your mouth when you go to sleep - thats when the pain will trike you more! Why? Because as I was told by the dentist when you lie down the blood pressure increases in the tooth and you will experience more pain. I can vouch for this when at night I was in so much pain I got up to brush my teeth (softly) to massage the gums. This also helped along with me not lying down as the pain went away temporarily. After lying down it started again. Now that I have the clove relief and found it to be the most effective - gets rid of 99% of the pain. I thought I will share it with everyone as it really is amazing.....
Give me a bit more time to think about what to do about the tooth...and how I need to care for my teeth - they are all there at the moment...lets see. Best of luck!


Been having tooth pains on and off from day to day then one day pain got over barring tried cayenne pepper and added extract to make a paste applied to tooth with Q-Tip held there for about 10mins and gone didnt have another till next day..Hope this helps!!


I was having this tooth pain which was so bad that i felt i was also having heavy headache accompanying it. This was due to a molar tooth that needs to be extracted ASAP. It was 1 Am and I really feel exhausted already to go out and buy some pain relievers from the pharmacy. I don't have clove oil, lemon juice, or some of the other popular remedies, I also tried brushing then mouthwash then brushing again then mouthwash again to no avail. Then I saw this wonderful miraculous solution on top of my table. Bread. Yes folks, I started chewing wheat bread to a paste until it covered the hole on my tooth and after a while the pain is gone. I won't say that it will also work for you 100%, but it did for me, so you might as well try it out.

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